How to Heal Your Life and Know Your Life Path Mission

Here’s my game plan on it. Let’s look at your life from ONLY an EMOTIONAL STANDPOINT.

What was your first emotional upset feeling you RECALL that you felt in life that was upsetting to you?

The very first recollection of negative emotion you experienced?

What was it from?

And, what did you learn from that emotional experience?

Now how can you take that emotional response you experienced and use it to change your own perceptions about your life and what exactly you came here to do? Think about it.

An Example: The first upset feeling I recall relates to an experience I had at five-years-old when I was lied to by a parent about her fighting with her sister (lol). I was more upset that she would lie to me. Actually I was devastated that she would choose to lie. I expected honesty in communication; lies were NOT to be accepted. Lies prevent trust when people find out those lies. Therefore, I was a child that came into this world to focus on TRUTH NOT LIES. That was my first mission!! And forever will remain as the core belief to my mission.

That very first upset feeling about being lied to has always stuck with me with an emotional response against lies. I am a very serious person and I hate lies. For how people so easily choose to lie.

I do value respect and consideration for others by being honest in a compassionate, caring way. Therefore I reject the illusions lies produce because those energies produce ugliness in ether forms.

So what was your first emotional response to this world and how can you use that first reflection of emotion to understand your life mission better?