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kim666Educational Pursuits attached to Psychic Abilities are a part of the Spiritual Rites of Passage and those Ceremonies are established through methods of extended viewpoints and skills related to Esotericism to bridge the branches on the tree effectively. I take in Reincarnation Factors that includes my soul prints….

I really do enjoy my work.

I believe that I have for so long always wanted to take on “more than I can chew” sort of say. Similar to the expression your eyes are bigger in view than your stomach is for ingesting so much. Most people take small bites in life to chew their food slowly and thoroughly. They aren’t chewing on leather unless trouble is at hand and that means at foot too. Extended ideas of concepts dates back throughout life on earth with written recorded reports that have been presented for display that also tends to lean on public market, for the public domain. Regions aren’t so much a market or are they?

They’re not suppose to be.

I am talking about viewing life as a whole from all sciences and educational academic backgrounds by literally adding in extended concepts that includes your whole psyche realization, concepts of extended senses and the advanced concepts thereof. You can find enough proof if you’re interested in viewing reality for a while with the spiritual pathways in the mapping system of the heavens too. It’s all about the currents and circuits.

Knowledge of philosophy concepts and those forms should be considered intriguing enough with the mysteries added as a whole form from esoteric knowledge with higher-self to the godhead perceptions; which would date back in a blueprint on and off the planet in ideas and dimensions that combines dots of perception in reasoning as well as other academic expectations of viewings of excellence from every earth code print down to a fine grain sand of detail. There are people that can read data like that from a combination of extended concepts.

There’s many angles of knowledge that rise up like zombies from the ground in data with prior earth accounts, that extend to views in present incarnations and to future lifetimes on and off planet earth. You have the lock to the key that has access to your soulprints about life from a reincarnation perceptive.

The spinning light of the chakras also takes in a lot. I have been steadily going at Facebook postings to bring through a psyche connection into real present time to see and view how it all plays out with footage and writings and all. I feel like I’m at the core of the spiderweb in knowledge, unlocking ancestral codes of knowledge that extend back through time. I’m bridging past lives to present ideas that extends knowledge to include many others to help expand consciousness to a heightened state of perspective in order to prepare effectively.

I guess it’s important to state my facts, when I had a Virgin Mary appearance in clairvoyance in my head, from a second-sight perspective identifying a mystic beauty covered in a baby blue silk material of clothing. A lady appeared at my bedroom doorway in about 2002-03 and she told me telepathically that everything would be okay. Yeah, that’s all they ever have to say to me! It’s so upsetting. I astral traveled already to heaven in 1999-2000 to find out what was in store for my future. I had no spiritual entrance into life for my pathway. It was hell of a lot of work bridging pathways and building those branches in perspective identity accesses.

I will add testimonies too to my webpages and anytime anyone wants to comment I hope to establish that also.

Never fear, when you come to me for a reading go to www.kimberlybunch.com and my email address is there too, purchase by donation and then email me, it’s very simple if you trust yourself enough I think or me for that matter, lol. Never fear has many labels to it which is fine if it’s original and legit. The readings range from $25 to $50 on average or $100 for direct communication, and you will need to have names and photos for the reading. I am very gifted in a way that is set up for processing to access with the readings idea structured out. If you have any more concerns about it you can send me an email to kimberlybunch4u@yahoo.com to inquire more about it. You are sweet. Your currents of water I can see down in and that means your aura isn’t messy. You are doing good to me, I know…I see your aura. 🙂 Pure is in a deep current way too.

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