Clairgustance / Clear Tasting

Clairgustance is a psychic ability related to the internal sense of taste that is experienced in the realm of the psyche that connects a frequency of information for solutions to events. This information is based on the knowledge of the ten senses. Five external and five internal. As in this case here, where we recognize that there is a psychic ability related to taste. That which is external has a counterpart that is internal. In addition, it is an extension to one’s natural psychic abilities that are part of our birthright.

Clear tasting would be used as a warning sign in most situations in regard to what has been tasted. And it usually involves information for someone else. Therefore, two people connect and one can experience a psychic peak of information in various ways, as in clairgustance.

To use your extended senses speaks of bridging metaphysics/ quantum mechanics into a rational explanation of empiricism and naturalism associated with clairgustance. This is due to the fact that with one’s own experiences perceived and proven without a reasonable doubt that it was paranormal by confirmation related to individual cases. We do not have to have a lab study to prove the existence of clairgustance do we?

When someone experiences something called paranormal — the fact that it isn’t completely understood at this time in human history doesn’t mean that it isn’t true. It just means that people don’t understand something more so because it hasn’t been brought into their awareness to exist.

Discussions to do with para/normal phenomena hits on suppressed secret societies and the knowledge thereof that has been refrained from the people. And in it’s place words like Satanism, evil, demons and so forth has to attached as a label to spiritual knowledge related to one’s own psychic abilities. That produces fear for what we don’t understand. Psychic abilities is a gateway to trans-humanism because we can only connect items to the physical reality that have a counterpart in the ether.

Whatever we receive in physical form there also is that in spirit form. The main thing I notice with people that are psychically sensitive is that many people lack confidence in their spiritual gifts of knowing intuitively if something happened that was paranormal. It’s common to get confused by it when an internal sense is triggered and the paranormal phenomena happens in various forms. True spiritual knowledge regarding the superhuman potential for humanity has been suppressed for far too long.

In this case we are talking about clear tasting / clairgustance. Every psychic ability related to our senses is there for a reason. It would be related to knowledge gained if used. If you see with your eyes you gain knowledge by your neurons tracking and producing information. Same thing goes for your other senses. You build neurons as your brain processes the data with any of the ten senses (external and internal).

The first time I heard about clairgustance I was on the telephone talking to my boyfriend. At the time I was eating an orange. I hadn’t tasted an orange that good in a long time due to the pesticide use contaminating the food to the point where the taste isn’t as delicious. But this time the oranges were a much better quality. The taste was delicious because it was juicy and rich in natural flavor.  My boyfriend Greg said to me, “I don’t know why, but I’m tasting an orange in my mouth.”  I couldn’t believe my ears! I got so happy and told him, “I’m eating an orange right now!” He was tasting the citrus juice that I was passionately enjoying as I continued eating the fruit.

We were entwining psychically. The oddness of it: He was tasting what I was tasting. He is the one that told me what that psychic ability was. When I researched psychic tasting the only thing I found out about it at the time was something stating that it can happen by thinking about something and then imagining you are tasting it because your thoughts about it can produce memory recall, or that something you see triggers the taste of it. To me that wasn’t psychic at all. What was said about it wasn’t the case with how it is psychically. It’s about interpreting non-physical information when your internal senses are triggered as with clairgustance. My twin flame literally supernaturally tapped into me tasting citrus when he had no prior knowledge that I bought oranges or for that matter that I was eating one as we spoke on the phone. He is a special person in my life that wanted to live and breathe as an extension of me and so he received enlightening knowledge that produced forms of his desires.

The wonderful thing about psychic abilities is that when you take in the knowledge into your awareness you are more out to experience the phenomena, as was the case for me. It was at least a couple months after the first clairgustance experience that my boyfriend tapped into when I experienced clairgustance for myself.

I was doing a psychic reading on a pregnant lady that was about to deliver her baby. I was helping her with spiritual guidance related to her health and well-being for mind and body knowledge. At the time I was reading frequencies, recordings with the body clairsentiently and clairvoyantly. I let my self take in all incoming information for her as I worked as a clear channel. Suddenly I could taste a strong flavor of chicken in my mouth. I dislike eating flesh unless it’s fish and I do that for health reasons. Personally, I try to avoid eating livestock meat. So I wasn’t too happy to be tasting the flesh of a dead animal seasoned up in my mouth! And I sure wasn’t thinking about chicken at the time.

I have to interpret the psychic information when I receive it. She was eating too much chicken was the message from Spirit. I thought about it and I do understand that we can eat too much of something. Not only that but we have to be aware of what actually is going into our bodies for overall well-being. Especially when it comes to harmful chemicals, pesticides and hormone injected farm raised products, etc.

My mind wondered about it before I told her. I was thinking, “Could the hormones injected in the chicken be something to avoid before giving birth? Why or why not?”  See, that’s the way my psychic abilities work. It reveals information and sends me on a wild goose chase; except I get to bring back the goose with me as evidence of what’s before us and that is in tangible knowledge and understanding of the natural connections we all have to our ten senses, that relates to the mysterious use of psychic abilities.

I work as a natural channel to allow Spirits access to communicate or if needed to speak through me. I have many psychic abilities developed. I now recognize into my awareness that I use Clairgustance, which is a legitimate psychic ability related to the sense of taste.

Clairgustance correlates to the fifth chakra point and color blue for color therapy use. And that connects to Eastern Teachings for healing purposes.

Clairgustance is just one of the senses that connects to our psychic abilities and to a particular chakra point for soul print knowledge. Clear tasting happens for a reason! If you experience clairgustance there will be an explanation for the occurrence. Therefore, pay attention and connect the event to the explanation for it by paying attention and being aware of your internal senses, that they exist and can be triggered. In addition, you can develop them to use them more often successfully for a higher state of consciousness through your awareness of the possibilities of using them for yourself. Remember knowledge is power and can be enlightening.

Author: Kimberly Bunch