Clairvoyance / Clear Seeing

Clairvoyance is seeing psychically with the third eye images beyond time and space. It’s an opening of the psyche that has no limit to perception or experiences for retrieving information related to seeing out of our soul eyes for what exists beyond the normal comprehension of matter in existence. Extra-sensory perception (ESP) is a natural extension of the psyche. If used for developmental purposes it can increase the consciousness of the user by aligning them for human evolution. It’s all in reconnecting to spiritual truth related to the soul self and for perceiving beyond mere time for explanations about one’s soul in order to fully be in alignment spiritually to ascend to other dimensions after death.

Clairvoyance can be triggered from the pineal gland and using the pituitary gland to begin connecting to the location via the mind’s eye. The focus point would be on the sixth chakra point for development.

You would need to be more aware of the images popping up in your mind’s eye. Especially if an image appears mysteriously that doesn’t have anything to do with what you have been thinking about or looking at, etc.

For example if someone was to walk up to you and starts chatting with you and your mind is viewing the person in another setting doing something else by the imagery being superimposed on them.  Then you need verification that what you are seeing and experiencing is based of facts — not a mental health nightmare related to some sort of distorted perception. Proof that you are accurate is needed to establish a fundamental foundation to proceed further. There’s a reason for seeing things clairvoyantly. It’s to understand life in a different way that knocks down illusions and is the real teacher of spiritual powers related to the soul self. The powers of the mind for breaking down barriers is done by not being sucked up in the fear game that holds society back from accessing true spiritual knowledge for yourself.

Clairvoyance can be the ultimate teacher on spiritual matters because it connects you to the ether for clear sight.

In order to verify that you are indeed using clairvoyance you need proof from others before you should proceed further. You need verification that what you are seeing is ESP and then it’s important to learn from what you see with your sixth sense.

Knowledge about the location as being the sixth chakra point is also helpful for meditation purposes for those opening up their chakra points to access the pineal gland to trigger it into use. There are meridian systems to take into consideration related to Traditional Chinese Medicine for a better understanding of the benefits of the mind, body and spiritual harmony that should be accessed to increase the likelihood of your psychic abilities. Although no set culture, nationality, or creed limits ESP development unless fear is put in it’s place. Clairvoyance is a birthright, not a curse and should only be used for those serious inquires for developmental purposes. Although, there are many that aimlessly access ESP but don’t understand it nor value it because they don’t comprehend the true path to self discovery.

There are many ways to trigger psychic abilities in order to unlock those facilities within each human being. Clairvoyance can be experienced and used regardless of creed. There is nothing evil about using psychic abilities. Matter of fact, it is the only way to true spiritual enlightenment. There are countless famous people throughout history that used clairvoyance. From Jesus to the prophet Muhammad, clairvoyance was used as a psychic strong point. Anyone that has claimed to see spiritual visions were using ESP. Saints, prophets, mystics, sages, shamans and many others have reported using clairvoyance.

I started seeing residual hauntings when I was five-years-old. Matter of fact the first time is sort of an unsolved mystery, just a little bit. It’s because this woman came into my bedroom wearing a Victorian era dress, and stood there as though she was gazing off into the distance. I actually walked up to her and looked up at her before she turned and walked away. I don’t recall her ever looking directly at me, nor speaking to me. Therefore, I have concluded that first experience with a ghost was actually just a recorded image trapped in time.

That’s what a residual haunting actually is… it’s a recording of information left at a given location that others with clairvoyance can literally see. The various ways to see clairvoyantly relate to either seeing the images in the physical world similar to regular sight, or seeing in the mind’s eye the clairvoyant images with the pituitary gland. An intelligent haunting is different because it speaks more of an invisible being that we usually refer to as a ghost/spirit.

My experience with the Victorian lady haunting was sort of a mystery to me because of the fact that one morning my mom came into my bedroom and she saw a glass of water on my bedside end table. She told me next time to get her to give me water. As I reminisce back, I don’t recall getting the water but I probably did. That was the only thing that made me question if that case in particular was a residual haunting or an intelligent haunting. I am convinced now that it was a residual haunting and that I must have climbed up on the counter in the middle of the night to get what I needed and wanted… that being a glass of water. It made me feel good at first to think that she could have been a spirit checking up on me. I liked that better but unfortunately I don’t think the woman was literally a ghost. Instead I believe she was like a phantom image of a recording trapped in time.

The Branches of Clairvoyance include: expressions of mediumship, remote viewing, visions, and astral travel; expressions of seeing auras and a body’s energy field; deciphering symbolic images; precognition, retro-cognition, and finally seeing life force energy. Additionally, seeing from another’s eyes, either in an event that occurs or has occurred. It doesn’t matter if the event happened in the past, present or future when it comes to being able to see clairvoyantly. You could experience it with no set time frame added to it. Dream prophecy and dream precognition also relate to clairvoyance.

When I see out of someone else’s eyes it is as though I entered their body because I can see and even feel and experience as they did and it is relates to retro-cognition. I can see energy movements that others usually can’t detect with their external sight. The energy flow that I see can relate to the energy field around a living body,  the body’s meridian lines, and even aura colors that hold meaning it itself. I have been able to even see psychically someone’s thoughts in their energy field. It is another level of clairvoyance which ties in with quantum physics for explanations.

How you develop clairvoyance for yourself is to pay attention to the images that pop up in your mind’s eye. Ask yourself, why you saw this or that. Is it related to someone else there with you, or to the location, etc. When I first recognized I was using clairvoyance was when I was seeing things I didn’t deliberately want to see and that shouldn’t have been there. That means I was seeing spirits and having visions that were giving me information. It isn’t from yourself — you don’t self create it. Know your own thoughts and images that enter your mind. When you suddenly see an image in your mind’s eye or even outside of your body and it’s something that is unexplainable try to figure out why you saw it. What could it mean? Don’t dismiss it so fast. That’s the mistake we make if we push it out of our mind as some odd hallucination we are having for no apparent reason.

Psychic abilities like clairvoyance can be so subtle that we can easily dismiss it as nothingness if we aren’t experienced with how to use it. If people are discouraged from using psychic abilities and religious orders teach to fear it than humanity will be held back by their own self imposed limitations.

Keep an open mind and don’t dismiss the subtle images so fast. You will see images for a reason whether you understand it or not.  You will need to ask yourself questions like, “did your mind show you that image because you wanted it to, or is something else going on?”

Re-examine unusual images that you see with your mind’s eye without letting your mind quickly dismiss it. That way you can retrain your psyche to acknowledge clairvoyant images.

You will need to know more about how your mind works to tap into ESP. Internal focus and confirmation that you are really retrieving psychic data is the beginning point. Take note if your clairvoyance isn’t triggered by another living person for verification reasons. Spirit messages or symbolic images can teach you further by what you see. You would just need to better understand the subject matter and the various branches of Clairvoyance that you are accessing.