Life and Death

To be born is death and to die is life according to ancient sources. I also acknowledge the unfoldings thereof. To witness life and death in nature is a teaching too, as well as witnessing it with humans through time. All animals matter in existence and are significant in a larger perspective. Human evolution is not just for one species; it is for all of existence. It is likened to evolutionary upgrades in a conscious order.

It is with the expansion of the universe that we recognize additional data that can sometimes come in as numbers related to physics and matter. For me my path is the ancient path aligning to the elemental forces in all of existence and any nature that may be. Not only that but I align to all of the energies on the planet that are for the planet. A powerful force comes in related to the weather and future earth prospects. To preserve the earth is in preserving, not in destroying.  Humans were placed on the earth with other conscious matter that is life and was meant for people to live and flourish in all do respect for existence. To be in harmony. But people are easily lead astray and generations can be devastated due to these factors. It is in regards to the whole earth that I care. If people aren’t guided right by their elders there’s always consequences from the result of it. Politics and other controlling factors have consequences.

My grandson Amarie was about three or four years old when he held my son Seth’s mouse. During that mouse’s life Amarie had played a tragic affair with the mouse’s life by letting the mouse swim in his kool-aid as a place to put him. I had felt that the mouse was in safe hands when I turned away and left the room. When I came back there was the poor little mouse swimming for dear life. That’s all he could do. Mice don’t play dead during a swim, so no backfloating going on. He was swimming for dear life and he couldn’t get out of the cup. He couldn’t have been in there for more than five minutes. I pulled him out of there so fast and then Seth cleaned him up. That must have been a dreadful experience for him. But he had an interesting life.

Please allow me to explain further. The mouse lived and the children enjoyed playing with him. He was happy and healthy until Petco’s pet bedding product had parasites and that eventually killed him. It was too late by the time I found out. I felt something was wrong after I put some hay bedding in his environment. The interesting thing was the night before he died I went out of my body and stood there by his manmade home. He had died and his spirit was with me and I helped him in transition. The story speaks of precognition with out of body phenomena that included mediumship. Therefore, the spiritual experiences are incredible and relate to esoteric knowledge. Spiritual knowledge is a package deal that resides within the body. It can be interpreted even as ancestry connections to some extent but that it goes even further than that.

And so I stood in the ether realm with the mouse and the mouse was no longer a mouse. He was the size of a young child, no older than four years of age by his height. It was his light and consciousness and it took a certain form that reminded me of a young child. The mouse wanted help to know where to go. It may seem strange to most that I have this gift if they aren’t familiar with the information. It is Spiritual knowledge from having psychic abilities that I use. It is my mediumship that gives me the gift to speak with spirits. I have the gift of astral travel/out of body (OBE) phenomena. I have been stepping out of my body unexpectedly on a conscious level but on a subconscious level I am familiar with the fourth dimension and extensions from there. I witness it in my consciousness as a swimming upward towards the light and that knowledge can be no different than taking place in the very universe with the displays we witness and the longing to know more to go further. To comprehend in vast amount and in vast ways as though it is culping up. My Twin Flame Gregory Edward Pearce ll also has spiritual truths that he displays in a psychic way with me that also contains mediumship information that we confirm to each other. Mostly we confirm each others’ experiences, and sometimes his information comes in at the nick of time. It hits like a double whammy.

Therefore the spiritual truths reach further with two lamps. It is a path to see on that everyone that is like minded will venture on. It is in knowing and revealing truths toward various social structures that have always remained in the shadows. It remains there to come out in times of need as in the present structure of the world-wide viewpoints for peace for all. I cannot be happy in life if one ails miserably forever. I guess that’s the saint in me. The goodhearted nature.

I witnessed before when a bird died it left it’s physical body… that I could see it. I saw it like a literal white form of the bird. It was not in shadow. Speaking of white and it’s opposite, I have witnessed phenomena with portals that speak of various realms. Once again it is like access points in space that can be represented in a conscious acknowledgement with the assistance of clairvoyance to see in that way.

I have witnessed openings that have been like light on ceilings and on the floor I have witnessed a dark portal like a black hole that was open.  The fun thing about being alive is that if you are able to be content in the present moment in harmony that’s the most significant thing is to balance your energies within the structure of the vessel. That refers to the clairvoyance knowledge related to seeing the aura. The field around the body for healthy life is in acknowledging what one see’s with second sight.

There will come a time when the people on a planet like earth’s remember their original prints. I believe that planet is earth with life. That humans start to acknowledge structures of information that originally may have been closed off to them. It is set up in a way that we are all learning at the most appropriate time what is most necessary to have. If it is of truth. It only matters if truth is expressed.

Peoples’ higher selves have come to me to give information. Angels may come to me and give information or ETs. Even the deceased animals, which includes human life of course.

There are many spirits. The wind is a spirit. Some forms of consciousness are alive on a different plane of consciousness. If the bridge has been burned it relates to harm and so people will choose to want to be safe.  The mouse has feelings and was no different than a human consciousness being in a mouse’s body and experiencing being placed in a cycler structure in liquid with no escape out. The fear would have been with him. There is one factor that could be taken into consideration with the situation of the poor little mouse in a cup of liquid swimming in there for dear life. That’s how I perceived it when I approached the table to clear it. I thought the mouse was still with Amarie, but no. He was out of there to play. The mouse wasn’t able to hold his attention for too long. Responsibility should be age appropriate. I trusted and the mouse turned out fine. But the mouse’s death about a year later was sad. It was the factor that the hay had been left on the ground in most likely unsanitary ways. I’m a Virgo and perhaps I may nit pick a bit but I think it’s important to state facts, and to be able to be in a society that comprehends various methods to reach an end.

I say this because there are many paths to heaven. No one may ever take it away from you. It is your link in a higher form of consciousness that will guide your higher self off planet. Heaven is not on this planet unless you are in total bliss. I think heaven and hell are linked right here on earth and it is all in the unfoldings of various realms that we witness various degrees of phenomena.

Life and death are what you make it ultimately. It is in the understanding that is expressed out the mouth that is a witness to the other dimensions that can be before us.  In consciousness I have acknowledged the messages Spirit has spoken to me about on my own state of consciousness and that it does come from a higher plane when uniting fully to psychic abilities and the soul fusion. Spirit also said that I went down too far in dimension from the regular, extended by six in dimensional opportunities. But no I was determined to make a difference in the world. Therefore, I proceeded to enter farther reaching circles of expression that emanate out in the universe in what I comprehend as some sort of long distance instant connection to off planet data and intelligent life if one would acknowledge or even accept other frequencies in. It would be similar to being able to automatically go home to heaven after death. Not everyone has that open access to higher realms. I think it would relate to the soul of the person and how they were while alive. It really depends on many factors related to life and how the consciousness was formed in that structure. If too many dependencies were formed it could be harder to reach to distant planes of consciousness. Therefore in this lifetime what is accessed materially speaking is there at the convenience for that lifetime or for that particular moment in time.

I am to guide many in consciousness to assist them toward the higher realms in acknowledgement of the true self and if those esoteric acknowledgements are confirmed through dream interpretation insight then so be it. Spiritual knowledge must come from the soul as does psychic abilities. Whatever happens to you your higher self has allowed in for your experience. It is the way and the path to acknowledging various levels of sciences and if they are functioning according to the harmonics of the earth. And at this time the messages come in as they are not. Friction is reported and that can also speak of intensities with the acceleration of time as we know it.

It is in acknowledging Spirit that will light the way in the future for all that combine certain ingredients of perception. I cannot see how anyone can go without spiritual food. For it is a nourishment that has kept me sane and alive in this incarnation. It was my lamp in the dark. And it can be yours too. It is in acknowledging your soul self and what that means to you and your place in existence.

Why some spirits stay earthbound is in another teaching lesson totally. I saw many moons ago in years phenomena with clairvoyance that many angels came down to assist in helping people to leave their bodies and go to heaven. It was many people in mid air like if they were asleep in consciousness of what had occurred. I can’t say for sure if the message was literal or figurative. Especially with symbolic displays of information that holds direct insight. It isn’t symbolism related to art necessarily. That would be one small dose of it. Symbolism is extended out in matter and cannot be contained within the limits of conscious perceptions. Spirit also can travel instantly anywhere off planet and on in consciousness. It is data that the Tibetan monks should recognize with their soul journeys during OBE.

I write to prepare the way from life to death for many at various times. I meet people that are literally dying. I see them and know that it is too late in most cases where the substances of harm have remained in the etheric bodies too long. It is the information surrounding the body related to clairvoyant sight that gives additional insight. Once the aura is contaminated with unhealthy energies from the state of matter, relating to the mind of the person and their own heavenly blueprint about their life.

What is in heaven can be duplicated on earth in a certain matter of representing and what you want to contain within your paradigm. It is in accepting certain energies that are suitable or not.

For me life and death are equal in acknowledgement of soul print missions related to reincarnation. It is in understanding the soul self in fourth dimension that is in acknowledgement of the true spiritual essence in life that illuminates the soul with such delight. It is in acknowledging the celestral realms where a paradise opens up to embrace in an expansion if allowed into the heart and mind. It is in acknowledging that all things in existence have a consciousness and that wo/man has authority over it to a certain extent.

It is in acknowledging your own life and what it means to you to drop that body after death. You must first acknowledge to yourself how that would feel in order to comprehend it on a deeper level that may extend out to your own guides’ interaction with you on some level. If you hold in your consciousness this information about connecting to Spiritual sight and sound with all the rest of the adapters you open up to it more. If you do not have that option yet developed it relates to needing the teachings for how to accomplish doing something psychically with the senses and finding proof behind it.

I do psychic readings related to reincarnation and many other readings that extend to psychic strengths in people. What are yours? Are you aware of such knowledge more extensively with resources? I know it’s difficult in the Western world and other First World Countries sometimes for the people on a mass scale to acknowledge insight in a way that they may have never heard or known before.

When we die we leave our body. Near death reports confirm it. To know information that others do not fathom and to contain that information within one’s consciousness with no outlet to indicate or acknowledge if in fact it operated, and to even know at what level or degree the operations are at for confirmation; and the necessary support to come in to acknowledge these extended areas of future energies related to mass deaths that have and do occur at various times. When people travel up to heaven together they are in a mass form of union that go through a change in the laws of operation. It is no different if one person died or two, there is a transition and many take place on various levels.

To live is to enjoy physical matter with sensations that are tangible. To be in spirit form has operations of structures that transmute matter in regards to subatomic particles used to build up on matter in existence will always connect to the heavens. Astrology, numerology and many ancient paths are being unlocked for all to comprehend the spiritual significance in various fields of study. It is in applying to life that which produces the best results and sticking with that forever that expansion is produced.

However that path to the highest truth as you know it exists. You don’t have to accept another’s path if you feel yours is the true way. For then it would be the correct path for that person that has this or that belief. For every moment is in the now that you are in. To acknowledge the now is in becoming aware of breath, of life in the physical sense, you become aware of yourself in physical time. Now imagine you suddenly find yourself in an etheric form related to the double body. The ether body. Which would be the spiritual embraces of joy received in recognition that you have freedom to move wearing the same life cloak as was your body, if so willing. It usually will be that way if seen by another or if you are witnessing from a higher consciousness. To drop the body is to acknowledge another law of effect related to another way of being and living. It is in a structure that changes scope with time in form as the energies and soul continues to experience in various forms.

Reincarnation is on that ladder to heaven to be acknowledged along the way. One cannot get away from the true path of the soul when Spirit Speaks of fusing the bodies together in conscious acceptance. Then it is in acknowledging parallel lives too. For there is no end to the diameters of spiritual expansion. There is no end or limit to the profound soul expressions that speak of a complete union at times if properly acknowledged and addressed in current time with the I Am of greatness towards the true soul’s path.

Remember that it is in acknowledging the spiritual truths with life and you in it that matters most. It is not in deceit and greed that will come to pass as a great treachery revealed to all about all that have indulged in extravagance with no care towards directional aims that it reaches long term in effects. Spirit tolerates so much and then when Spirit pulls away it is for us to learn on our own usually. And that is much like what a parent does as the parent guides the child to walk.

It is in acknowledging an ancient path related to the whole planet and the parallels in matter that unfold to reveal truths and connections that will always be revealed in a way that will teach what is most important. And that would be the spiritual path in regards to all places and people that contain the original blueprint data base within their consciousness or dormant within their psyche.

To die is to be reborn again. It is no different than going from one phase to another in recognition of something. Once that is confirmed there is certain operations to adjust to and that is related to movement, how that happens and the turning on of the psychic abilities that unfold during the juncture. The transition happens just like with the mouse. All matter goes through frequency adjustments. Animals go through their own form. There are cycles of birth in various forms. Someone can choose to birth their particular light and build up on that light and then connect back to the Godhead to unite the fumes of the flame. The fumes relate to the occult knowledge.