Clairaudience / Clear Hearing

Clairaudience is the internal psychic ability akin to the external sense of sound, to hear. We hear physical matter with our ears. Now imagine hearing photon frequencies and energies through sensing vibrations and interpreting it as sound. Paranormal auditory abilities have been demonstrated all over the world for countless centuries. There always has been proof by world-wide personal experiences that are often shared throughout historical documentations if one wants to take the time to piece it all together. It’s transmitted photon frequencies which if heard one can then interpret sound meaning. To hear in two realms, the physical and spiritual planes, increases spiritual knowledge due to the various details to interpret. It’s really about what you are perceiving, why and how. Acknowledging para/normal phenomena when it occurs is an important factor and then interpreting the meaning behind it can be enlightening.

Clairaudience means Clear Hearing at paranormal levels. Average human hearing is between 20 Hz and 20,000 Hz. Psychic sensitivities in the hearing range relate to interpreting vibrational frequencies at ranges humans usually don’t perceive. Spiritual attunement is to read energy vibrations that carry frequencies of recorded data, then to decode it using sixth senses related to that particular psychic ability connection to one’s senses. Psychic hearing can be experienced from hearing voices, sounds, or music psychically. Clear hearing is interpreting vibrational frequencies of sounds that can originate from plants, other dimensions, or locations that have a  link to the receiver of the information to produce results. For instance, in most cases those in history that have used a combination of psychic abilities were able to impact their spiritual message. For instance, take Joan of Arc into consideration. Since she was burned alive for being herself I will bring her up first, since she was like a sacrificial lamb.

The amazing Joan of Arc was a natural mystic. Joan of Arc was a famous user of psychic abilities, but it wasn’t called that. For centuries people didn’t comprehend the connection related to famous stories of supernatural experiences linking it to psychic abilities for a rational explanation of the phenomena related to supernatural/paranormal experiences. Joan of Arc’s spiritual gifts were clairvoyance and clairaudience. Joan of Arc lived in medieval  France in 1412 to 1431. She was a natural mystic. Joan believed that God chose her to lead France to victory in its long-running war with England. She believed this because she was “seeing and hearing” spirits and angels, and she claimed that God wanted her to carry something out. How else was she suppose to interpret it? Her life path mission was the quest and that was for conquest for her people.  Joan of Arc was using clairaudience to hear psychically. There are countless others that have demonstrated similar use of clairaudience combined with other psychic abilities, such as clairvoyance. Religious stories about Jesus and the Prophet Mohammad indicate that they were users of clairaudience as one of their psychic strong points, but also clairvoyance/clear seeing. The combination impacts the message when both senses are accessible.

Clairaudience can be similar to hearing vibrational sounds in likeness to how insects detect noise. Now imagine that you can hear at ultrasonic range like an insect hears vibrations. You can sense or feel energy vibrations in your environment like a four legged creature who hears that way and is more sensitive to those energies. Now imagine that you could detect seismic activities from the ground and maybe you can even hear those sound frequencies as they come upwards. That is a connection that speaks of another clair-ability which would be clairaudience. Detecting energy and then reading it for information could trigger clear hearing.

If you were to imagine or have experienced it:

  • What did you hear, if anything?
  • What do you think you would hear?
  • What would be the reason for it?

Psychic abilities equal spiritual unfoldment in regards to human evolution. Involving the self it is like the lotus flower opening up to a Kundalini awakening experience. The consistency is one’s energy body connection being activated. That is suppose to trigger the other psychic abilities. I say it does because I have experienced and saw the energies of aural light that connect in appearance similar to the two snakes entwining like what looks like the DNA spiral and that is Life Force Energy awakening in the body that can trigger other psychic abilities; for instance like clairsentience.

I’m going to go on to tell you about some of my experiences using Clairaudience. Then I will share some tips for developing and using clairaudience.
In 1996 I was pregnant with my third son. Usually within two weeks gestation I would know I was pregnant and what gender my offspring would be. My predictions were always correct with my pregnancies. Perhaps I was using claircognizance for automatic knowing. Anyways, with this particular pregnancy I felt a strong bond within a few weeks of pregnancy to the fetus due to energy around my stomach area that couldn’t be ignored and it encouraged my thoughts towards the baby as being very special.
I wanted to name him Jesus because of it.  Mom told me the best thing for me to do was to ask the spirit of the child what the child’s name should be. What name would he want to be called. He, because I knew in my mind without a reasonable doubt I was carrying a male. I could sense it and feel it to be truth. Mom said to go to sleep with the question on my mind. Ask spirit right?  That was the whole intention, for that thought, that question, to be the first thought on my mind. That is, what the baby’s name should be. Mom told me before in another spirit and dream connection that can connect to astral traveling, she suggested I state clearly in my mind what I wanted to receive to push it through. Then there is spirit contact either in the ether or in the physical domain. I needed to give it up to three nights to occur. That way I had plenty of time to get it right by making sure I fell asleep with the question on my mind for the retrieval of the answer. It didn’t take long and I was experiencing the answer to the question I had. I think it took two days before it occurred. The first night, I was thinking about something else when I fell asleep, and so no results occurred. It wasn’t until the second night in the a.m. hours I received the answer.
When mom told me to communicate with the spirit of the child for the answer, I knew that I would be connecting to a spirit of a living being on another plane of existence.  I thought that was the best idea ever to communicate with the being for myself, the soul of whom was going to incarnate through me.  I knew that it would work if I did it as I was suppose to and that would be to have the question be my last thought before drifting off to sleep.  It was just about focusing intention to speak to spirit for the answer via dream state.
I have to tell you the truth. I wasn’t expecting the supernatural experience to manifest in my physical domain whatsoever. This is what happened: I was awakened around five a.m. to the sound of what sounded like a tape recorder repeating a single word repeatedly and the noise was getting louder. At first I couldn’t make out the word, since it sounded like it was coming from the downstairs apartment directly below me. It did seem to come from down there but something strange occurred and that was that the sound drifted up from the floor as the voice clearly spoke a single word. I sat up at this point wide awake listening to what I heard.
There’s no question in my mind that I was wide awake because of the sound that woke me up. The voice rose up from the floor and floated up and through the room chanting S-e-t-h before the voice seized to continue. I was looking in the direction at the specific location in the room where suddenly the female’s enchanting voice stopped. I wondered if she was still there, just invisible or if she took off after giving me that message. I couldn’t be sure but I instinctively knew she would be able to hear my thoughts. A small part of me felt the spirit remained there invisible. I disliked the name and expressed it so telepathically. That’s when suddenly the name Sethaniel entered my mind. The angel as I believed her to be was trying to appease me. I agreed to name him Sethaniel. When he was three-years-old he demanded to be called Seth. I understood why.
Sure enough the fetus was a male child. My third child was named Seth because of the clairaudient spiritual message that answered my question. Furthermore, I never once doubted the angel’s message that clearly stated I would have a boy by the mere name alone, that being Seth.
One of the most heart crushing experiences I have had is with the supernatural experiences hearing sound frequencies from trees. It occurred twice in total and the trees were always aware of precognition in regards to what was going to occur beforehand to them. They had their own telepathic receptions from humans’ thoughts of them, probably even down to knowing weather forecasts because all things are of energy and thoughts travel out. Frequencies travel and can be interpreted. It’s aligned to quantum physics for clarity of understanding.
The trees knew their fate and I could hear a sound being carried by the wind that sounded like a crying sound.
I have always been taught very advanced spiritual knowledge for all of my life. I have always experienced supernatural/paranormal phenomena. Those experiences related to psychic abilities were my greatest spiritual teachers. I would have to interpret what I had witnessed. With the trees crying and what directly followed.

My only explanation for hearing such things was that there are spirits in trees, just as there are in animals and people. Another way to better understand is in knowing that proof can be had if spiritual truth is experienced. To get that one unlocks psychic abilities. In this case it so happens to be clairaudience. But I know my soul is connected to all of existence. Therefore, my psychic abilities are limitless and so are yours once they are activated, developed and used for insight into one’s existence.

The trees knew ahead of time their fate!  Sounds traveled through the air that sounded like a crying sound that I heard clear as day. Directly afterwards trees were harmed. In one case the trees were completely wiped out except for one that I touched and spoke to telepathically, saying that s/he would live.

Sure enough, to my utter horror all the trees were wiped out along the boulevard, except that tree I put my hand on. The hard cold truth of life combined with spirit presents great suffering in the mind from the upside down views that are opposite from spiritual matters that people often hold in their conscious perceptions. I hadn’t been keeping up with the local news or else I would have heard on the news or radio what was going on with the plans to widen the blvd. and that the trees would be uprooted.

Clairaudience and other psychic abilities are wonderful teachers about true spiritual knowledge. But it can be heartbreaking to be aware of bodies of atomic matter possessing soul and how even if something doesn’t have a voice to speak that there’s a consciousness present. Things are going on, regardless of matter, in consciousness for whatever species it is. It’s wonderful when we can experience advancement in spiritual truth, which totally relates to psychic abilities.

Another occurrence I had with Clear Hearing was when I came home from college, opened the front door and stepped in to hear a man’s voice loudly speaking these words: Exodus 2:14. The voice was coming from down the hall near my bedroom.  Spirits can say anything they want. I look at it as a spirit that wanted me to read that particular Bible verse.
The best way to developing psychic abilities that correlate to clairaudience is to know one’s thoughts well enough to comprehend when a thought enters your mind that doesn’t belong there. You need to pay attention to that. An unusual thought that appears in your mind that has nothing to do with what you were thinking about should be considered something to ponder for the meaning why.
For example, let’s say that you were invited to dinner at a new friend’s home. You meet their family and sit down for dinner. At the table everyone was enjoying dinner and chatting away. Suddenly you hear someone yelling out the word “Fire!” Do not dismiss it so quickly just because nothing at all like that is occurring. You have to hold on to that thought for awhile as you wonder why it occurred. By focusing on it you connect brain receptors that make it easier next time to analyze similar data because you know what to look for and you want explanations. Were you daydreaming? You should know the answer to that question right away.
Focus only on the significant or profound phenomena to decode, so you are less likely to dismiss from your mind when you have a psychic hit.  Let’s go back to the story: You knew you were NOT thinking about a fire. Fires were far from your mind. In a case like that the first chance you get with your friend that lives at the home that invited you to the dinner you tell him/her  what you heard/experienced if you can trust them with such information, because you don’t want to tell someone that is a 100 percent left brainer that would dismiss it as hallucinations or other imperial explanations about life. Have a trusted friend to talk to. In the fire situation you would ask if something  happened there related to a fire at that location. Verification for an explanation is extremely useful in cases related to psychic abilities.
Don’t remain shy and hide your psychic abilities because that limits spiritual growth. Learn from your experiences by better understanding self for what’s in mind with thoughts, and that includes clairvoyance because of visions. Clairaudience and Clairvoyance go hand-in-hand for best results but they aren’t always triggered together. Someone can have either/or.
The mind is very powerful for creating. Our minds can be like running water, always flowing, always in use. Now’s the time to really think about what you want to achieve. If it is to achieve using clairaudience then monitor your thoughts for any unusual mental perceptions related to paranormal phenomena.
I also recommend that you continue to try to remove negative perceptions from your mind. It’s like you are weeding out harmful weeds that can choke the life right out of the pretty flower. Make sure you pay attention to your thoughts when you are around others. You will be more out to know right when you experience clairaudience without a reasonable doubt. Especially if you are confident and you have some sort of spiritual base then you will be more confident to perceive further. Regardless of what others say. Then you will need to interpret what you heard. Others are helpful if they encourage truth finding. Sometimes in order to be true to self one has to be more honest and trusting in others enough to share psychic experiences.
Author: Kimberly Bunch