About Me


My Spiritual Gifts Are Really About My Psychic Abilities With Ten-Senses. Which is about Extra-Sensory-Perception (ESP) facts.

My Spirit Guides also Assistance me.
I am thankful and have faith and I am grateful in life.
That is part of life I treasure. To be thankful.

And that is the truth and essence thereof.

In reality  pure essence is what reality is all about.

That's about the Divine Source Material.
Are you a witness too and are you as that as well...?

We are alive to live and to be and to have and to know. As well as to learn and trust in ourselves, our instincts and to experience each other awhile alive in supportive formation.

We should never deny Spirit. Furthermore, I am a mother and a grandmother as well; as a devoted friend to my Twin-Flame. To feel the elemental forces that much closer.


I'm navigating around twin flames, soul mates, soul groups, parallel lives and the list goes on to character traits. Indigos and Star Seeds are known to have difficult labels for others to recognize. It could be that way on the reveal of truth for what's what on a spiritual level, related to the soul prints. BTW, there's a larger type of  orb in the photo with Greg and I. It's at my right side by the plant.

The tree of life with roots represents stability.

I have two fig seeds for Jesus to plant.

That will always refer back to the spirit world for reasons why certain events happen. It's always for the learning experiences overall. Whether we realize it at the time or not.

I believe everything happens for a reason and that our higher-self is in charge with others' higher-selves and we are dealing with life forevermore in all it's complete fullness; that extends throughout time. That's if you recognize your role here and effect. I wouldn't undermined your potential nor my own.

I am a witness to incredible spiritual guidance by many spirits' throughout my life. I've experienced life in a way that is hard to explain on various levels of it that goes paranormal as well as the knowledge and traits labeled exclusively as supernatural. Two that are one and the same swan in ideas.

It all leans on ancient spiritual teachings and knowledge thereof. We are looking at the horizon for what is rising. And it is ancient arts and those perceptions that allow alternative viewpoints to surface and come ashore. It's the reincarnation knowledge that you know firsthand and spirit guides. That can also have you aware of an angelic higher archy of angels as guides from the Creator realm as well.

I understand that facets of being alive in a way that enables us to see in extended way clairvoyantly. Energy fields and spirits and to recognize codes of electromagnetic energies related to light waves and radar waves and the connections to photon frequencies to decipher about in regards to meridian lines, scalar wave and longitudinal force guides through the string theory pathways. So you see it's a bit complete just in the working format thereof.
The list of my studies with advanced sciences is never ending to link to incredible advanced information related to the work I do.

I've worked career paths of various trades in sample production for what's what. But nothing that stuck like my own life path mission; which of course is meant to be. And that clearly speaks about the oracle agendas related to the seer that instructs on psychic medium knowledge. It's about advanced cognition perceptions.
I was able to have the experience of being a stay at home mom and studying my trade. The homemaker, which is a rare experience these days on average. Due to the demands for woman to deport from the home with baby in tow for the day.

I'm enjoying the wonderful teachings of Spirits at this time; that are various guides to me. In addition, I'm always being educated spiritually about extensions of insight connections to: Spirit Animals, Name Origin Meaning with Telepathy and Clairvoyance and Empathic receptors, etc..
Also, I am recognizing energy grids and identifying prophetic information. My life force work is in my readings and factual accounts perceptions of my life told and /or explained that reveals many facets of reality.
Spirits are my teachers and there's many in spirit form and in this incarnation that have taught me important life lessons about the past history on this planet. From their groups. Politics is very significant to bridge adequately to advanced forms of sensory perceptions.

Soul Recognition

My Soul-Self dates back towards before there was light on earth. And darkness filled the sky. Then came moon and then came water that poured down in the darkness lit only by the moon. The bodies of waters were to cover the earth plane field in living matter. I was a witness for I was Spirit of light birthed into the bodies of water.
Also to loop it back to my direct social professional work from my vacation; that means I'd like to say to you how much I would enjoy to read for you for the experience alone. It's a pleasure to work with psychic abilities that goes out of body with OBE connections too.

I have humor to laugh often for the fun of it with advanced teachings instructions that also dates back to ancient deities messages. The divine lives within all things.


 Kimberly's Psychic Abilities and Supernatural Connections

Co-written with Gregory Pearce ll [Kimberly's Twin-Flame].
Kimberly has various psychic abilities that can be recognized and relate to Reading Energy. All things  are of energy and consist of Intelligent Light. Such abilities include Aura Readings, Visions of Past, Present and Future, Remote Viewing, and Telepathy.
Explore Kimberly's gifts below.   .   .


Channeling Information: She is able to tap into truth and messages from Higher Realms regarding most topics when relevant to the querent.
Clairaudience: Hearing Spirit Beings in the physical dimension and /or hearing and communicating with entities mind to mind via clairaudience or telepathically.
Clairolfaction: Psychic smelling. She have been able to psychically smell information related to spirit messages when needed.
Clairvoyance: Using the powers of visions with the third eye and seeing out of another's eyes even at times with crimes, etc. Also relates to seeing image clips of information and seeing the human aura.
Dream Interpretation and Symbolic Messages: interpreted through clairvoyance and clairsentience in the form of claircognizance by intuitive interpretation. She is able to see and interpret energies and psychic information on matters through symbolism. She is able to naturally interpret these symbols of the psyche for their proper messages.
Clairsentience; Scanning Energy Fields: She can connect any sources of energy and see how it is connecting to another source of energy spanning vast time periods or distances. She can see fluctuations of energies within bodies and interpret them for meaning. 
Land Reading: Kimberly decodes energy vibrations on land with earth's past and future conditions. There's recordings, imprints left in time that can be viewed with certain types of psychic abilities. Clairsentience = feeling vibrations around her. 
Animal Communication: Can be tied in with pet psychic gifts by reading energy vibrations.
Empathy: Feeling other peoples emotions and physical symptoms.
Mediumship Abilities: A connection to spirit beings earthbound or otherwise.   Includes Inter-dimensional beings, ETs, angelic messengers, spirits and ghosts. The messages come through clairvoyantly and/or telepathically. She can request beings to come to her telepathically and is able to perceive their presence and telepathic communication and their soul's energy patterns, even experiencing clairvoyance and clairaudience, along with clairsentience.
Pet Psychic Abilities: With clairvoyance, clairsentience, and empathy. If the pet is deceased the pet can communicate telepathically if the pet chooses to.
Psychic Healing: As she understands how to heal people and living beings, and is able to scan for what healing needs to take place. This is done through many different psychic abilities. A few of those include clairvoyance, clairsentience and empathy.
Precognition: As Kimberly has a natural flowing gift for tapping into aspects of future events before they happen. She can extract information from the near or far future events. She is a natural prophetess of information.
Prophecy: Relates to her dreams and visions of the future that come true.
Psychometry: Touching an object and receiving information about it. She has done this and it can relate to clairsentience; reading energy prints.
Retrocognition: Relates to the gift to view past events as though it is in real time. Which I have done with visions, not knowing at the time if I was viewing the past or the future until told afterwards that it related to past history on that land location. People who knew history or through my own research I would stumble upon the truth of my visions.
Telepathy: Extends across planets and Heavenly Realms and works for all spirit beings. Also relates to Hearing trees cry by hearing light frequencies and is received via telepathy or clairaudience. 
Soul Knowledge: Falls under the category clairsentience with clairvoyance, astral body awareness and those travels with telepathy. It relates to having the knowledge of other lifetimes and having a connection to one's higher self ; divine soul. Enables astral traveling and bi-location, conscious projection and splitting off [being in two places at once]. Along with the awareness of living in parallel lifetimes past, and future lifetimes that are going on at once.
Gift of reading soul prints: May be used for psychic healing through transference of energy frequencies. She often does this with her psychic scans to find out information with any living or deceased being, which consists of gathering together many facets of psychic abilities and accessing them all at once if necessary to find out important information.
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