A Supernatural Story: The Little Mouse

A Supernatural Story: The Little Mouse
 Never in all my wild’s dreams would I ever expect to have a telepathic conversation… as an electromagnetic ball of light energy; to another ball of light energy, but it happened! And I’m here to explain the situation by telling you a factual cognitive story in order to sort through it all. One topic and one story at a time. That I’ve accumulated over my four decades so far in this lifetime of accumulating from the springs of heaven in ideas.
This certain story right here is one of the more perplexing topics to sort through.  Ten-Senses Identification Traits: For the record psychic abilities is similar to our five-senses just add the clairs abilities, the clear-knowing comprehension to recognized extended and enhanced sensitivities with your own keen senses.
Sooner or latter you’ll experience it. In the astral body and in the spirit world we have incredible enhanced senses’ that detect electromagnetic energies to comprehend it in a way that would be similar to having your regular five-senses extended out in incredible accuracy of potential on ESP. That means you would have a different kind of five-senses and that would be to operate in the astral realm. It would be similar to doubling up on your regular senses in ideas.
Astral Projection Recognition: As my physical body slept I noticed cognitively as I recall that I deliberately came out of my physical body. It relates to light-waves and those frequencies that do contain sound waves which relates to telepathy. I had purchased my youngest son, Seth, a mouse from Petco pet store. I purchased a 20 by 10 by 12 inch aquarium in dynamiters with all the extras in necessities to make life enjoyable, for the sweet and cute little mousey.
Seth and his friend Ivan enjoyed regularly playtime with the mouse that seemed to help us all bond better to the little creature. Several months passed by with only one close call with the mouse and that was my grandson Amarie.
He was no older than four-years-old at the time. He decided to place the mouse in his cup of kool-aid so he could leave the table where he had been sitting holding the mouse. I had trusted him to sit there and hold onto the mouse while I went into the other room. It was a test. I was taking a chance and I knew it actually. Although, Amarie was doing so well, holding the mouse and keeping the little thing cupped in his hands for safekeeping; or trapped between his fingers that he used for a fenced gate to keep the mouse in his self made barricades. He was doing better than expected with the little mouse.
I considered taking the mouse from Amarie and putting it back in the mouse’s own habitat, but then I reconsidered for Amarie. I asked Amarie if he wanted me to take the mouse from him. He declined the offer by stating he wanted to keep the mouse with him. I then stated to Amarie to not let the mouse get away and why that was. He was very mature acting about it in his independence expressions. He wanted to earn the responsibility of independence of caring for the mouse momentarily unsupervised while we were in the residence. I doubted somewhat the ease and convenience of the arrangement in regards to his request but I trusted him enough.
I felt Amarie deserved some extra trust since he was doing so well with the enclosed area he created for the little mouse. It seemed to be working out just fine. So I was confident in Amarie’s good grace with the mouse to hurry up and leave them both unsupervised together momentarily while I went in the next rooms to put the folded laundry away.
I remember thinking when I was putting clothes away in Seth’s room that I was taking too long and that I had to hurry back to Amarie because of the mouse. It was probably five to ten minutes time that went by at the most I’d say while I hurried about finishing the days housekeeping chores.
After putting Seth’s clothes in his dresser and straightening up his bedroom. For a little while I was in there because that’s the room Amarie and Seth were always playing in too and it would get messy often. So I was wasting time in there doing additional work just because I was pushing the buck a little, figuratively speaking. I was counting down on the extra time it was taking me but I was so adamant to be able to keep busy.
I finally hurried back to the dining room to find no Amarie and no mouse. A little stunned by his absence I figured he had the mouse with him still. But I wasn’t sure where he went off to. I hollered for Amarie, but there was no response. I started to clear the table from his toys to clean up more before trying to locate his whereabouts.
When I grabbed up the cup to my dismay, there was the mouse! Swimming for dear life in a body of liquid. Amarie hadn’t drunk his kool-aid, instead he used it for a swimming pool for the mouse. The poor little thing was a dreadful sight to see in a body of cherry flavored red food coloring kool-aid.
I’m sure the little mouse was very tired swimming in a cup filled with liquid even if it was for a few minutes. Which would have been similar to falling into a well with no way out once placed in there. Which is dreadful consideration.
When Amarie came in from outside I explained to him about the situation by my expressions about it in words and facual expressions that coincided with oh no! Oh my! And the list goes on about the affections towards Mr. Mousy while dotting affections on the little creature as Amarie viewed on.
I explained that the mouse could have died and that was a no, no thing to do. Amarie just wanted his freedom and independence of movement and convenience that way. I understood his cognition enough to be more understanding in his behalf for consideration. I reasoned he was trying to keep the mouse safe on its own and that’s the way he did it until I returned.
I had Amarie figured out pretty good for his developmental cognition processes stages; In addition also related to his personality. It could have been worse. The mouse was alive and after all it was my own experiment testing Amarie that landed the mouse in the kool-aid in the first place.
I considered the situation thoroughly that Amarie still tried to remain responsible by enclosing the mouse the best way he knew how without disturbing my work for his grand final escape away from Mr. Mousy.
I sure was glad I didn’t have to search the residence for a mouse loose on the floor. So I somewhat rationalized within reason Amarie’s decision and was glad nothing worse had literally happened. There was no way the mouse could have escaped from the cherry kool-aid in a four ounce cup even though it was a small cup. The poor little mouse was swimming for his dear life in a standstill doggy pattle swimming position.
Amarie had went outside to look for Seth and that’s where he had disappeared to independently. I blamed myself of course and rushed to save and protect the mouse. By immediately relieving him of his discomfort. Amarie entered the residence with Seth and once Seth found out what happened he took charge of the immediate handling of the care of Mr. Mousy, with affectionate cuddling and cooing towards the little creature.
Mr. Mousy’s fir was stained pink from the red food coloring even after the washing off care Seth helped with. I watched my son, Seth take charge as he behaved in affectionate loving expressions towards the mouse. As he demonstrated constant protection and safety. Seth created a shallow bed of water in the sink to wash off the kool-aid from his pet mouse. Just like caring for a newborn Seth was doing a great job jotting affections on the little creature.
The mouse was very much loved and cared for in his little life. I believe that’s why I was so intuned to the mouse on a spiritual level. That extended out to OBE and precognition experience for predictions of incredible advanced knowledge. Like I said before, I didn’t blame Amarie. I should have remained supervising the whole time and I knew it! Or else it would never have happened. I was glad to find the mouse alive. My decision with Amarie caring for the mouse unsupervised at about four years of age was a test. There’s no question about it. I was testing as well as trusting Amarie simultaneously for his own developmental growth potential.
 Hay for Bedding: For the first time I purchased new pet bedding to try out for Mr. Mousy. I was usually using sawdust chips for the bedding. They were out of the smaller containers of it. I purchased the next best thing and that was hay bedding. It was priced well and I thought it would be a neat change.
It had been decades since I’d been around any hay and I knew it smelled good and would be convenient to use. So I purchased hay bedding for a change since it was a smaller quantity for sale and it was something I needed to purchase for Mr. Mousy’s habitat. And that particular day I was walking there so I wanted only a small quantity for one time use.
That way it was easier for me to pack home since at the time I was walking there. I always thoroughly and regularly made sure the mouse was living in the best conditions. That’s why I kept to providing food and water and cleaning out the cage myself. Although I always encouraged Seth when I had a chance to take charge areas that were responsibilities for him in his own environment. He was still too young for the responsibility of complete care for the pet. So, I supervised and found myself naturally instinctively doing all the work unfortunately to Seth’s ultimate convenience.
I was just like that anyways as a housekeeper and homemaker to take charge without delay. But I noticed Seth was too adapted to the ease of my assistance. Which would create annoyance when I would want him to clean his room and take on more responsibility with the mouse’s care. He was to use to not having to because he had his own personal housekeeper already to do it and that so happened to be me! I had enslaved myself to labor for Seth unintentionally.
He didn’t see the purpose if he had a live in housekeeper as a mother to do everything for him. Challenges were the norm with caring for others and trying to teach independence as well as responsibility.  Although, I was a mother that demanded the home to be clean and tidy always. That was my labor of love overextended.
So I would end up trying to figure a way out of my own motherly enslavement chores eventually that I had so easily arranged at his convenience. Therefore I started to pressure Seth more about cleaning his own room and me taking care of Mr. Mousy.
 Pet Care Considerations: I worried about the mouse being alone too without another rodent to keep him company. It was just how I was to care about the welfare of another, that way. While wishing for the very best for whomever it was at the time that I was jotting affections towards in my immediate perceptions. And in this case it was Mr. Mousy.
I was regularly in good thoughts on deeds towards others that way. It was the norm to want to care and keep safe others through various methods of care. I didn’t have a carrier for the mouse when he was out of his cage. That would have kept him out of the cup of liquid he ended up in.
Anyhow, I wanted the best for the caged up mouse. Even though it was Seth’s mouse and his responsibility I noticed he would get distracted and forget his caged pet momentarily. Therefore, I made sure the little creature was properly provided for regularly. That means I took full responsibility for the upkeep of mousy for his safe care and better healthier life — so I thought!
Looking back I believe I took full responsibility for the cleaning of the cage and feeding of the little creature myself to make sure nothing happened to him.
The mouse did live for over a year with us successfully and what seemed like in comfort and well-being most of the time that I’m aware. Except for that one kool-aid challenging moment mousy had. My ways for taking charge like a housekeeper’s duties was liken to over protection and the desire to have everything nice and clean, safe and tidy. 
I did encourage Seth to help and he had full responsibility of the mouse in his bedroom for safekeeping and company. So it was still his mousy. I just didn’t make him labor in care for the mouse in chores of constant demands and reminders. Seth was a preteen then and seemed very distracted with his friends in a way that ended up leaving me babysitting sort of say, mousy.
 Mousy’s Mites: I got home from Petco pet supplies building. cleaned the house which included Seth’s room thoroughly and the pet’s cage. Which I felt I really needed to do myself because I would literally wash out the container and rearrange it and all for the best care without any neglect of duties. I’m sure Seth could have done it but he was often distracted with outdoor thoughts or another to go about his busy.
Sometimes he would help care for his own pet, but as time went on by the months it seemed like he would forget and I couldn’t have the mouse going without or suffering needlessly. I’m sure it had to do with the convenience of the arrangements. After the hay bedding was placed in the cage it wasn’t long before I noticed the pet itching on and off, but I wasn’t sure why. Especially when he would stop and then go back at it again. I thought maybe that it was a little normal I hopped. I wondered if something was wrong with the pet bedding.
I then convinced myself that the little mouse just needed to get use to the new pet bedding. I even considered maybe he didn’t like the hay and preferred the sawdust bedding instead. That he was more use. I didn’t see anything wrong with his pet bedding being hay. So, I decided to give it sometime. I didn’t want to react by impulse by automatically throwing out the hay as I wanted to do. I did consider it momentarily.
In all actuality my instincts on desired impulses mentally and physically by wanting to throw away the hay bedding right out of there was meant with a lot of reasoning skills to not do that. Income waste was a factor considered and also uncertainty of my direct impulses to eliminate the hay bedding. Which was what was needed to be done in order to save Mousy’s life. But! I reconsidered the immediate perception that way. I was trying to reason by rationalizing. As the days went by the mouse started itching more frequently regularly.
 Research Work: I researched and found out about mites in the hay pet bedding and how that happens; is because the hay is left in manure for too long before packaging for market sales. According to my research work mousy scratching could have related to mites, or stress, or a habitual habit of the little creature to scratch.
I considered he didn’t like the bed bedding and that once it was out of there he would be better off, I hoped because I didn’t see anything at all in the hay on inspection. I guess I just didn’t find the source of it with my naked eyes on it. I probably would have needed a microscope to see what was going on.
 Astral Projection to Mousy: It had been a few days since the beginning of Mousy’s itching fits. He was such a cute little mouse too and I made sure I was taking good care of him everyday or that Seth was. Of course Mr. Mousy was Seth’s mouse and he new it fully. But I also regular made sure the mouse was well taken care of like I stated before.
I’m considered why and how for the reasons for the astral projection out of my body to Mr. Mousy. Just like a mother caring for an ill child I was more on alert. But I had been ignoring Mousy’s symptoms unfortunately inconsiderately do to reasoning and evaluation to extend patience on the Mouse’s stressful condition of repetitive itching.
It’s like knowing you will have to awaken to care for another out the mere whim of sound you hear or instincts. Well, my instincts must have been working overtime at the time because I so happened to automatically walkout of my body. It was that fateful morning as I headed in my spirit body to the glass cage in Seth’s bedroom where the mouse had been living his life. That means I did walk right through a closed door to get in there. The laws of physics aren’t the same when you are experiencing an OBE.
I saw the mouse in electromagnetic auric energy form as a spirit about two to three feet in height. I was in my spirit body; which would resemble moving white soft rays light if viewed instantly. I don’t think our auras are blinding and piercing to the naked eyes if viewed, in a way that would hurt to view. our spirit bodies in the astral form are not an unhealthy form of radiation that would harm the eyes. It’s not that way. 
Although, I have heard stories from others told in near-death-experiences (NDE) about people perceiving a tunnel of blinding white light. The laws of physics change when you are conscious in your astral body operating in the ether. Anyways, there I was standing there due to being pulled let’s say to the location instinctively automatically.
  Guiding Mr. Mousy Afterdeath: There at the mouses cage was a consistency of energy matter two to three feet in height levitating in mid air. I assumed the process would be easier than that but no he was delaid in etheric transition for a limited time. Thereby, to remain like how homo-sapiens have to go through afterdeath and that’s a process to adjust to before crossing over to the other dimensional plane field level.
The new laws of physics in another dimension of reality operates as a form of light-wave substance. And that you will have to adjust to it. So here was this mouse at a lower energy level in height looking up at me in ideas as though I was telepathically talking to a toddler child.
The perceptions were due to the spirit’s energy form, height and the conscious intelligent sound wave frequencies involved for the communication.  The mouse telepathically was expressing that the mouse was to remain in the home in his spirit body because there was no where else to go. I knew that was just to prepare the mouse for heaven which is in another dimension of operations and that even a spirit form has to learn to adapt that way.
It’s interesting because when I received the message from the spirit I ‘clairvoyantly’ saw a location that would be perfect for the mouse to go to an opening of space I refer to as meridian lines similar to spiderwebs for travel through dimensions. It does relate to string theory as well and many other physics definitions for word retrieval.
In addition, I was able to telepathically tell and clairvoyantly share the location where to go. Instantly the mouse was there at that particular location. It was an opening that occurred on a dimensional entrance pathway. I believe I had opened a meridian pathway for the spirit to go there with the Divine’s assistance or else I wouldn’t be guided and taught as I have been in this incarnation. It was a lovely wooded area for the spirit of the mouse to be able to enjoy before transitioning to the other side, heaven.
When I woke-up I thought that was too much of a real experience type of dream that people refer to as lucid dream. Well I always recognize what to decipher from it accordingly from sheer experience alone. I knew something was wrong and I went right to Seth’s room. At the time Seth was still sleeping and there was that poor little mouse dead! The hay bedding had mites that killed him and I had been in denial of convenience sake. And that happened from the hay being left in horse manure for too long before being shipped out for department sells.
 Burial Rites: Seth awakened to find his mouse deceased to his dismay. Heartbroken in grief for the mouse was apparent in Seth’s immediate devotion. The sermon preacher mind in elaborate creation was apparent in Seth’s devotion. He arranged for all the after-death care through physical means by supplying the box for burial; and a devoted prayer over the deceased mouse in elaborated schemes expressed. Seth wanted to know where to bury the mouse. I told him not on the property at Colorado apartments because the soil was toxic. I really didn’t know where other than that it couldn’t be there.
We lived in Eastern Washington in a town called East Wenatchee. It was the county I went to elementary school when I was a young girl. where we lived at the time use to be a fruit orchard. The ground was filled with high levels of toxicity. Children were instructed to stay out of the soil and not to play in the trees. Children weren’t suppose to play in the dirt but yet they were found in it anyways. As I observed over the decade length of time we resided there. We were living in a subsidized housing unit where we lived in Central Washington State, USA.
Seth made a special box for Mr. Mousy and expressed once again his devotion to completing spiritual rites in prayer devotions over the burial area for the mouse. He said that before telling me that he was going to bury the mouse behind his brother Anthony’s new residence. Seth informed me that he found a forest area to bury him. I thought that was wonderful since that’s what I wanted because that’s what I saw in a vision clairvoyantly. I was pleased. A few days later.
I went to Anthony’s new residence to check it out and found that it was the exact same location in my vision. I saw clairvoyantly that I had instructed the mouse to go to to spend the remaining of his time while he was in etheric transition in the spirit form.
At the time when I had clairvoyantly saw the location and showed that imagery with that strand of light open. When the mouse arrived there he ran right up a tree.
I never saw anything like it before. He literally ran up the side of the tree. A task I believe was impossible if he was physically alive. But I learned something after that a few years later and that is that yes they can while alive demonstrate that behavior and task successfully to run up the side of a pine tree happily.
Moving On: In 2017 living in Colorado, WA., USA I learned all about rodents climbing trees when I got to watch lots of squirrel’s demonstrating it so much so that I found one scratching on my screen two stories up from the ground in 2017 that year in the Summer using His / Her fingernails with one hand extended out at my window to greet me.
The wild life are very intelligent. It was very fascinating and perplexing to learn how species relates to each other. With hands and feet to crawl up the side of the thick texture building to try to get into my window it appeared. So they are active and run along phone lines too from one location to another in play because they are safe and within reason naturally so.  Nature and the wild life are extremely important to upkeep in considerations. Compassion must survive. That means your emotions and that extends to your psyche, brain, amygdala.
Due to the Forceful Perplexing Soul Power to the Super-Super-Conscious -mind I reconsidered the meaning of the mouse running up the side of the tree in a logical five sense way. I have to extend my logic cognitive skills. And that relates to brain cell growth. It felt like the mouse was going on behavior instincts after-death. It was so fascinating but  hurts my soul. For my heart to know, to have been apart of it to teach about it.
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Founder of Ten-Senses

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