Clairsentience / Clear Feeling

Clairsentience is reading energy from objects, people, etc., without having to literally touch something to sense and feel it to generate the various different internal psychic senses that can give the paranormal information.  There are different ways to use clairsentience. Sages have been able to drop wild animals to their knees and put them to sleep by using the power of clairsentience. It’s all in the power of the energy and is associated with Life Force energy, Chi, Prana and names that speak of an invisible living energy.

I am going to proceed further to tell my own story  about using a branch of clairsentience.
My first experience that stands out to me related to clairsentience was when I was invited to a Nondenominational Church in the year 2000 that so happened to be situated in a section of a YWCA building.  I liked the sermons and the fact that it was a Nondenominational Christan Church group. I attended services there a few times, until one Sunday after service I stood outside the building with my boyfriend at the time and the other church members.  A man standing with the minister approached us. He liked my boyfriend and proceeded to tell him the current breaking news that the minister had just been reporting to him. The man was dismayed to hear that the lease agreement at the location where the church services were being held  had been terminated and the minister had just been informed.

No one knew where the new location would be located, or if church services would be held next Sunday or not.  The man appeared distressed by the news as he shared the information  with Scott. They wondered aloud if the Sunday services would remain in the same county or not,  and if it wasn’t what that would mean.

At that point in my life I was continuously experiencing a wide range of paranormal and supernatural phenomena that was actually teaching me an incredible amount about esoteric knowledge. I embraced it and went with the flow of it, eager to learn more and develop it further. Even though it was challenging at times pushing forward through spiritual truths. It was almost like an addiction. I couldn’t help but go with the flow.  I was very confident in my psychic abilities because people were always verifying my accuracies and that encouraged me to stick with it. Not to mention how incredibly profound it all was to me.

I asked myself in my mind where the new location of the church building would be.  It was sort of strange because suddenly I could see a thick white looking rod of energy in mid air right in front of my face. It extended outwards. It was clairsentient energy. It’s the same sort of thing as life force energy, chi, prana, etc. I followed it clairvoyantly in the direction it went. It shot off and instantly appeared at the South end of Wenatchee, in the town where I lived, which wasn’t  far from the previous location except for the fact that it was in a bad part of town.

I was so excited that I knew the answer! So they needed not worry themselves.  I pulled my boyfriend to the side and happily told him where the new location would be. I told him to ease his mind.  I was correct and it came to pass. A few days later I was at a bible study group at the minister’s home with devoted bible study group.  Passages in the bible brought up discussions. I tried to refrain from speaking, but my desire to express truth exposed me.  I spoke as I usually always have and that is truthfully.

I expressed my opinion on a passage related to visions because of the supernatural experiences  I have had. I wanted explanations for what I was enduring supernaturally. Did I have it wrong? I needed spiritual help to understand what was happening to me. I wanted explanations or reassurance that everything would be okay after I had mentioned my experiences with a couple angels. Unexpectedly, my boyfriend chimes in “she has used tarot cards before too.”  Of course that’s not going to go over well. I was found out to be a sinner! 

At the time my boyfriend whom I was with was a preacher’s son, and never liked attending church or changing his ways as I demanded he do. He was going along with it to be with me. At first, he enjoyed showing me the Christian path. We were going to have a baby and so I was trying to reach God for answers to life’s mysteries and to be as pure as I could be in life. So I was seeking spiritual truth wherever I could find it and I wanted him to follow me on that path through spiritual growth.

The minister said that I was speaking about things that I shouldn’t have information about. He concluded by his actions how he felt. He stood up and walked up behind me and rested both of his hands on my shoulders then proceeded to demand for Satan to release me.

I was flabbergasted! I had not acted as a wild animal or spoke ill to others. I only expressed the need for answers to better understand if I did NOT fully comprehend spiritual truth.

His hands remained on my shoulders as he continued to express his desire for the release of devils if not Satan himself. I was humiliated by the experience.  All I could do was put my head down and cry silently.  I asked directly afterwards if the minister would baptize me as I had never been baptized. He said another day he would which never happened.

I had used clairsentience to find out where the building location would be. I also was clear seeing the energy while seeing it.  All things are of energy. That is exactly what clairsentience is, which is energy.

To develop Clairsentience for yourself you will need to acknowledge energy around  living objects, sense it, feel it. Interpret the energy patterns in your environment from trees to animals and so forth. Acknowledge the difference in energy vibrations.  The easiest way to comprehend it is in researching on Kundalini and knowing that it is often used for energy healing. Sages have used it in even live footage to drop a herd of four legged creatures to their knees and even use it to put them to sleep.

Clairsentience understood as life force energy can be very powerful and is meant for healing purposes over anything else.

Author: Kimberly Bunch