My Online Journal; Real Time Frame Of Events

I’m suppose to be the mental health expert too. Hmm.

It would be helpful to send Seth and Greg directly through the mail system resources that can help get their lives kick started. How long do I wait at risk due to their disruptive behaviors? I could end up homeless again over their disputes of character by noise disturbances alone when they act up. I have enough to deal with in regards to myself working in a very crucial and sensitive area. And then I’m suppose to be in charge of controlling others mental health issues and life issues for what they do and how they gain ? It’s not so easy unless adequate resources are there as a netting of protection. Resources and a solid foundation that is a good anchor in life is apart of a rooted system. Are you being uprooted, fined and destroyed in the process?

I figured out why Spirit gave me the telepathic message about Ambien because it’s needed here and probably was for Greg earlier. Spirit was suggesting a drug. Can you believe it? (Lol.) How the hell was I suppose to know what Ambien is? And that’s why I desire the Lol. Because it’s all a bit crazy what I’ve been subjected too. When it comes to environment conditioning and those laws that are influence conduct and production merits as best as possible. The trouble I find is in males think I’m suppose to solve every whim that comes their way. I’m not 30 people. I am only one lady.


No one can force anyone to behave. Especially when they have serious medical, mental health trauma drama brain condition disabilities. Now should an average mother be responsible to solve all the troubles of mankind? By somehow being held responsible?

10:58 am

10:21 am Spirit said Ambien this morning when Greg was physically and vocally throwing a fit in his environment due to his autism; and Seth does the same thing in his own way by directly creating havoc for me to be extremely stressed about. Both these guys need medication that they aren’t taking or environment support and adequate changes that would take the toll off me and on to the focus on the point of their existence in the first place. And that’s about their lives.

I’ve always had trouble with teens to manhood issues. They are trying to find themselves as well as fit in and serve the community. Seth is a starseed character trait with symptoms. He’s aligned to needing acknowledged for speech concerns too related to his starseed and indigo traits. If that’s all pseudoscience than all hells gonna break loose before long from those that are similar in makeup design. We are suppose to be helping the people not creating mass havoc.

No one should have to be forced through the ringer over the messes the government has arranged through their so called legal help. I’m finding major harm instead of help for folks that need serious assistance to repair life issues through environment health changed that extend to emotional support overall as well as all other areas. If we are playing a fill your bank account up at all cost to your fellow life parties on the earth than havoc will rein in terror before long.

These guys cause  disruptions in their environments that are actually putting our life at risk due to the illogical behavior that is destructive. And I sink with them because where can I go? I have to support my own son and Greg has managed to wedge his way in.

We are not receiving proper help and their behaviors are a risk because they do not have proper medical; mental health treatment. Nor proper availability to solve their issues adequately. If the legal system is interested in throwing the baby out with the bathwater for the pot of gold, well it shows.

People cannot sustain themselves in depleting destructive environments. Seth and Greg need their own focus for their life goals. If they don’t have it they burden me beyond belief in our environments as well as each other. And that can force the death of us.
All I can do in my environment is try to appease Seth and Greg. It’s a long story how I managed to get with the likes of those two hahahaa. Angel Gabriella informed me about Seth five-years before he was literally born. And it has been one long journey since she told me in 1996 the same year Greg was born. Five years later Seth was born and those two Spirits are now a major learning factor in my environment. That can even lean on the perplexing for how to successfully survive through the destruction of out of control males on average. When it occurs. And of course it will be over the lack of opportunities in some area that is creating the disturbances.

We need to recognize purpose.

9:14 am I believe in fairness for all. And to take into consideration the natural pros and cons for effective evaluation of life even down to individually. What is the purpose?

I am pleased that I have somewhere that I can do my work. I am reading energies that are extended out in time. I’m reading string theory energy lines I believe to do my work. It’s advanced psychic abilities knowledge to even future scientific breakthroughs. I’m required to try to read the future around every corner. I enjoy mostly my work. Except with others that have emotional or physical disturbances that demand my attention in illogical ways.

When you go through a lot you will find the need to lean towards cognition humor outlets in your mental outlook.

I will continue to research and develop my psychic abilities. Regardless of those causing emotional havoc around me.

I haven’t figured out how to reduce the text side in the title bar. It’s outrageously large. Sigh. Well that just means more work for me to do Lol. That’s fine, technology is a wonderful path with spiritual awareness to parallel throughout existence. That means we have to work together; life and technology will help each other in incredible ways.

8:30 am I will try to use this journal site as my divination channeling and psychic abilities work location place for automatic psyche releases for the higher calling work I do.

06/16/2018 I’m working with ESP and in the disabilities department. I am not funded in a way that I can learn about various disabilities with others in a way that I can solve disturbances. Environments for those that need cognitive therapy resources would related to understand best care environments for certain people that suffer long term illnesses.

I’m finally going to start back up where I left off several years ago and that is my online journal writing. It’s been sometime since I was able to happily in thoughts go back to my direct intentions with therapy work and teaching in a safe location about psychic abilities while using the skills professionally. It’s been hard to manage with two males that have multi disabilities that represent another type of care needed that we can refer to as Starseed and Indigo character traits. But the disabilities are in question for what, where and how in order to solve major issues with the psyche connection to their environments that go out in physical ways in living matter. That means we are all affecting each others environment  to some extent in various ways just by living side by side and up and down and all around from each other. If we are aware of each other in our environments for whose who that is the first step. Therefore certain precautions with recognition, face recognition are very important.


I let Spirits help teach me. And they warn me as best as they can when evil wants to destroy from outside of our immediate social group. Groups can relate to corporations too and the proper care for all people to solve issues. That goes back to the psyche and the body for proper care in environments. We need to meet folks is needs adequately in two ways.

Take care of your people means what globally and in the direct country and land you live on? Pay attention to your environments, those in it and the resources that they are sufficient.



ENERGIES SPEAK OF: Dormant seems to be the name of the game. To harm you for speaking about Spirit out of context from mainstream operations. The backlash is a psychological attack to demean your character and to break you in hopes to put you back to a time and place where you were in disrepair.


Who does that? that is allowed but those watching all the camera everywhere you go with already advanced technology?


It’s about face reading.


Not only do they have your car, phone and alarm systems tapped for their secret uses. For what reason you make ask and whom are we speaking about that is spying and attacking to breakdown our citizens for the recycle bends if not the graveyards in life?



12:47 pm Spirit says Sesame Street.

That means I’m to investigate or would be actually a direct electromagnetic disturbance in the formation of the body of work. So there’s always going to be something happening to meet another need. Problems are solved through discussions about how to treat folks adequately that are in need of immediate solutions.


We have to work together. Solving problems in communities expands out in ideas in consideration as to best choices for the head or body concerns related to proper conduct. What is needed?

What is wrong with whom?

Why disrupt in sounds and disturbances your environments destructively? Is it that bad?


Environments are created. Disturbances on land is always noted.


Mental Health; Healthcare; Alternative Medicine;

We really need to take care of major issues with psychological disturbances. I have two young males in my care that aren’t getting their needs adequately met alone. They create a world of trouble for it. Then here I am having to train with Spiritual Knowledge while risking so much to have the experience to be present among-st to great spirits, Greg and Seth. And to recognize their wickedness in disabilities offenses to take note of as well as the powerful messages and teachings thereof.


Solving problems; civic concerns; The presidents of the world and all the manpower they have aren’t going to teach about the mind and body differences as well as comparisons in dynamic multitudes of people and information to teach about. It’s about recognizing truth in life events. As well as what can be done in those environments to help certain people socially to get their needs met in large clusters of them.


What is needed?

Autstism and other disabilities as well as aging; life expansion and healthcare all need to be taken into consideration with mental health related issues and those on the land.

It appears we are narrowing in more on distractions and disturbances and what to do about it in regards to the tree of life and all the branches on it. That’s about dreams right? It appears that the unhappy people are creating disturbances?


One lady can’t solve the whole world affairs. Not even by spirit speaking and helping. Everyone recognizes each other adequately enough.

How do we recognize their [the living-s correct placement in life and those possibilities that should be safety nets for the genuine populace in comfort knowing what’s what.

That relates to displacement, disabilities concerns, legal; law and civil concerns.


How can we help those that disrupt our civilizations(s) related to land feuds and resources for what we are witnessing in all departments, branches of the tree of


When Spirit gives me messages it is about something important to research. It relates to the work I do in regards to significant information to report about.


That means I also could be a bit of a disturbances by direct intention related to my teachings. And that’s about the research work I do. I’m working in the advanced cognition brain hemisphere areas of life to better figure out how to help those I cannot naturally figure out how to appease that demand it. Not one can solve all the issues of course. That’s about teamwork.


6/16 Unknown hr. Telepathic message. Weapons check. Guns permits. It was something aligned to that. I automatically posted a viral video about it on You Tube. As an experiment to instant speak without much concern for outer grandiose while doing field work. I’m working with the branches of life related to the concept mind body and spirit connections.


I’m learning a lot about the mind. The psychic and the direct physical disturbances that transpire when the needs are adequately met.


China, Alternative Medicine; technology and mechanical industrial type of electromagnetic photon frequencies to decipher through on prints. That can go out on radar waves, radio waves


6.00 to 6:30 am Message: Ambien. It turns out it’s related to sleep aid.


A land location away from others is needed for some for sure. Especially if they are vocally very loud autistic individuals that could disrupt their residential community. That means houses are better than apartments for autistic individuals.


Environments that help support them for success is needed for those with disabilities that need physical environment structured assistant in areas that haven’t socially been recognized in prior decades with mental health; psychological concerns; and that speaks of direct environment conditioning and those experiences need thoroughly examined for conduct analysis reports on benefits versus no benefits, etc..


I’m sure it has to do with Greg here and he’s not dyslexic. He’s autistic suffering from medical mental health known diseases related to afflictions of the mind. We have been trying to assist each other in information to solve major issues but challenges revert the successful progress.


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