Twin Flames, My Hypothesis

kim cropped versionI can only speak from my firsthand experience’s by reflecting and then analyzing to sum up from the symptoms, of the union, with the twin-flame, mentality of expressions that unites the two. And usually that leans towards an  improved discerned life position in regards to their individual life missions. What happens when the twin-flames meet up they usually always won’t stay together.

The relation is like a rebuilding phase that they ignite to and then depart on their own way in life. When the twin-flames come together it can be very disrupting because of the intensity of the relationship but it is a union to the highest order to bring through light and then for best results they usually always must go their own ways, depart from one another.

It’s just way to intense of a relationship and that would also be why their called twin flames. It’s taking two fire sources and uniting them as in igniting something.

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I look at the whole thing as the union is something to activate advancements in the two or at least one of them if not both of them so they can be more on the right track of focus for the future in regards to certain things they would or will face, be expected to handle, to acknowledge on their life missions. Twin-flames influence others from their union in even unseen ways from their energy union alone can create unique patterns of perception. Therefore, their ignition is in igniting the flame of the heart with the mind by a fused soul union to bridge in the three powers.

When the two meet up, it’s suppose to help them in their advanced development ideas spiritually mostly but I notice that the three go together as in mind, body and spirit union in regards to the flames igniting. It’s a head on it that sparks flames and that’s their union.  The rewards of the union are suppose to be many on various levels.  Improved  life views for their improved lives as they are suppose to be as the heart itself in shape. One goes one way and the other goes the other-way. As is demonstrated in one of the hearts I have collected from my spiritual unions to life in material analysis. 😉

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Twin-flames  are a very complex matter of consumption of analysis of thoughts summarized in individual theories mostly that add up to the fire-igniting twin identities from a soul-level. Twin-flames receive what they most need from each other even if it is negative or positive structures; it’s something they requested to learn from each other and about themselves or the illusion of themselves. Twin-flames can heal symptoms naturally with each other on a level that goes subconscious even.  Health, mind and body improvements are likely on one side of the coin  from the  union.

By means of eliminating certain psychic sensitivity interference’s from unhealthy hypersensitivities in regards to sound frequencies like was in my case. Which I believe related to clairaudience connections to sounds and/or any other type of symptoms you have from your five-senses to your extended-senses and the various psychic sensitivities that can occur.

The first thing that happens when you are going to meet your twin-flame is that you are on a spiritual quest naturally so on your life path mission and you will more than not have been celibate maybe for months or years. Perhaps you were a virgin or waited for a mate, or entered a parish or something or another similar to those life views in regards to spiritual thoughts and the discipline sexually that would somehow have been eliminated for that higher-union to form, to unite the twin-souls.

Those that meet their twin-flames it’s because: You will be spiritually seeking from within self naturally for that desired union in thoughts and deeds that would consume you on some level of life in regards to the romantic nature it would be filled in from life on a spiritual level over lower energies manipulations. Therefore, you will be identified as having these traits and symptoms that will be mentioned as I continue going along. 1. A Spiritual Seeker it may consume your inner-desires most of all. 2. You’re Celibate or you were for an extended period of time.

3. Excitement is felt within the first three encounters with this person. You will identify with each other’s incredible similarities; or from some unusual symptoms, feelings, thoughts, maybe hunches about life. You could feel like you’re experiencing de’ja or could be perceived as a similar identity marker. I’m sure it didn’t help that my [alleged] twin-flame and I were both sort of isolated from larger crowds of people by choice for whatever reason that would also have to do with why we chose each other too, why we clicked so fast by means we were identify with each other and that was like two halves to one whole coming together to represent something more, much like an apple split in two was the explosion in regards to the shattering glass view from many angles of perceptions on it to view for what needed to be noticed to be understood for change, for growth in certain areas.

It’s about acknowledging important factual accounts instead of sticking to regulations of customs. Spiritual unions break the norm in considerations of operations statistically. 4. Might be a loner type of personality to do with a direct intention life path theme chosen in regards to your over-soul. 5 Telepathy might be there, it actually should be or something similar like deja’ vu. You know something is striking, astonishing to you because it stands out from everything else going on in regards to another level of it that isn’t the norm.

6 It could be like a long lost partner, and/or one that you have reconnected to long lost aspects of yourself. 7 There will be certain identical compatible traits that may seem remarkable. 8 There might be instant attraction. 9 Age doesn’t factor in, as much as similarities in personalities. 10 Similar habits and interests mostly but not fully. 11 Deja’Vu experience from similarities in prior thoughts recollected to do with the person as though you may have manifested that person in a sense from prior ideas, thought or considerations for preferences perhaps haphazardly aimlessly acknowledging likes for a mate to be a certain way can or it seems to be noticeable to some degree perhaps or in certain cases like with Greg Pearce ll, and I.

12 The relationship will be about healing aspects for each other as in a rebuilding of what hadn’t been there before that was needed. Something lost was now gained or more focus was needed in a certain area to polish up each other for whatever specific angles of it towards each other are needed. 13 There’s an explosion of emotions that might may have been suppressed within the person in regards to certain thoughts and feelings that seemed dormant until the union.

14 You may desire to be divorced from the relationship, to flee. That’s natural. It will occur when the time is right. That will be exactly when one or both parties involved have overcame what was prohibiting them before in accomplishments. Insecurities and/or resources would conflict matters more for the two if limitations restrict the two from varous angles in regards to country, customs, race, religion, etcetera.

15 You will want to end the relationship ten times over and over again because it will be stressful to say the least. For one reason it’s like joining back to aspects of yourself in regards to prior thoughts that weren’t totally comprehended until the union to learn more about each other and singly too.

16 It’s like two halves to the same whole from one angel and then from another angle of the relationship it’s like total opposites that may relate to physical, emotional, or career, or deformity, or disability, or gender issues that conflict with each other from another angle of it. That there’s something amidst about it all., that would unwanted to an irritating level.

17 The relationship may make you feel like you are being pressured to conform in an unreasonable manner towards something to signify something more in regards to main themes people learn from the two of you and what you both walk away knowing about each other that doesn’t so much attack each other about but to learn effectively about traits that each other truly does NOT desire for a spouse, life partner union, career, or emotional connection or lack of comprehension on certain matters. The two would come together to sharpen by preparing each other for their own separate life paths.

18 You may feel like that person is not your twin-flame because you grew to hate that person, or that you have become judgemental to a degree that bars you from emotionally identifying further to the person. That would be the aspect of fleeing symptom that people mention about twin-flames.

19 You feel a keen since of a kinship to the person on a spiritual level and maybe related to a past life level that you sense or know from psychic abilities use like with clairvoyance; and/ or you may have dreamt about him/or her before you met.

20 As soon as you have gained what it is you needed to learn from that person you will instantly want to transition away from your twin-flame because you gained what it was you needed to learn but if the other isn’t ready to depart from you there’s underlining proof that more work could be accomplished in the union but that time may need to pass at a distance before the two could work together again.

21 Compromise will be needed and often times twin flames are best off living apart and communicating with each other from a distance to do their best work together. Coming together for twin-flames unions can be like putting a head on your shoulder and extra legs and arms on you. It won’t be desired to remain like that. You will go crazy with that feeling that may be suppressed subconsciously due to prior earth incarnated lives if you have dreamt about it or had a vision related experience to do with reincarnation deeper feeling thoughts then go with it.

22. The two often work and are happiest eventually apart from each other but they will always want to reconnect for their life work to expand further in regards to meeting up to discuss important aspects of their spiritual life mission work to do together. It’s the main reason they come together, not for the big sex thrill of it. It’s spiritual more than not. That’s what it’s truly about not the big lower mentality levels of it as much as it was wanted for a higher gain spiritually into the world to be achieved through afterthought directed anticipated goals and conclusions.

I have saw the candle light as one flame to the other unite in the heart, it sets the heart on fire and that does relate to some form of spiritual suffering. You can’t take anything other than the higher goals direction to aim at in regards to motives and ambitions for the pairing of these two individuals towards the concept conclusion of twin-flames. I am in the perceptional belief that these unions are necessary and occur to produce the necessary changes in consciousness for further spiritual expansions into the world when these two people that compliment each other on a flip side to each other in regards to aspect comparisons.

23. You will have gained what it is you needed to be healed from and learn from and that’s when you will have had enough and you will want to escape from the relationship. The male or female might want to hold on for insecurity purposes but in most cases I recommend twin-flames not be joined together in matrimony due to intensity and conflict issues that are major triggers for each other, that I believe relate more to the differences in areas than similarities. Furthermore, that also would relate to aspects of the receiver for what that individual would need to go through to experience in life.

24. Twin-flames polish each other up for a higher aim in life. Both need to know their life position and have a secure footing to be secure at moving forward individually or there will be conflict from entanglement issues. It’s best to escape your twin -flame however you must if one feels pressured unreasonable in the affairs department of the union. There’s a reason why breakups are common with twin-flames.

25. The relationship will be incredibly intense. If you are mail ordering your twin-flame I urge major caution and contracts are a must in regards to legal remedies for unwanted departures and retribution for time served sort of say. Both parties will want to feel secure and accomplished in what they gained from each other. Or else troubles arises. Departures can be difficult and if that’s the case coming back together at any future time would be something not to be persuaded.

These two are best to work apart and to live apart and to have separate lives. It’s best to look at the matching as a spiritual mission over a romantic love affair. Lots of work fixing and repairing each other along with increasing spiritual perceptions for each other and with others that so happen to witness and learn from the affairs of the two together and separate with their contributions of spiritual similarities that might be at various angles to each other to express from another viewpoint, an introspective quality to it.

26 If the two stay together I recommend to seek therapy counseling from a third party source with a complicated infusion as would be for the immediate long term union ideas conceived to support long term arrangements. Many factors would need to be in place to keep both parties together in a marriage. It would be similar to having separate lives or the queen and king in their own quarters mentality could result. And that may separate the two once again. So it will be beyond challenging for the two to keep bonded together like two people stuck in one body. It’s uncomfortable lol.

27 You will experience uncomfortable symptoms if the long range physical union is extended over it’s desired length of compatible time-frame needed to resolve prior unwanted or ignorant tendencies. 28 Their spirit guides might not get along either and if that becomes noticeable to one or the other it’s a clear sign that conflict is at a high level and ideas, suggestions for departure or arrangements of the two in separate will be persuaded and suggested.

At the right time a breakthrough should come for the two to be able to depart from each other back towards their comfort zones but with a major polishing up on certain levels of perception would have been gained by the union. The longer the two can stay together under pressure the more they learn from each other but it’s undesired that way do to the high level of conflict that resides there often for breakthrough reports.

In regards to my twin-flame our relationship was based on my desire for an agent and a secretary for my lifework and Greg’s desire was the love in the union of it. I can say that I learned a lot from my Twin-flame Greg, certain things I wouldn’t have wanted to know but then again at sometime in my life I did want to know.

29 Twin-souls are very similar to their spiritual pursuits and certain complimentary angles of the union.

30 Your own spirit guides might not take well to your twin-flame and vice-versa but it will be like a best-friend not telling you until it’s too late their viewpoints on the relationship because they don’t want to hurt you; until they can’t take anymore of it (lol). That could be normal for our guides to get upset very similar to how living people express themselves to one another in a usual reserved way.

There are a lot of cautions in regards to when spirit guides communicate to you how they do with psychic abilities know-how to you on a clairvoyant and telepathic connection level like a telephone call from the afterlife. Spirit reminds me of being similar to a phone call perception of it all. It’s a short phone call but the message gets through loud and clear, all the same.

31 When spirit guides are upset about the  pairing due to the hazards in regression work that may occur for one or the other that may lean towards an unhealthy relationship structure. That’s if one of the twins  are made to remain with the other against a more desirable outcome. Therefore compromise is likely if the two remain together after knowledge of the spirit guides refusal of acceptance towards the union has been noted due to disharmony from stagnation disruptions.

32 Fate has it that time prevails and most twin-flame unions burn up in ashes figuratively speaking by means that nothing is left as it has been before. Nor would the relationship union be desired after a long exhausting union for the spiritual unfoldment privileges gained in depth and degrees for necessary farther reaching, more desirable approaches to life in unions that are more harmonious for long lasting comforts emotionally and in body as well as spiritually speaking, to be in harmony overall isn’t in an explosive union conformity. A death comes to the union in various aspects of it and in their conscious recollection to uphold each other as the true union will be rejected.

33. The twin-flame relationship will  naturally perfect your good qualities and explode your poor qualities for observations in order to bring back into positive position effective harmony in regards to the six unit form body of mathematical calculations for perfection of human quality traits desired to their utmost union in mind, body for spirit harmonious soul-self unions. Therefore out of incredible similarities the two advance into their life positions.

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Kimberly Bunch, Seer

Founder of Ten-Senses