My Life and the Birth of My Prophesies

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My Life and the Birth of My Prophesies

The hardest thing is trying to figure it all out. These psychic abilities with visions and astral projecting out of one’s body and the whole union to Spirit brings in the knowledge that all of life is flowing and operating simultaneously from ether to physical matter concepts of unions to consider. Which bridges spiritual concepts to everyday life through the natural processes of uniting to the higher-self and to the complete union of the Godhead, to flow through information down from the higher-planes.

I’m very pleased to be here with you today to speak about prophecies as I know it to be. How it is to me is from a level that goes back to the temple within self that houses the Divine, as the Divine is within all things naturally so. God/Allah is everywhere just like energy is. All things are of energy and all things are of Source Material. That said, I will go on to tell you from the very beginning of my memory (lol).

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It was a nighttime pee time and I was four-years-old needing to use the restroom/bathroom. For some reason my mom was at my bedroom door and wanted to know what I wanted and I told her I had to go to the bathroom. She said, “Okay but don’t look in the tub.” She had me wait at my door-frame area while she went into the bathroom and closed the shower curtain. I got up on that toilet and did my thing while thinking about that there shower curtain. What was the lucky prize behind there. We watched a lot of television in our household at that time and it was like The Wheel of Fortune, what is behind that screen (lol). I hopped off the toilet and before I left that bathroom I slowly pulled open that shower curtain and saw a dead buck lying there. You know what the Divine done?… the Divine showed me a man laying there as the dead buck. Yes, that is true. I saw it as clear as day overlapping the deer. You might want to say it was a four-year-old’s active imagination but it was not the case. Spirit was teaching me because I was to be a prophetess in this lifetime.

That means I was to know and see things that most other people would not be able to. For instance I have heard sound frequencies that usually no human could hear. A bee and a tree’s frequencies are part of what I can detect on a photon frequency level related to psychic abilities. It’s part of my life as my own spiritual rites and the right I naturally have to life, nature and all that was given by the Divine for all. Therefore, I am a teacher that sometimes needs to edit her work lol. I had to throw it there since I have you guys reading my typos too sometimes. I apologize. My life passion is my life work and that is my spiritual rites to my life.

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