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The old West in ideas.

Spirit’s of the old ways love to go pray to the ancestor’s up above the earth; to walk and to pray to the Spirits in the sky.

I like cloud divination too. It’s a wonderful way to release the subconscious into action. We need plenty of natural brainwave stimulation healing methods.  The Spirits of old sometimes always liked to travel to the highest places on earth to be with Spirit in the sky.  It’s the desire to unite to Spirit from the  Divine Source in the sky that goes back to ancient teachings and my spirit guides information. As well as reincarnation rites and rights to be.


Greg and I early on in our friendship that was for three-years online. He was helping me answer You-Tube questions for a couple years. Greg matches up to the flames of the twin  character. I am an Indigo Starseed character traits person as well. Greg is an ol’ soul.


I have a dependent in my care that is my third born son, Sethaniel AKA Seth.  Every since he could first speak as you small toddler he told me about reincarnation. And latter on he spoke about advanced technology and lizard people. Is that our lovely reptilians? (Lol.) The Divine has many creatures in all sorts of dimensions. Anyhow. Star Children are an amazing kind when their talents are properly accessed. We have to view folks from two perspectives to better understand what’s going on. alternative considerations perhaps. Diving deeper into dark waters can be for fun while explorering the depths thereof. That also can relate to the psyche, in regards to the subconscious. S

Gifted Incarnated Souls.

Starseeds and their special craft is about innate natural skills to recognize is important because It’s likely they as all folks will have strengths in one area over others. It’s finding why you came to earth to incarnate here in the first place. Think more and understand more for your awakening. That’s knowing claircognizantly. Clear -Knowing. Psychic abilities is with many folks whether they realize it or if it’s dormant within them.


Some children are born knowing or experiencing supernatural phenomenon because their guides are suppose to teach them as is done. The weaknesses to note for some is that they will have difficulty in certain areas as well as advanced knowledge or ideas that are passions of information for them to absorb. They will be indepth in their special fields of operations. What is that? What could that be is about getting to know your own talents as well.

There’s the positive and negative charge for viewing. It’s a soul! Overall.



When spirit telepathically told me “Tautra” for me to research about. I found out it was about a third-eye lizard.  My son, Seth, knew all about the lizard and adequately in a suburb explanatory way informed me. I know that these two young men; Seth and Greg both in their lifetimes can have very successful lives if they can have adequate help to meet their needs. That isn’t easy overall in any country nor on any body of land worldwide we face with homo sapien life, us. How smart are we?


To everyone that might feel they are alone in the world you must know that Spirit(s) are aware of you and you would have prearranged guides from the ether. Your lives are valuable. Incarnations are on chosen life path missions. Teach your trade by purpose for why you were born in the first place. What are your natural talents? Seek within to understand self and in your outer world to learn about nature and your place in it. Life in reality. Be aware.



Starseed Indigo that is as I am in character traits as well.


I have dyslexia and I believe it enables my mind to work directly with spirit.  I have created a mess of things at times because others didn’t know and either did I. I was able to turn my disability into a golden star of an opportunity.  I took my weaknesses and turned them into strengths. I’ve experienced OCD before from overwhelming stress. I know it’s normal under excessive pressures and so is certain disabilities. I recognized that Seth had food sensitivities that created his ADHD symptoms more. And I believe medical shots have caused a world of troubles in bridging us to further forms of disabilities through the desire to immunize everyone. I believe that’s how Greg and many others have become autistic and other incredibly challenging conditions that we are all faced to witness and endure in our societies and to find solutions for immediate types of concerns and troubles that can arise in worldwide affairs as well as in the country where one resides.


The spies are already knowing everything about everyone when it comes to any internet connections to your life. That goes for medical, mental heath, you name it. The bad guys and good guys can find out everything you say and do. Where you go what you purchase. Who you spend your time with a so forth. There’s not going to really be any secrets with evil. So now let us allow the good folks to witness themselves as well.




The  photos are mostly from Pueblo, Colorado.





Cloud divination is fun and is a wonderful way to explore your own creative psyche.

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