Spiritual Rights & Rites of Passage


It appears that I was born with certain unusual soulprint qualities that have remained with me my whole life that are connected in my present incarnation to the higher-dimensional-plane-fields uniting to conscious matter. These recesses of the psyche therein try to stabilize with the higher-self to bridge into Godhead. These are in fact like fireworks in itself of devotion to the higher-planes and to good health in mind, usually expressed as thought for spiritual gratification.  For me that means psychic wholeness in ten-senses and that my etheric double body is connected to me at all times which travels through torsion waves relating to clairsentience. All things are of energy and I have the power to manipulate those forces for healing rites, as such is my custom with psychic healings. I can soothe the aura and use my psychic abilities to change the energy field if necessary in isolated cases if I can stand apart from it, which is usually granted except in regards to personal relationships (lol).

Anyhow, we can isolate the cases to investigate in regard to the level matter principles [through etheric self manipulation of unnecessary accessible units in the aura] via the photon lights. Some of us will naturally produce harmony in direct intelligence with the consciousness of operation regarding to the laws of living matter, and to all that is residing within those complicated bodies of matter, to manipulate their force fields when there are major disruptions. Many of us that are naturally healers are naturally able to do this. This is also a right, a rite of passage, to allow through the acknowledgement of these healing qualities,as well as any other soul qualities to do with your life path mission and your higher-self passage into this life for whom you are and how you are. This will relate to your talents and life theme while the bridge to your future is with the light as you are also as that. So look towards your soul entwining with physical matter always.

The sun is to the Source of All as one body of operation. What would you do without the sun rising every morning and setting every evening? Therefore, what I am going to state in my own facts of consciousness have many connections to the sun like chain effects. When it rains not one drop falls, the sand is not one pebble of sand nor is the wind only one way; nor was it meant to be that way. We are meant to view, to see, to know many angles about life and what is natural to the soul-self for one incarnated life theme per person and how it is related from a spiritual level to the heightened extra connector senses above your external five senses. When you embrace spirit you are also embracing the temple within self in regards to your special five extended senses.

I’m going to go on to talk about an aspect or several aspects of my life to teach from. Bare with me (lol), it should be good teachings. Bless you always and be kind to those around you, or else flee to a cave to be alone for yourself. That cave could be time in self reflection with Spirit to embrace that in elemental forces and so forth for a mightier union to the Soul-print Self.

Reincarnation viewpoint: One incarnated life for perspectives on your own or in regards to at large: Even though the customs from my soul -print is different than recalling in isolation cases as is accustomed in unites of bodies of people that the people, race and gender political issues and educational themes and life prints in lessons are all isolated to that timeframe for what one is to know and do by learning and adapting and accomplishing the life theme mission while maintaining social relationship standards within that group for best outcomes. That is the norm. Whomever is outside of those units of operation are like wounded flock that the wolf devours, eventually.

Unless the swordsman or woman is there on guard and that is being represented here with my teachings. I cross Territory from an etheric standpoint of devotion towards all of life existence for all of life to live and to be in harmony frequencies medically, spiritually, philosophically and so on and so forth.

There always has been teachings within people on a soul level of recordings to take into consideration with the psyche and life themes for incarnations. There’s many angles of perception for consideration, for even one human life is actually living many lifetimes simultaneously to the rest and that goes in one incarnation as well as many, and the soul-mates and twin-flame union seems like a doubling up effect that wasn’t observed in its complete likeness before. And that is that we are all of all things to lead down to one unit of operation but within that one whole is two to make a whole to fold in as that one. It’s back to decoding life from single celled diversions and so forth. Farther reaching aims and goals will always be there for life, with life to prosper, to grow and expand even off planet for renewal, for expansions of consciousness that eventually travels the heavens and recognizes many heavens’ and hells’ from above and below figuratively speaking and otherwise.

Therefore the first thing we learn is that you are very complicated as is expected according to your DNA. If your DNA comes back as a final result estimated as being around 2×1013 metres or ~134AU extended outward that states you are complicated for sure. Just like if you were going to Pluto and back as was mentioned on a medical science skeptic page (I will include the line below.). Doesn’t that sound strange, unusual? Yeah, well that’s letting you know that you are everything and more. So don’t forget it. It’s all because you know more than the digit calculations of five-senses incarnated human perspective influenced by social perspective positions towards career with governing material support for life theme in physical form.

You must be on your life theme journey and the rest of society in your environment would need to correlate with that theme union. That means the bodies of laws will incorporate the fundamental principles that respect all people as equals in regards to soulprint energy field readings from a photon frequency level related to incarnated entities auras and their psyche’s along with their life missions from above into existence.

You will be required to know your etheric-double before I’m finished with mankind.

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