Claircognizance / Clear Knowing

Claircognizance is a psychic ability where you acknowledge something without knowing how you know it, you just do. It’s usually a feeling you get. It might have resulted from something you hear or somehow perceive that can be validated later on. It does NOT relate to guessing, assuming, calculating, figuring out in a conscious way information with the regular five senses. It’s a sixth sense that is an automatic clear perception that extends outward beyond time and space to relay a message.
If you have the psychic ability you would be very good at automatic deciphering, sensing, and knowing things well beyond the normal range of consciousness. It’s a paranormal ability at this time, but one that can be incorporated into society to assist with reading energies that extend in all directions for interpreting news. You would need to develop the skill in order to use it for predictions.
It could be similar to empathy or intuition perhaps as a starting point, like a gut feeling, or a hunch that extends to a sixth sense. It’s a natural flow of intelligent light that emanates as it connects to relay a message to you, thereby giving you data most referred to as claircognizance.
Note; I will give you an overview of how it’s possible and displayed. Secondly, I will sum it up by telling you how you can begin to use Clear Knowing for yourself.
Your chakra points have recorded information within them. Your organs carry a consciousness within themselves. A recording of you. Therefore, you contain and do receive information from intelligent light.
In order to see the photon frequencies that resemble a rainbow of light (usually) you must develop clairvoyance if you want to register the data with imagery for interpretation of auric codes of information. Otherwise you are perceiving, you are knowing and I will explain how and why.
Proof is in memory recall of organ transplant patients because it explains the frequency encoded connection to matter for data in living organs. Those that received the transplants if they were psychically sensitive, the transplant would trigger psychic recall through the senses of the other person’s life. This has been scientifically verified.
Torsion waves are immanent. Various nationalities and educational backgrounds have their own vocabulary aligned word definitions to explain intelligent light (energy) and what it is possible of doing. It is life force energy. There is a very active world of movement in the ether.
I will go on to tell you how I have used claircognizance in my life and then tell you how you can use it for yourself. First off, I’d like to say that Clear Knowing has been a blessing in my life. It’s that instant message, that incoming transmission that tells you something right away. You must be aware of when you are receiving light frequency messages from outside of your body’s spherical diameter and the object source to bounce the light back off of. Calculations in regards to a diameter and radius of light ray frequencies reveal data and may come to you from an angle indicating north, west, east or south and even distance.
We are talking about comprehending psychic abilities related to just knowing things. It’s the sense of knowing, as extrasensory intuition.
My story about it is when I instantly knew when someone on the property was distressed. The energy stream came from the apartment building manager’s office. I read the photon light rays’ frequency data. It’s similar to a radio sound as it travels but can only be perceived through internal senses first before you will consciously be able to register it. It’s another form of energy transmissions/life force that can be read clairsentiently and interpreted through claircognizance. The body has a consciousness of its own and can receive data aligned to clear knowing.
Clear knowing would be frequencies you detect and then you interpret the messages. It could be very similar to a phone call of information. You probably (usually) wouldn’t realize how you are receiving the knowledge unless you could see with a developed clairvoyant faculty. However advanced your psychic abilities are will be the level of awareness you will experience. Accessing the higher realms of skill is all in entering the doorway to quantum physics. The windows and doorways in time can be a very complex matter. Proof is in what can be determined as accurate information that contains possibilities that could save lives. It’s awakening to something more, a knowing.
It could be a prediction you have, or premonition that you felt would occur and then it does.
Claircognizance could be accessed similar to communication from a telephone line. Modern technology is a counterpart to that which is in spirit. You are recreating aspects of heavenly prints by encoding them in various forms through electronics and so forth. You are connecting to spheres of messages related to reading energy. If you are reading energy prints, the diameter of the energy field of each living organism consists of geometric code print in the energy field accessible via meridian lines, etc.
There’s a lot of things I automatically know that speaks of a sixth sense related to claircognizant experiences. I see it as streams of light connecting to me, for I can read frequencies through the air. For others it’s how are you interpreting the incoming data if you want to comprehend the various operations of the psyche and what is possible compared to what is not.
The psyche evolves to expand outwards, and upwards in all diameters and angles of comprehension that can be calculated starting from a point in a circle. The structure of the body down to a dot is also similar to every living source down to a dot. Calculations of everything in existence and what that means can be interpreted accurately and within time scientifically.
Angles could represent the four corners around the body for incoming signals. It’s like a grid system around the body that can be affected by what it cannot literally see. Most people aren’t sensitive enough to pick up on a zero point. For those that can and do, bless it be.
How does clair-cognizance occur? If you are automatically receiving information then ask yourself.
* What part of the body is receiving the recordings? (It will relate to a chakra point.)
* How are you interpreting it? (What psychic ability is it connected to?)
* By what internal or external sense are you perceiving it as?
* Where is it coming from? (You will want to know person, object, and location.)
To develop clear knowing you will want to practice. Here’s a way to do it. When you are with others or watching television you will want to deliberately read body language, pay attention to the third eye or around the body of the person you are viewing for developing awareness with your sixth sense. The eyes can give information too. Are they sad or happy, and what are you perceiving from them? To dive deeper in skill level takes ether knowledge as well as written knowledge that would relate to Chinese face reading and medicine for healing purposes related to character traits, etc.
For claircognizance you want to take in the energies of another and go with the information you automatically receive about the person. Not judgments unless you want to limit yourself but the subtle things that come through naturally without conscious effort. Your mind needs to train itself to avoid preconceived notions. Try to connect to the energy stream; does your psychic abilities work to relay the messages to you? Is the manner in a knowing, seeing, hearing, tasting or in a feeling way/empathic?
You will be extracting from their energy field information about them.
You will want to cross a bridge in your mind. Atoms join together and can be read through an intelligent light as can be demonstrated in human form and the codes can be translated for anything that exists. There are records, coded prints in the ether that travels instantly. No need for waiting. Instantaneous messages travel in a blink of an eye. How are you perceiving?
My experience. I don’t think that the office manager meant to connect his frequencies to mine but when his distress signals went out I was able to read them. The claircognizant factor is the automatic comprehension of those signals. Distress. I didn’t need him to express alarm in any way other way than at that very moment as he had, in his own mind as he sat alone in his office. The guy was usually jolly in love with his lady and pleasant at his job. I received claircognitively his signals/messages of distress that traveled out on a ray of light basically and I reluctantly acted in his behalf.
I wanted to mind my own business and not interfere with his emotional shock. I wasn’t sure exactly why he was experiencing high vibrational rates of distress. I tried to let it go but it wouldn’t go away. The streams of energy hit me like rays of light to the point where I had enough! I was going to confront him about it and I did exactly that. Sure enough I was correct. His exact words after I told him that I knew of his distress he said, “You are good!” He was confirming my psychic accuracy.
It could be an automatic ‘knowing’ when you perceive outside the limits of your five senses. Try to figure out how you came to the conclusion of the knowing. Not with finding validation so much as what psychic sense did you use to access a sixth sense? There’s many clair-abilities. Of course proof is in confirmation.
It’s that knowing feeling beyond a reasonable doubt that something is a certain way and you can verify it later on. At least that’s how it usually works. I have been able to know claircognizantly the sex of each one of my offspring automatically. I just knew and I was always correct. I predicted the sex of four males accurately with each child I carried. I would just ‘know’ a lot of things but I do recognize the various psychic abilities that I was accessing to explain what psychic tool I accessed relating to the external senses of sight, hear, taste, touch, smell and the knowing psychic ability referred to as claircognizance.
There’s also an automatic channeling related to claircognizance. It’s when people say things to others that they don’t know where it came from or why they said it they just feel the need to go with the flow of the intelligent energy as it naturally reveals data to the receiver. You will usually get an automatic confirmational response identifying your accuracy with proof. This goes beyond time and space and is not accessible by using the consciousness in the way to regularly decipher information. You will need to develop and bridge both hemispheres of your brain to deliberately enhance consciousness.
In order to develop psychic abilities like claircognizance I would say to go with your intuition, your gut feeling more often. That subtle hunch can become a sixth sense because it can at times warn you by a strange feeling that comes over you. I also recommend to become more aware of your thoughts because similar to radio emission, trans-waves are received data from outside of you too without your conscious recognition and it can masquerade as your own thoughts if you don’t consciously recognize spiritual knowledge to do with cosmic consciousness. Identify the source where the incoming spheres of light are relaying messages to you. For advanced users, recognize the rays of intelligent light you send out and how that is interacting with matter.
It’s all in the form of subtle energies containing information that can be received, recognized, and verified.