Living in the Twin Flame Experience

Living in the Twin Flame Experience


I am a psychic clairvoyant who has performed professional relationship readings wherein I scan the energy fields of my clients. I have witnessed what resembles the fiercely hot beam projected from a welder’s torch as reaching out from the central line of the human body’s chakra points outward to apparently reach out and grab another human’s chakra points. I will discuss these psychic and clairvoyant perceptions of Twin Flames from my own experiences.

The roots of the Twin Flame concept dates back to the discourse of the ancient philosophers, including especially Plato’s dialogue entitled the Symposium, also called the Banquet, which is an analysis of love. I have compiled particular quotes and abridgements from the Symposium as an addendum to the end of the article.

The Twin Flame relationship is a particularly unique union. Twin Flames utilize a union between minds and bodies by which they learn through social dynamic and environmental structure. The soul is inspected from within toward its center from its original divine source, like viewing the inner core of an apple fruit cut in half. A central reference of meaning will always materialize as a beginning code, which produces reciprocal links that receive a scrambling of their digits on the Earth to be matched and deciphered by the soul.

The soul’s relationship of two as one is here thoroughly investigated following herefrom. This evaluation encompasses the concepts of incarnation, reincarnation and reactive necessity, called karma, all in respect of the immortal soul. This evaluation therefore includes discussion on the life path mission of the soul as intertwined with the Twin Flame.

The Twin Flame Life Path Mission

The desired field of work one does in life is meant to be a direct life path mission from the akashic records blueprints recordings on original form material for contracts. We have nodes on the path in life that speaks of certain things will be fate to occur. And that it is possible to have a form of precognition about the future in various ways to take note of in life. Those nodes are there for a reason on a leaf even to take into consideration in nature.

My hypothesis is that a soul continues to incarnate on a particular planet from the beginning of its creation to the end if they are original crusaders. One cycle of life after another the spirit continues to be born at various locations, nationality, gender and race without limits of homo sapien perception’s. I’m sure there’s always an exception. I do hypothesize that a life path mission ‘theme’ relates to reincarnation choices and character traits connections for the chosen quest in life in regards to labor of love, ‘choices’ and that that same sort of mission through life will always be the soul’s drive.

The twin-flames will have the same life path mission therefore it’s a double whammy, a two-fold on it. That means their minds will always parallel their chosen life mission work duties in thoughts and ambitions.

The chosen path in life is weaved into the fabric of time in all sorts of ways in regards to different circumstances, situations, nationalities, race and gender for incarnating reasons to produce the desired change influenced throughout human history for the chosen life mission.

Incarnation and reincarnation for the twin-flames connections are for chosen life path mission areas to work with for the twin-flames life theme journey. By having the twin-flames together it strengthens the message and encourages the life theme journey to continue on with them both together working on their mental drive that relates to their chosen labor of love areas. That means it will be structured in a way how they need it and that’s why they will come together to double charge their joint mission in life.

I have my own twin-flame analogical reference view by two factors to the two equations of it. One being Alice in Wonderland when she falls down into the mysterious rabbit-hole to find herself facing a mysterious dilemma that she consciously and physically has to find her way out of. The second analog reference would be the concept of the magnitude of the force of an asteroid sailing through the air before crashing with a fierce impact that shakes one into new perceptions from the literal impact.

It’s those two nonliteral viewpoints that represents a hold on your mind and physical environment from a particular standpoint viewing the incredible situation at hand with the twin-flames. The mind and body as two separate sensors adapt to the version of Alice in Wonderland from a cognitive perception of precognition about the journey of the psyche in life together by two factors in.

Number one, you have your psyche on one hand and your intelligent drive from a gut instincts level on the other hand. Side by side you use two factors in life by many folds of it. You have your brain and body with sensors pulsing on automatic instincts by two. If your cognition fails to alert you your body should send sensors out to effectively alert you of danger or any spikes up on subtle sensory spikes up that you should tune into.

Therefore on one hand you have Alice in Wonderland voyage analog with a comet overhead reminding her about the risk from the sky from what is sailing through the air heading this way type of double whammy of an experience. So not only on land but by air and by water Alice in Wonderland is aware and alert of her mysterious predicament as she continues forward in her experience.

To extend the analog more it would probably be a perception that she has her head in the clouds too much. Which to me refers to a dreamer, wishful thinker, desire, self will and life reflections as well as optimism. Not to mention a curious and inquisitive person for life answers to comprehend the two metaphor viewpoints about the relationship connection to the twin-flame partner being each others biggest challenge yet to conquer at all odds. It appears they will always unconsciously desire to round off in a way to restore unconsciously mathematically in living matter for balance of the earth’s grid system as well as with their own bodies and the living environment around them that they are away.

It’s the two as one connection in regards to the conscious considerations of the incredible life changing union. Someday technology will literally teach about psychic abilities by prints and electricity for healing by literally being able to witness the energy field in the same manner I do for verification purposes.

Twin Flame Attraction

I wouldn’t expect the journey to be any less eventful and surprising in expressions or considerations for Greg, my twinny in view of it all. It’s been life shaking of a rattle for a very long time that explains the intensity of the overhead achievements to obtain.

Another factor about the twins is that they are always focused on their life path missions that being basically the same main focus. Their life path mission will be linked.

They will have the same theme as the other in main thoughts and the likelihood that there’s messages being released to the public, social customs with friends and family in ideas for the long haul and for self learning for the spiritual growth agendas and rewards for the two. But what they learn together strengthens their life path mission.

Therefore, the twin-flames life theme union will be their main focus. Similar to the symbolic representative the bull temperament towards standing his ground in position and any opposition to antagonize him away from his natural behavior, traits and sheer will of his own duties will enrage him to charge. Which would be another type of symbolic release that extends to a guarding position in ideas that leads to other interpretations for references like spirit animals, divination and astrology carry on’s in ideas.

The twin-flames learn a lot about the journey together and what they see and experience mystically in a psychic abilities union together is similar to blazing a path. Twin-flames are messengers via life path mission double shabang of a whammy and that would relate to a Divine Calling of a life theme.

In addition, the psyche will be programmed already for the career drive in regards to the life path mission. Furthermore, there’s no question that the whole journey with one’s twin-flame can be a type of dramatic theater play experience that continues on forevermore that way if the two remain together.

We have two factors to view about the Twin Flame concept with the flames in mind for the union in ideas related to the two people. We envision the twin-flames pictorially and symbolically to view for the figurative and literal perspective to analyze for theories by knowing character traits and other identification markers for evidence by all the people through the years that identify with the intensity of the twin-flames theory because they stand out in character traits enough to recognize there’s more going on there. And that includes the psychic abilities perspective too.

There’s certain patterns describing the two being in the twin-flame union even before they come together; the patterns really paint a good picture of what it’s like to be in one of those relationships. It’s not the ordinary walk with a partner through life. Instead it’s similar to having your heart set aflame and that’s another symbolic representative of love and to also keep those flames in spiritual union means to understand it on a deeper psychic abilities level and that is that your harmonic system with chakra points are connected playing a sweet melody. The flames as the heart carries meaning. The heart is aflame for a reason, and then double the meaning. It is that we love so much for our cause we are devoted to intensifying the teachings for our union to release information effectively.

Another view is that on one hand we have two individual people with flames entangling each other from the energy field aura view. Which is similar to ‘string theory’ that extends out and manages to mingle with the other person’s aura from one to the other in an entwining for the entanglement.

It appears that the body also carries a force. And that goes on to biology, hormones, glands, pheromones, and forces internally and externally that are invisible to the naked eye to review with psychic abilities scans for added insight is also part of the package deal for medical insight into the body and that also speaks of psychic healings. To witness the energy field with clairvoyance to see the aura and all that is within that grid system.

On to the medical side of the review for merit we have sometimes instant attraction at least for one of the two regularly that encourages the magnet connection and that is to be drawn in to someone, to be closer to them and to know more about them in regards to sexual attraction unions. For the connection to be authentic both parties will naturally authenticate.

For the medical view that happens in regards to the attraction down to a chemical and biology level with psychic abilities insight we have two people that become usually mentally, physically and then sexually attracted to one another and not necessary in that order.

Psychically it’s like I am doing an x-ray scan with ESP to verify certain aspects of attraction to phenomena that happens that includes advanced knowledge or confirmation of a more realistic viewpoint towards the law of attraction down to a detailed level of it. By means that the physical body has its hormone production and the mind releases endorphin chemicals that works with pheromones — that unconscious scent is recognized, and sound wave frequency patterns for conscious, or unconscious attraction to each others voice patterns, friendship, magnetism attraction towards one another all relate to the attention and inquiring attraction for long term desires for the relationship to thrive.

They will be able to relate to one another and feel comfortable with each other in order for there to be a strong bond. A lot happens in the energy field down to a microlevel reception and that would relate to the release of the pheromones.
The euphoria from that love elation symptoms are from the endorphine chemicals being released from the beginning stages of a love high. Pheromone releases from the body occurs in mists invisible to the regular five-sense perceptions.

When I was talking on the phone to my twin-flame and he was asking many psychic abilities questions like he would regularly do… I clearly saw two candle flames unite as one in open space clairvoyantly when he was asking questions about us. To me it was symbolic of Greg and my relationship. It was one of those relationships where the flames are wrapping around you in your aura from another.

There’s nothing like dancing flames uniting. It’s very interesting that those flames resemble a welder’s torch reaching out in octopus like tentacles that are light waves similar to beams of light that resembles flame(s) in the aura as identifier markers.

On a symbolical level in regards to clairvoyance we see the energy field surrounding a person, their chakra points and the stationary colors in the the person’s aura that physically matches the rainbow spectrum due to the water content in the body. My hypothesis is that we are more able to see the the spectrum of light shining like a rainbow in rays extending out from the body when we are at our healthiest. No mater what age I believe. The aura does resemble a beautiful rainbow and that has everything to do with your chakra points emanating out electromagnetically with light waves radiating forth.

The light waves emanating outwards in color arrays are viewed with the pituitary gland combo with pineal gland for the magnet link to view clairvoyantly. Other words to define the psychic abilities enhanced abilities relates to extra-sensory- perception (ESP), sixth-sense, third-eye [analogy term] along with advanced technology insight. There would be low hertz sound waves that emanate off the body in nothing short of comparison to scalar waves in movement at times to identify psychic abilities information to acknowledge, validate and hypothesize about.

There’s many geometric observations to take into consideration with swirling light waves that is at a great magnitude of it if you are able to read those faint receptors by clairvoyance and / or technology electronic instruments for verification when available. Usually you would probably need to be an insect to see light waves colors or research documented reports from near death cases about the immense color spectrum of vibrant light they consciously recall.

Aura lights have an intelligence of their own. I’m working with a grid system and living energy fields for mind and body medical, aura readings.

The solar plexus seems to speak of the flame that connects one person to the other in a clairvoyant view. A resemblance of a union of two flames as one from the sheer hold of one twin to the other in regards to the supernatural force of the substance material emanating out from the body to another. The original term applied as twin-flames relates to the subtle interaction from one living being to another and they both appear to have subtle comprehension if any understanding about their energy fields compared to assumptions.

If you have psychic abilities there are various increases in degrees of skill level. Everyone various on strengths and weakness in various skill areas. Some people are stronger in one area more than another.

Clairvoyantly there is low level emitting light waves from the body. It resembles an octopus with tentacles coming out and that speaks of the electromagnetic field interacting with its environment in light waves color patterns of vibrations and frequencies as well as light sound waves to comprehend when and if needed for patterns to interpret.

Twin-flame unions are always life changing events. People refer to them as mirror images to each other. That’s true in regards to their life path mission for main life theme purposes to focus on. In other ways there could be more similarities or even certain destinctive differences to take note of. In some respects they can be totally opposite in mind and body in half version of one side of it and the other half can be totally parallel that is the main drive. Gender and medical factors in mind and/or body may distinctively separate the two from one in the investigation to find direct differences.

Clairvoyance on Twin Flames

The twin-flames phrase contains the word ‘flame’ for a reason. The flames represent aura lights that extend outwards.

I have witnessed the phenomenon clairvoyantly with a couple clients instantly before they purchased a Relationship Readings from me. I noticed something peculiar in their energy fields that turned out to be an aura reference identified as twin-flames and there was plenty of information for confirmation purposes about the comet impact of the twin-flame union.

One of the first time I clairvoyantly witnessed aura flames of light shooting out from one client to another was in a relationship reading. I was checking their aura frequencies, which consist of color coded chakra points meaning for reference. I witnessed something peculiar which was extensions out from the body in strands of light that appeared like a torch.

I researched on the internet and located plenty of articles written about the twin-flames. Color therapy and research on chakra point colors for meaning can be helpful. Our chakra points give off a cast of light that shines outwards from the body in a resemblance to the rainbow spectrum arrays of radiating light.

The aura light I saw resembled a beam of fire coming out and entangling with the suspecting twin-flames’ chakra points like if it was of intelligent light to grab hold of the living matter from the other living being in another etheric chakra point substances.

The first time I saw clairvoyantly the phenomenon with the welder’s torch type of substance my client was engulfed in it. He was much older than her but their minds were equally dynamic and they both carried each others strengths and weakness in a way that seems to be for repairs on the energy field like a graph atop a wound to protect it for repairs. Clairvoyance can be like a computer graph print of what one can view in the energy field clairvoyantly of an source material that comes into reception. You can witness information with extra-sensory -perception as well as the best leading minds hypothesis on the array of subject matters to discuss observations thoroughly.

There’s not a set factor to distinguish the pair. I always got the message in from the Spirit world that God/ Allah / The Divine Source decides on unions and that is to explain the incredible situations one finds themselves in with their twin-flames. It’s that half of you is in need of what the other half has to offer and that is the magnet connection to recharge your soul self agenda and also to heal while still being able to be yourself and to identify you as you in ideas.

I couldn’t be certain what it represented exactly until I experienced clairvoyantly viewing the flames extending out that appears to come from various chakra points on the body. I saw what resembled flames three times. Others have also claimed to see fire in the aura connecting twin-flames together as well.

I found out about my twin-flame and I and then related to two separate clients which actually was a good handful of years apart to view naturally with pituitary gland and pineal gland locations for the sixth-sense and other words describing the sight to view would be words defined as: clairvoyance, Extra-sensory- perception (ESP), the pineal gland and third -eye insight definitions.

I am a psychic medium that reads people for a living and I work with psychic abilities regularly professionally. Automatically I was able to confirm my suspicions to extend out in knowledge for my client about twin-flame character traits. I suggested she research into the subject matter for herself to determine firsthand if she felt they matched up to twin-flame character traits.

In addition, there is something more going on between certain couples in their chakra points with aura lights that emits light outwards as the human aura does and it has an intelligence of its own. That being that your aura has dominate aura colors but also very complicated energy field with moving electromagnetic energies that are interacting in environments where energy can be viewed clairvoyantly in vast arrays of moving light waves of colors with sound waves that have very interesting dynamics. In one respect the twin-flame aura union resembles a welder’s torch.

I have witnessed from twin-flame auras what resembles flames coming out from one person to embrace another’s aura in a way that I researched about it like I always have in regards to what I find out and I uncovered twin-flames unions to identify with by character traits analysis.

I have viewed symbolic messages clairvoyantly about my own Twin-flame as he was asking me about certain psychic questions and I was trying to see to read the information with clairvoyance I managed to see a symbolic message where one candle flame was lit moving in mid air to another to combine as one flame. I knew that meant we were twin-flames. I didn’t produce the image it automatically appear from the method I use for scanning information with psychic abilities.

I felt confident with the theory about twin-flames and my psychic readings analysis about that twin-flames resembles fire in the aura connection to the two people. I saw flames in the aura originally from a client’s relationship reading in regards to an older man that she had acquired a serious relationship with that was distressing her. I sent her the Relationship Reading report and in that report I suggested that it appeared to be her twin-flame and for her to verify if that truly is the case for herself by reading the twin-flame character traits reports… which is a whole database of information written by all types of various folks with opinions and beliefs.

Several years went by before the next Relationship Reading where I would see a torch light substance shooting out to another. I saw that my second client also had that fire in the aura she was inquiring about. The male’s energy field in his aura was what resembled a long strand of light that resembled a welder’s torch that was extended out in a strand of light to her solar plexus area. And then he had another strand of light coming out grabbing onto her aura energy field which was combining the two from her second chakra point to the third in a way that clairvoyantly could be viewed from their energy field as some sort of grabbing onto her chakra points from the aura.

I noticed that the solar plexus chakra had the torch beam of light wave reaching out from his solar plexus chakra point where the spirit may reside within the body. The solar plexus chakra point is the third chakra and speaks of happiness and the aura color is yellow that emanates out from the body.

Soul connecting to Body

Twin-flame unions are and always will be life changing events. It’s the two that are integrating as one from an aura standpoint. We have two-factor expressions that goes back to the concept of the soul in expressions of splicing the soul for parallel lives for life path mission themes. It’s about the DNA junk of the mysterious unexplained strands that cover all areas of perception that people have ignored or refuse to consciously accept. And that is that it represents the hidden senses and spirit light from being recognized that says everything and more about psychic abilities. It’s all relevant. Don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater, as the saying goes.

The mystery of the DNA extends to reincarnation and life path missions. I was approaching the twin-flame union as only a special spiritual life theme mission that extends to extensions of release in regards to the psychic abilities spiritual connections.

My life mission theory states that before we are born we come from Source Material. Split by two to produce parallel lives. The Higher Self is connected to your soul-self. It’s that part of you that is super-super- consciousness and is always connected to your life path mission. You can split off by two to produce more in regards to parallel lives from a higher-self prospective.

Soul-mates, soul groups, and twin-flames all incarnate to link to each other for their life path mission significant increases in living matter phenomenon. It’s that feeling that you have always known the person. Perhaps you have personal insight into them because of it automatically on a spiritual level which would relate to intuitively reading someone. You sense and feel comfortable enough with them for a reason. Usually those people have a strong connection automatically.

The soul prints speak of billions of years old ideas of remembering prior experiences from the root level of it all. One soul works in unity with others from an electromagnetic construction of the solo ego being that of a living particle in life, birthed into life by two factors in. One being from genetic codes that entwines with the substance of your DNA that being spirit and psychic abilities harmony encoded substances — you, the soul.

Spirit incarnates as physical structured substances on mathematical and biological genetic codes but also with a past history in regards to a reincarnation trail that extends back through time to the soul blueprints. That being what is often referenced as the Akashic Records. It’s like being on a trail in the forest headed to a university and once there you ask to see your records, except it is records about your future, that’s heaven. It’s entering into a dimension where other Spirits go and find out a lot of information from ESP and astral travel methods.

Twin-flames would choose to operate much like soul-mates in regards to wanting to work together at a certain time in human history when they were born for year date analysis on numerology with astrology trails. They would represent the need to strengthen the meaning of those particular soul’s merits in life theme titles.

Your soul is electromagnetic and that means that light waves, sound waves and color codes exist with vibrations and frequencies that extend to light wave beams that seem to have a life of their own by means difficult to pinpoint certain incredible phenomenon on the aura connections to the chakra points.

Soul Planning and Preparing

Twin-flames takes us back to describing the soul prints and the metaphor would be an apple sliced in half revealing the star within and the seeds there as well. It is that we are viewing the star as the energy field of one that can also be viewed as two if you take a whole form and view of what is on the inside. That means that the twin-flames have chosen to be born with the symbolic union that attaches them either literally or figuratively spelling. Either by blood or by another method that makes it harder to say goodbye. Twin -flames can be dreamt up in a sense to materialize from certain unhealed emotions.

The union could have been planned before birth to occur in case the life path mission that was planned fails than the necessary guides are called in and arrangements made to connect etherically and that speaks of spiritually which I am referring to astral travel to reconnect for spiritual insight and that also can lean on prophesies to awaken too.

It’s that out-of-body (OBE) experience that can take us to another dimension called heaven to reconnect for a review on how to go forward because of this, that, or other type of event took place and so it’s like a fork in the road. That means spirits will be involved and a plan for a major event that will be life changing will take place.

I noticed significant events through the years in a sort of de’ja vu way connected my Twin-Flame, Greg, and I. It’s accomplished more from an invisible standpoint to most people unless you are literally the person experiencing spiritual connections that go paranormal. Anyways, our connection from right around before he was birthed into incarnation. That he or a spirit much like him was preparing the way that would be needed to shape are union and that was one heck of a voyage before we would literally meet up from our parallel existence. Spirits orchestrate a lot of things from the other-side.

If you research the original reports that were written from oral retrieved documents major significant events take place similar to x-raying a leaf. That’s when you notice that there’s so much going on more than we usually take into consideration. You can see the nodes and veins on the leaf but a lot of times we don’t take that into consideration about the significance of the botany of leafs.

Both people may have striking interests or similarities in regards to connections between them that standout in both their psyches for significant interests. They may have memorial year dates to one another’s life anniversary dates or year markers that hold peculiar similarities. That they find each other repeating or occasionally elaborating on astonishing similarities, feelings, emotions to release to one another that they would have never spoken of to anyone else before may be apparent. They will have similar psyches in regards to dominant life path theme missions and those long term goals. This includes regular life routine behaviors in certain respects that stand out in traits from other peoples more so, to the point that they will be more comfortable together because their natural routines will be patterned in similar daily routines, beliefs, emotional identities and those releases. They will adapt to similar environment and thought habits that parallel each others life path mission as well as in regards to their regular consciousness behavior traits and perhaps behavior corks similarity considerations that parallel each other similar to deja-vu.

It will entwine them in unusual add-ons to recall with specific dates, significant peaks up in meaning, words defined, land locations, cultures, and those traditions could be significant for further interesting and significant connections that could extend out to their families behavior traits in regards to likes, dislikes and unusual corks or other types of behavior or pattern traits in their environment. Also location markers might stand out like a defined name that connects to add more insight for long term ideas. It’s like connecting a lot of dots that wouldn’t typically be there for year dates, interest or similar impact in psyche or physical significant situations that enable the two to bond.

The aura of the two mingle together in a way that is overlapping in a force that carries fire that also speaks of suffering identifiers together as well as conscious obedient brainwave enhancements to identify with from the union. So it is a surge to plug into with the union to supercharge their particular life mission theme.

The connection of the two seems to be a crutch, some sort of support for one another. As though they feel better and might shine brighter while together in similar ideas and opinions that seem to reflect strongly off each others interests and life passions to the point of supercharging each other to continue on forward. They revive each others souls from early trauma issues that may have gone on in various ways throughout their lives that they will feel completely comfortable reviewing for healing for each other. That would extend to both of them like a dynamite blast of reality. Also, major events between them go on in the intermingling of their aura patterns.

It’s like marking anniversaries of year dates dot to dot for a larger view of the meaning and messages the union carries together with significant events that happened or that they are drawn to that they both adamantly reflect on.

Although there’s always a shadow of space where obvious differences can be noted but it appears that in those areas is also a screening on information to cognitively take note of for reasons related to the life path mission.

They each will have significant life changing events that effected their life while apart but in a way that matches up to aura combination pattern traits to view with clairvoyance. They will have very similar personalities, mental ambitions, entertainment interests, weaknesses and strengths along with long term ambitions, desires and social traits. In areas they are opposite would be a metaphor to describe them.

We notice significant difference in areas where they are cross-training from each other for advancement sake for direct knowledge to improve long term goals for manifesting. It’s that there’s an area that is naturally meant to indicate differences that standout from the light sort of say. Those differences are honestly more likely to be about imperfection, disrepair, noncomformist undertones that seem to be in the cooler temperatures of life for reflections and in regards to one’s own thoughts projecting back at them from the world around them in regards to procedures, processes, obtaining goals or not and resolving issues or leaving them dormant to materialize in all sorts of destructively insulting way.

Physical and Mental Differences

Metaphors are excellent to describe the darker side of the two and that would be as two teacups falling to the ground and out of the two cups that shattered on the ground one cup was repaired from both. Everyone knows what looks put together might not be when you go to fill the teacup and all the liquid pours out. Then you realize the cup cannot work to provide for me any longer. Therefore it is only something beautiful to gaze at on the shelf but when taken down and examined closely we recognize there’s a story to uncover and that goes back to the two cups turned into one analogy. That would indicate the union of the fractured auras in the aura where they both have their fire torch mending each others chakra points to stay connected for the life path mission. It’s a flame that forces the two as one or the one as two in a sense. Wherever two goes so goes three because Spirit Source material is also connected. We cannot have one without the other, respectfully so.

Twin-flames have uncanny similarities in character traits; certain life circumstances, life path mission and long range goals to the point where they can feed off each other. Twin-flames can be two halves to a whole together in significant life changing ways to heal and to transform from that one mended teacup to two swans swimming side by side representing a form of love in a heart shape in ideas.

The one trait that sets the flames of the twins apart is the desire to flee the super-charged relationship because of how intense the union is in a way that involves an emotional roller-coaster ride but one that is surprising by being astonishing and then it levels out. The thing to know is that there’s incredible and pretty much intense learning through it all. And if you stay with your twin-flame you have learn to accept what you cannot change about the other.

The negative and positive is the psychology with the psychiatrist evaluation and that would be severe stress and unhealed emotions could have attached the two. It’s the diving deeper into the recesses of the psychic that extends to the Higher Self that speaks of the power of the soul to congruent for specific life path missions. It’s to comprehend all angles of the Rubik’s cube in around about expression.

I believe twin-flames are in a pod system etherically by means that the original creation speaks of combinations of living matter and then splicing occurs. It’s like etheric marbles of substances that are light that act like lint during static attraction. The ancient philosophers discussed it in humor as the best way to address such complicated matters with humor entwined with insight.

On Plato’s Symposium

Plato’s most brilliant literary theater achievement was a comical satire where Aristophanes pokes fun at the origins of humanity. Aristophanes warns the group that his eulogy on love may be more absurd than funny. His speech explains why people in love say they feel “whole” when they have found their love partner. He explains that people must understand human nature before they can interpret the origins of love and how it affects their own times. In addition, there’s a popular saying that people are looking for their other half when they are attempting to recover their primal instincts.

The discussion makes an analogy of double bodies, with faces and limbs turned away from one another as spherical creatures who wheeled around like clowns doing, and that these original people were very powerful. Aristophanes’ analogy is that humans originally had four arms, four legs, and a single head made of two faces. There were three sexes: the all male, the all female, and the “androgynous,” who was half male, half female. The males descended from the sun, the females from the earth and the androgynous couples from the moon. These creatures tried to scale the heights of Olympus and planned to set themselves over the gods. Zeus thought about blasting them with thunderbolts, but did not want to deprive himself of their devotions and offerings, so he decided to cripple them by chopping them in half, in effect separating the two bodies.

Aristophanes then claims that when two people who were separated from each other find each other, they never again want to be separated. He says that men should fear the gods, and not neglect to worship them, lest they wield the axe again and we have to go about hopping on one leg, split apart again. Although, if man works with the god of Love, they will escape this fate and instead find wholeness.

Mythology tells the tales that humans had great strength at the time and threatened to conquer the gods. The gods were then faced with the prospect of destroying the humans with lightning as they had done with the Titans. Although that would mean they would lose the tributes given to the gods by humans.

Zeus developed a creative solution by splitting humans in half as punishment for humanity’s pride and doubling the number of humans who would give tribute to the gods. These split humans were in utter misery to the point where they would not eat and would perish so Apollo had sewn them up and reconstituted their bodies with the navel being the only remnant hearkening back to their original form. Furthermore, they said that when the two find each other, there is an unspoken understanding of one another, that they feel unified and would lay with each other in unity and would know no greater joy than that.

“Love is born into every human being; it calls back the halves of our original nature together; it tries to make one out of two and heal the wound of human nature. ” Plato

“Love is the name for our pursuit of wholeness, for our desire to be complete.” Plato

“Love is simply the name for the desire and pursuit of the whole.” Plato, The Symposium

Kimberly Bunch, Psychic Medium, – Copyright 2017


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