Precognition Recognition

Precognition Recognition



Premonition, Claircognizance; Clear- Knowing; Insight into the Future; Recognition. Precaution is noted even. Reasoning and Logic; Foresight, Intuition; Gut Feeling, Hunches, Feelings. Prophecies. Prophet, Reader, Oracle; Fortune Telling.



EXTRA-SENSORY-PERCEPTION (ESP) TEN-SENSES; Sight, Hear, Taste, Touch and Smell with ESP connections. It goes full circle.



Hearing; Audio, Sound Wave Frequencies; Ocean Acoustics; Sounds above human hearing detection can be heard only through advanced technology and / or hearing sounds above human acoustics. Octave.



VISIONS; SIXTH -SENSE; THIRD -EYE; EVIL-EYE; Pineal Gland; Pitutary Gland; Imagery; Pictorial; Sight; Symbolism; Interpretations.



Hearing Spirit begins by recognition of Radio Waves; Electromagnetic Radiation Signals; Accostics.




Longitudial Waves; Scarlar Waves.


Recollection Imagery; Recall of imagery. Remembrance; Perceiving; Energy Prints.



Prophecy or Prophesy demending on whose predicting the future. We dream the future before it happens.





Pet Psychic, Awareness, Recognition; Interpreting and Predicting; subconscious; psyche.



Spirit Contact; SPIRIT GUIDES AND SPIRIT COMMUNICATION; Noah’s Ark Metaphor Structure. Pet Psychic.


How to Develop Precognition

Precognition and the warnings thereof relate to developed forms of psychic abilities. That’s best understood by extending out on the regular five-senses to:


(1) Clear-See


(3) Clear-Taste

(4) Clear-Hear

(5) Clear-Smell


For those wanting to train to have precognition than to begin with it’s a real hit and miss type of displayed disconcerting accesses when stumbled upon. It’s related to dormant types of triggered events in those cases and that speaks of a process that needs exercised.


That usually doesn’t come easily along in life to just anyone. But that should be related to either born with the innate ancestry line(s) or that you have a random encounter that often may go unexplained; or that you have been training by practicing.


Recognition is acknowledgment from identification towards an events that is suppose to give you spiritual insight into something important.


Don’t get sidetracked by the heartless corporate commercial enterprises.


If you have a random encounter related to the supernatural than it was meant for you to interpret it. It wasn’t meant for some bozo king of the crown to come along and so; well I don’t believe you.


I must retest it. That takes away from the message in itself completely. You lose the whole point of the experience by deciding to eliminate it in the first place to go size it up in creation towards what is physically observably gainful.


In regards to the shallow observances of what resides on the bodies of water for our entertainment and pleasure we then tend to forget what resides below the surface of designs.


On average for the general populace at large. if you speak about strange occurrences publicly, openly in expressions to a group anywhere on average with no backing you lose credibility instantly if you are on the losing end. Are you blackened out of life for a reason? Or can you exist successfully to teach adequately from your calling?


You may be faced with a lot of people that don’t find it factual or amusing from their end of the analysis stick.


Mainstream blob attack is a current that speaks of fads in social times for direct corporate actions against the populace at large. Or calling by referring to people at large as a main problem to do away with. If the minds get to that point than military will police houses physically often by force and in the future your country will be seized the same way.


The social conditioning going on to buy into the fact that mass Americans are suppose to be mentally ill. Like if that’s really going to send us away to a hole in the ground to hide away until the next moon phase to move around again.


There’s no question that enough damnation and direct terror in all sorts of subtle but constant and persistent terror has been at our backs since someone decided the trade mill business needed to take center-stage for a select group.


That means politically at this time ignorance reins in ways that are so vast and gross that doom comes with ease to so many to the end of it all. And that will be because the most wealthiest won’t be able to financial manage with the decline in the dwindling dollar as well as the war threats.


Now where did precognition go in all this? Was it fleeting from the minds and hearts by force of rejection?


We have a lot to think about in life for what’s right and what’s wrong overall. And if we want to eliminate something that the Divine chose for us to have. If we want to delete it from life than there’s going to be major consequences to come.


The standstill plotting to win at all cost over a financial bounty of a harvest is expected.


How many are force out to die over the times? Are you a winner with an easy gain?


Not everyone is feeling the ease of comfort without thought of what’s really there more than not. And is it a lot of overstated and overworked hallowed out nothing or another(s) being viewed, for the record?


Are we working with emptiness to fill in living matter for the record?


Evenmore, false images of oneself isn’t a good business technique either in a hallowed out world.


Are you getting a return for your money? And then what is that return back in living matter really all about anyways? Work ? Is there meaning to labor?


Whatever your life path mission is the labor ready choices that you will also enjoy doing will naturally be apart of that system. And that also refers to natural instincts for chosen profession(s).


What is your story?


My own nonfiction story is to know and understand as well as to explain the powers of Spirit; and what that stands for in full cycles of it literally in time and space; through current customs of it.


As well as to recognize symbolically, literally, figuratively speaking and the whole nine-yards of getting to know what’s what with comprehending the depths of the ‘psyche’. Your mind! Your complete overall database system in order to recognize your natural soul prints.


To be a seer is to recognize extensions in living matter of some caliber.


People may liken it to deja ‘vu or a premonition type of natural regular conscious type of feeling and knowing. Because it was thought of ahead of time in a significant way. That’s the only reason the brain would register it.


It’s not a fluke. You are not a fluke nor is your direct thoughts.


Psychic abilities is real and is meant to be there to teach you about the spiritual knowledge from the akashic records as well as what the Divine presence is allowing through. To have that scrutinized endless to no repair; condemning in ridicule judgments in another way that leads down a path to the pits of hell in despair tactics to endure.


Due to the overall gross ignorance of the refusal domineering by force and resources a decline in moral for everyone will surface from the depths of the populace.


People are not fake people to live by that for their life and to carry on as that in a hallow version of it. It’s not fair or right to force people to be employed just to live. That means others raped the earths resources away on purpose.


By undermining the messages and the current that brought the original reports to share from direct personal experience and to have that overlooked as not ‘worthy’ is preposterous and indicates a lot of corruption resides in the authority seats over our heads.


Does the kingdom own words for their very own?


Science in Latin for scire means ‘to know’ and prescience comes from the Latin verb prescience, which means “to know beforehand.


For more complicated thoughts one might lean towards prescience to decipher through the documented reports.


Civilian’s substantiating their own claims and those experiences with everyone is helpful but also the science behind it for recognition of brain wave processes triggers and so forth in pressure point access location to take note of.


It’s far from a fraud system. Ten-senses is here to stay. It’s because it has everything to do with the supernatural and that is my psychic abilities entertainment park.


You would think it would be important to acknowledge factual experiences in order to recognize the intelligence and that speaks of the science behind the situations and circumstances.


That would be best to recognize better the mind and the processes needed to even be able to perceive with ESP.


The most common form of ESP we hear about is dream prophecy or references to discerning dreams and the mysteries thereof.


In addition, if it is your own predictions the spelling is prophesy. You are the one to have them. If not it is spelled prophecy.


Dream Prophesy is your own experiences to share with others that are like -minded your experiences, your feelings and that speaks about your mind and how it works. You should be important to someone right?


Everyone matters to someone or at least they should. It’s because we all have similarities in pod systems to identify with.


A proper thorough scientific investigation has to be done by those experience the psychic abilities experiences. They can be the scientist themselves if they have the intelligence for it. And that speaks of documentation of your research findings.


You will also want to have the time to listen and compare notes then you are more out to recognize interesting similarities. That extends to sixth-sense as well as other areas of perceiving in the future.


Psychic abilities is to perceive into the future and to predict.


Usually Spirit is involved in fore-warnings; or that it’s a hit, or miss type of situation meaning that either it happens due to an accident or it doesn’t happen at all. But most of all it’s important during these average unusual experiences with the supernatural, with psychic abilities relates to ten-sense fundamentals to begin with. That’s recognizing the Clair-abilities foremost connection to your five-senses.


You will have to double up on your perceptions of how you are perceiving. What you imagine that travels beyond your own thoughts needs to be identified to acknowledge in order recognize to decipher adequately for theory based analysis interpretation(s).


Your Five- Senses will double up to be Ten-Senses.


Ten-Senses Fundamentals


Eyes to See extends in Senses to Clear-See; Clairvoyance, ESP, Sixth -Sense. And that is going to speak about your brain hemispheres for functioning processes that can become stimulated.

Ears to Hear; Hearing extends in Senses to Clear-Hear; Telepathy and Clairaudience.

Taste Buds to Taste substances extends in Senses; Clear-Taste, Clairgustance.

To Feel; Touch; Clear-Touch; Clairtangency; Psychometry; Healing Touch; Clairsentience; Empathy.

Smell; Clear-Smell; Clairalience, Clairscent are all words to describe ESP factors in.

Personal Testimony

I have had my own dream prophesies, etc.. In addition, I know others have also tapped into those facilities of the structures of the psyche.


It’s all about the examination of the psyche, mind; the brain wave triggers that light up in conscious recognition through sensations mostly and energy spikes up in living matter.


That means there’s a bit more charge to the imagery that stands out on average to take note of from sight preference alone. Although people usually don’t recognize why they say this or that in a random thought process, until the event transpires. Then they comment about that it was a precognitive experience.


Technology would be using equipment to see with and to control life with as the sidelines instrument to psychic abilities powers.


You feel the sensation at a specific location on your skull from having an overworked psychic abilities area of the brain to deal with in pressure points that will occur over time. That’s why medical goes with psychic abilities knowledge. It is because the seers, the prophets of ol’ led the way.


Psychic abilities practices are about electromagnetic radiation sound waves that are radio wave signals to pick up on if you have a developed psychic ability related to hearing. That would be about either hearing clairaudiently or telepathically.


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