Psychic Services & Payment Options

Psychic Readings: Live Sessions by Phone, IM, or  Video Chats

One Hour Live Psychic Reading =  $100

Also Offering E-mail Reading(s) $50

Sometimes the Pay Pal service is down. You can ask me to send you a request for  invoice for payment if you don’t have access to a payment service. I do readings by mail delivery system too. You can require at:

Contents of Reading Descriptions

Relationship Readings – $50
Past Life Readings – $50
Pet Psychic Readings – $25
Totem / Spirit Animal Messages – $25
Spirit Mediumship – $50

Career Readings – $50
Dream Interpretation – $25
Life Path Readings – $50
Psychic Strong Points – $25
Psychic Healing – $50

Reading Descriptions

Relationship Reading – $50

Basic Relationship Reading Description

Basic relationship readings can be of one person looking for a mate, or involve any two people inquiring for insight into any kind of relationship. You will receive information about short and long-term compatibility with explanations regarding personalities and influences of the past, present and future. You will be given clear prophetic insight about the people and prospects of the relationship, and options on how to best address the relationship are discussed.

The basic version of a relationship reading is fundamentally an evaluation that can reveal someone’s true intention related to you and if the person is a good match to you and why.

Information can be received about character traits, motivation, temperament,  life ambition factors if concerned, or clarification regarding the person in question. I can verify the degree of mutual connectivity and also karmic tension, and why. Whatever psychic information comes through will be given and you are able to ask questions regarding your reading.

I will use my psychic detective skills with clairsentience and clairvoyance to read photos and names to find out information. If you want more out of the reading you may use the Extended Relationship Reading for a deeper level of clarity.

Extended Relationship Reading Description

Are you interested in sorting through a more challenging relationship and need a seer’s guidance? Or do you want to build up better relationships in your family or with a lover? Perhaps you are interested in past life or extraterrestrial connections for one another, or in-depth prophecies. Advice is given as requested or as needed for your relevant questions.

This reading is about personal or social issues you may need to work through to find out how to best approach a person to resolve prior conflicts, or building up a relationship that might has developed blockages and complications. In-depth clarity and prophecies for relationships are also a function for this reading. Perhaps you are needing clarity about intentions and actions, or tips for the relationship with more thorough psychic understanding. All aspects of the relationship are examined and personal traits are looked at, even the necessary subconscious information is taken into consideration. That’s for best outcomes all around related to the spiritual union of mind and body for emotional well-being and for the proper guidance to take place.

There are no limits to soul retrieval of insight extending to the past, present or future. I predict the future, and you may receive knowledge of past life connections involving you two to explain an aspect of character or other situation that is presented. It may come through, or else those are for separate readings to focus on reincarnation or future incarnations. Other Soul awareness connections may be found, such as soul mate patterns, twin flame unions, or karmic tiebacks of relation by reading the energy spikes in a relationship.

The journey in life is never alone. Others are always there in order to assist you with past, present and future knowledge of the journey together. I am excellent at successfully predicting for future prophecy. Sometimes free will plays a challenging role. Usually if there’s unresolved trauma in the past with someone issues may arise in discerning energy flow for fate between options of choice which is left up to the individual to a great extent, but otherwise  a high accuracy rate is usual. I will assist you on the journey. Know if you and the one you are inquiring about will share future connections, how so, or if your personalities are a good match. From there my clients often come back to pick up where we left off.

We may discuss options of choice with the relationship, including how to repair an already existing relationship, or if other relationship areas need to be better understood with social relationships. Sometimes it may be allowed to know what’s really going on in the person’s mind. I’m the person that can help with that. I’m skilled at mind reading and many psychic abilities to the point where I can successfully know beforehand someone’s personality and many secrets can be revealed about that person. The readings I do may reveal peoples’ private thoughts if it’s spiritually appropriate, typically with observable verification as my proof. It’s not to be used for deceitful purposes. All readings are given for the highest good and truth that is being presented in a living body for the querent.

 Past Life Readings – $50

The Past Lives accessed will relate to what you are meant to receive at this time in your development. Your Past Lives are related factors of your personality, likes, dislikes, strengths, potential and life lessons with soul growth and related karma for your life path mission.

Often a person will feel a knowing from within self that they had a particular past life, and this can be confirmed and elaborated on during the reading.

There is no limit to the past life information that may come through. Kimberly is an open channel and accesses whatever pours through that you are meant to have right now. Information about your soul print is revealed. Advancement is gained in mind, body and spirit wholeness on some level of understanding.

How does she do it? Kimberly uses clairvoyance to access visual knowledge about your past lives. She uses clairsentience to read energy vibrations, and also other spiritual gifts to access your past lives that relate to this lifetime and what it is that you need to know to better understand your life, and perhaps situations that relate to your partner(s), family, friends, etc. Also insight may be revealed about Names, Dates, Gender, Race and Background of a particular lifetime that you were in and how it relates to this lifetime.

Pet Psychic Readings $25 per pet

An energy scan is done with clairvoyance to interpret aura colors for information to read your pet and I use clairsentience to view internal and external sensitive areas of the body that might carry grid markings related to organ trauma or otherwise stated.  The medical information is accomplished by using psychic abilities, including use of clairsentience such as empathy to know personality characteristics related to  your special pet. I  can tell you all about your pet’s personality if you like, whatever insight you are looking for or needing verified.

Knowing your pet’s personality and even your relations with that animal for better relations may also be mentioned if needed and also the insight may extend to your pet’s fears in certain areas for amazing reveal that could even be life changing for your pet and perhaps you in regards to the type of relationship you form with your wonderful pet companion.

I can also assist psychically toward resolving health-related issues, and the environment-related issues between people and pets.

Ask as many questions as you like in regards to your service animal, pet companion, etc.

Spirit Contact; Mediumship Reading – $50

You can choose to contact any Deceased Person, or Spirit Guide, etc.

For Deceased Mediumship: You send a name and photo of someone you are inquiring about that has died.  I can connect to that person and give you the messages related for one particular reading on a spirit. I take the photo and use the name for clairvoyance and clairsentient reading for data as well as using other psychic abilities to tap into the subject for personality identification and verification. I can find out about the spirit, if they have personal messages directly for you or even related to others close to them, such as family. Messages can be related to what the deceased wanted or expected to occur, relaying messages to back to you in regards to your questions, or messages sent back from spirit on whatever matter the spirit wishes to address. The deceased spirit may communicate their wishes, grievances and state of consciousness as such.

Angel or ET Mediumship: Perhaps you feel the connection but need confirmation and/or insight into relationships with interdimensional entities and potentially abduction cases or monitoring. Remote viewing can be done that drops any perception of past, present or future limitations to traveling in a higher consciousness to see, to predict, etc.

I can contact your guardian angel(s) that are there to represent you and the messages the angel(s) have for you at this time. The angels name(s) may be given and you can also ask questions.

Spirit Guide Mediumship: There’s also Spirit guide readings to choose from to receive messages from your guide(s). Names are given related to the spirit guides coming through or you can ask questions from direct guides that you already have their name. Not all the time do the same guides come through. You work with various guides throughout your lifetime. Whenever spirit guides want to communicate messages they will and if they give names it also has great meaning and would be why the name is significant to the spirit guide.  You can ask questions.

Spirit and Haunting Mediumship: Are you interested in Spirit Contact insight? It doesn’t have to be frightening when you learn from a different viewpoint in regards to taking the mask off fear. Earthbound haunting experiences can be scary if your experience was a fearful one in regards to the location in question where the experiences are occurring or perhaps in regards to whom the spirit is. Messages come and shall be handed out as indicated.  I can assist you for best results at resolving and/or reducing disruptive activity at the location in question and any confirmation and/or further insight required. All depending on contact information but the spirits will usually communicate to me in a way that can build better relations of insight for you in regards to such matters. On any level of the paranormal I am here fearless to assist. 😀
I can track spirits for you to see what has become of them. If they left the planet or if they stayed earthbound and if so why if they are willing to release that information or want to. I can check the spirits consciousness in regards to  their state of mind at the time of contact. Sometimes they reveal how it is for them after death or they will want to get right down to business and tell you exactly what they’ve been waiting to say. Sometimes spirits are bolder than others, all depending on how forceful they are in energies to get their message across. Spirits have been known to guide people right to me. So don’t be surprised about how you manage to find me if that’s your experience too. :D.

You can receive a heartfelt reunion with your loved one and heal from unresolved issues. You can also discover extra information about when they were alive, and what they are doing now, perhaps what’s happening with them in the spirit world. You can tell the spirits things, and ask questions of them. You may also learn about any spiritual connections and past lives you have with someone.

If you are being haunted I can assist with that and I can give you insight that might assist with their crossing over or better relations. If your estate is haunted please send photos so I can read the land energy. I do that with clairvoyance and clairsentience I use to scan. I can see things in photos that others cannot, insofar as Spirit is willing to be visible.

Usually the spirits will want to make contact in order to bridge a better relationship with you. They have personalities. With my help I can assist in aiding in relief if the haunting is of an intelligent order. I can also provide remedies if the haunting is a result of residual energy prints for a clearing.

Career Readings – $50

Receive careful advice on future vocational options and the best route considerations for your life. I help with questions in regards to employment and public relations ideas.

I will help you with your career option choices and what I see with second sight to assist in predicting that may extend matter and reveal one main focus that leads to the future that determines a major or related to the career profession you will go into or the work that you do. You can ask all the questions you like in regards to comfort with knowing feelings to be secured and witnessed accuracy results are in a high probability rate to occur as predicted. I am witnessing information with you related to your life clairvoyantly in images and by using clairsentience — to read energies that travel in intelligent light photons that enable matter to reveal itself. With that data back I receive I can guide you along. Not all the time will it be a clear cut path. Sometimes in life there are many journeys to reach the desired end result. But overall there are direct paths that lead right to the ultimate rewarding goal with focus and the direction and motivation to get you there. It’s in sight, as in second sight to witness what you are suppose to be doing or areas where your potential is at.

You may ask me about schooling. Class choices. Universities that would be a best fit related to intelligent light reading that would be a magnet to you to the location. And if that’s the case the energies would pull you right there faster and easier than if you had unfortunate outcome somewhere else before changing schools etc. Or if you are interested in class schedule I do assist there too. Whatever you are in need of knowing in regards to a higher path to take in life I am more than will to assist for faster results that are successful choices, outcomes or related to prophecy/predictions.

Relations at work and/or school for you is also an option that you can ask about. That’s if a pressing concern for you is occurring in matters you need assistance with for public relations adjustments, ease of challenging relations by giving suggestions and/or insight into the personality combination areas for improvement. If that’s what you are looking for in extension to your career reading than please refer to a relationship reading for the evaluation related to reading “two people” and the compatibility traits with you and another in reference to best business results compared to before type of thing. If that’s what you want you are looking for than please refer to Relationship Readings and or add to court for that category reading. Thank you. Oh and Greg has a way of channeling in energies he might be worth a try in this category. He’s an open field on it for now. Meaning anything is possible that can be produced in insight in regards to scope. 😉

Dreams Interpretation Reading- $25

Dream Interpretation is about finding out the subconscious and super-conscious relationship in symbolic form to why you are dreaming in a certain way.

Are you having perplexing dreams that you would like a seer’s insight into? If so I’m the prophetess that can help you with amazing insight that also can teach you a lot in any area that is most needed for you at this time in your life for clarity sake on your path. Several dreams can be discussed during the reading.

Whatever it is that ails you in regards to your dreams I can assist you into further spiritual insight into the super-conscious mind’s connection to living matter as in relations to the conscious and subconscious connections that can explain phenomena from another angle of perception that is very beneficial to have related to esoteric knowledge. If you are looking for more insight to better understanding how to operate the spirit body in the astral through dreams  or to connect that way that would be a separate reading you could purchase by adding to court.

You can come to me for guidance with astral traveling tips and guidance with the best suggestions for astonishing breakthroughs of dimensional unlocking that would or could relate to building up on new perceptions that would be a separate reading at the same price. Symbolic messages in images can be interpreted easy enough by me, Kimberly. I do use my psychic abilities to interpret dreams from having many years experience starting out holding a dream interpretation book until it started flowing naturally to me to recognize dream meaning and through that I learned about astral traveling, past lives, spirit guides, precognition, ETs, prophecies, you name it. It’s in your dreams that is the open door to the universe and to your higher consciousness involvement. Connect more to self in ways that can assist you in life.

Your dreams may relate to the subconscious, future predictions, emotions, past lives, astral travel, contact from another Being, and perhaps other information.

Life Path Readings –$50

Have you ever wondered about why you were born, or what your life purpose is? Kimberly will reveal to you what your life theme is, why you chose to be born, your life path mission, and the best course of action for your overall success. It’s about witnessing your past, present and future all at once through recognizance to evaluate you in a split second if need be. It’s in reading your energy prints with your aura. Energy field extraction of data has no limitation to time for the soul print/person. Therefore I am able to see clips to do with your life and many other psychic abilities are like tools to read the information further. There will be patterns like a theme that will have a higher spike, that was the most significant mission for your life above all others. Of course there will be other things along the way and if Spirit wants you to know other things on your life path mission spirit may reveal for spirit is all knowing and so are you on a soul level. You will have been born to specialize in something to do with past lives or the spirit world planning of your life. To be in your full potential acknowledge your higher consciousness and your path on it. Which path that is, be sure and that will help you in other areas career related and even about family. It will be added insight of evaluation towards your highest of aims. 🙂

Psychic Strong Points – $50 Reading

Psychic strong-point readings are about your innate psychic abilities.

Do you have innate psychic abilities?

Have you ever experienced supernatural/or paranormal phenomena?

Learn to better understand how to balance in a higher conscious awareness of self. Gain strength and courage through self recognition on a higher spiritual playing field. 😉

Hear me out: Everyone has at least two or three psychic strong points. Know what yours are so you can go on to strengthening your psychic abilities by learning more about those gifts. By strengthening your psychic strong points, you open the door to develop other psychic abilities.

Psychic Healing – $50

Psychic Healing is a three stage email reading.


Two photos are needed: one full body photo head to feet, and a closer photo waist up. Photos are requested for clairvoyant reading of the client’s energy bodies and the color messages to interpret related to health and well-being in mind and body union that reveals subconscious issues if necessary to work through for health improvements. Please do not wear sunglasses in the photos. The iris of your eyes must be visible for the reading and may reveal important light frequency information to do with your soul patterns for this lifetime.


The healing information that I access is tailor-made for you and may extend to areas of other psychic readings related to past lives, etc. Whatever is part of your healing for effective relief will be revealed even if the data that comes through speaks of issues related to the soul patterns before life, but if that happens it would be at the forefront of the current healing method for you that Spirit would request with your Higher Self operations for your Life Path Mission. Evolving someone’s mind and body union for best health results is by using psychic abilities and intelligent light energy forces for properly functioning operations.

The overall work I do with the energy healing is that I scan your energy field from top to bottom to check your consciousness, subconsciousness, and also relay messages to you from your super-subconscious mind, for your advancement is top priority. I look at what’s happening in your energy field with health concerns and how best to resolve those issues; or at least reduce any unhealthy accumulations of energy in the vessel that are ultimately related to the mind and emotions with body connectors. If Spirit feels you are consuming products that disrupt your cell biology, Spirit will give me messages telepathically to relay for your guidance. My psychic abilities are extensions into ten plus senses to the point where Spirit helps me by giving me one word or a sentence toward what you need for your health, whether Spirit recommends a certain holistic remedy, diet change, physical fitness remedy, mediation tips, etc. Spirit will make sure relief comes with acknowledgement and instructions explaining thoroughly benefits that are meant for you to receive at the given time of your reading.

I will give you guidance and tips. I may instruct you to your physician for medical evaluation through blood tests, etc., or to a licensed holistic healthcare specialist.

After the healing energy scan to adjust the energy field for chakra point realignment as related to biophysics, the energy work with your aura’s automatic karma patterns are eased, and may relate to subconscious recognitions in areas that could reduce karma debt.

I do work with an Asian Spirit guide that was a master reiki instructor while alive and she has taught me certain things about symbols around the body and a certain symbol of an ‘x’ above the head that indicates karma reduction. Symbolic displays in the etheric field can be viewed through clairvoyant sight and interpreted for best results. You will find relief in conscious acknowledgement for healing purposes and with the body certain adjustments if needed will have been reported as instructions given.

It all stems from etheric natural energy patterns that occur related to one’s environment and the interactions connected to mind, emotions and body results from that environment. My Reiki master teacher spirit guide has been known to assist me to use additional skills for the ultimate healing procedures that come directly from Source knowledge entwined with ancient and spiritually infused data.

It really depends on what exactly your aliment is being evaluated as and then you will receive the necessary effective healing solutions that are meant to educate on spiritual tools for independent self use and/or the prescription remedies. This will always result in natural remedy solutions for the organic body above anything else unless the entering etheric disruptions have already entered the body. If that’s the case then emergency procedures for reducing mind, emotion and body stresses will be instructed for what ultimately needs to take place.

(1) First E-mail is an energy field reading.

I will scan your consciousness and your energy field for information about both your health and mentality, and for spiritual messages you are suppose to have. I will witness your aura and any trauma grid marks in your energy body that I see through second sight. I primarily retrieve psychic  information related to the client’s bodily aura by scanning it from head to feet.

It doesn’t matter where you are on the planet, or off of it. I can scan your energy field and even manipulate your energy field to stream in certain light frequencies for healing purposes. I will also have a telepathic advantage to accessing your guides for further reports.

I access your aura colors, chakra points and misalignments in photon color frequencies for healing purposes and then interpret it for you. I check whatever stands out in your energy field including any disturbances. You are given instruction for a positive turnaround solution to get you going on the right track again for the necessary adjustments received.

The last step, either in the second email or third email I sent you, will be about the healing evaluation’s outcome from realignment work. Take note if most of it has to do with the subconscious mind with conscious healing acknowledgement for changes, and if the mind isn’t ready to adjust to much due to prior concerns with emotional trauma. Usually if that’s the case the aura healing work I do on your energy bodies will wear off over time from the return of unhealthy practices that may be related to thoughts of substances consumed in the environment, etc. Therefore the healing work on cleaning up your aura by realigning it would be a temporary solution if the complete healing couldn’t be accomplished. Sometimes it’s a matter of taking further steps toward a solution when issues arise, for which another reevaluation would be needed to extract the additional necessary healing procedure. Sometimes when there is a process of mental therapy on the body, the first stage is for trauma relief. Once that wears off the client comes back with new, deeper concerns to unleash.

Extra insight about it: Clairvoyance and clairsentience is used to perceive concerns of the conscious mind, subconscious mind, emotions, physical body, ailments, illnesses, and other concerns, which are all linked totally to your symbiotic energy body and can be read and healed in this manner. Natural remedies are suggested for physical aliments, unless related to serious medical concerns. If that’s the case I always recommend licensed professional practitioners for physical relief, or if more mandatory mental health is recommended in certain areas I will encourage you toward whatever will assist in ease of stress for peace of mind and effective healing method gains with insight that can eliminate occasionally unnecessary accumulations of negative energies within your aura field.

(2) Second E-mail is the healing performed.

The healing re-aligns your chakra points, smooths out your energy field, and grounds you. A flow of cosmic energies will be used to enter your body for renewal of energy body connectors to the rainbow form that is suppose to represent whole health at it’s finest, which is related to the chakra point colors flowing properly. In reality to see it from an activated pineal gland perspective you would witness a healthy aura with rainbow light viewed around the individual related to the energy bodies of the chakra points. So I adjust energy flow and then go on to share the outcome for how well the adjustment was made. Certain chakra points that are disrupted will realign better if the color chakra point diet colors are accordingly ingested in the diet. Descriptions regarding what is needed and the outcome will be presented.

(3) Third E-mail is the follow-up review.

A tailor-made meditation may be given, or other insight as a means to cleanse, re-align and/ or balance your own chakra points and energy field for the necessary future changes to shift into gear. Either that method, or furthermore discussions including diet, psychological factors, etc. Assistance will be given for clarity and solutions with whatever Kimberly perceives that can extend to a well-rounded successful outcome.

If you have any additional questions about your healing session choices in other medical auras, you can send the questions with the healing reading you want done if it’s not too much extra to the reading. Additional donations may need to be made depending on how much more information you want to gain from your reading, whether it comes to fundamental principles to incorporate into your life with diet, or other areas of your life related to the mind and body with emotional well-being.

Some people want to list medications, ayerveda, astrological or magickal medicine, et cetera to evaluate with me. That should be done in another reading actually. That would be the additional cost of a one-question reading for the extra time and energy used for the reading ($25) for extended Psychic Healing. That goes for other question readings that are medical even in regards to astrology healing best choice of stones, and for what exact chakra point to place those stone on, etc. I’m going on psychic abilities and my guides, ETs and angels or whomever comes in that is needed for additional support for you depending on what’s needed for you. Regular psychic healing readings will be at a standard price of $50 but any additional extensions to it must be covered as extended one reading questions that can branch off for you to ask that is much more aligned to that particular subject matter if needed.


When you purchase the reading,  send an email about what you purchased: include the above-mentioned photos and add your first and last name for clairsentient purposes related to reading name flow, as these vibrations are extensions of psychic insight.

Payment Options

The standard payment is PayPal; both the Add to Cart menu and the Donate buttons are on the sidebar. The Donate button is for either custom amounts for purchases not listed, such as $25 readings, or personal donation. If you wish to arrange an alternative form of payment, please contact Kimberly by email and arrange for the transaction.


Service Policy Agreement

Each reading purchased will individually have a respective One-Week Feedback Support. Within one week of purchase, the respective reading concerned also includes detailed clarification feedback for any misunderstandings regarding the reading. After one week, currently another full purchase is required before extensive psychic review.

  1. Each reading requires the respective names of the individuals concerned. As much as possible, natural photos of the faces concerned are also needed. Age is helpful; birthdays are not needed but may be provided if you wish.

  2. No refund policy. This is because Spirit allows me to enter a trance to receive their teachings for the individual persons concerned. Clients must be prepared to accept what I exchange with them, and are advised to honor Spirit’s blessing.

  3. Everything that automatically comes through the psychic channeling during the reading will be discussed. Sometimes when a certain matter is mentioned then Spirit will step in more firmly and make a declaration. You receive what you most need from any readings you purchase.

_______________________________________________________________________________________CONTACT AND PAYMENT

Purchase a Psychic Reading and then contact me via e-mail to let me know what reading you purchased and then send the necessary information for the reading, including photo(s) of those you are asking about in the reading. For Skype contact connect to me at my Skype: kimberly.bunch

In addition, you would still need to send an email message informing me you purchased a reading.



If you are Donating to Ten-Senses’ Foundation with Mediumship teachings, thank you.

Post Script: You can send an e-mail stating you  donated to the foundation if you are Only interested in contributing to the cause. Other than that your readings and charity donations are appreciated for the resources department significance.


Purchase your Reading, located at the sidebar and then email me in regards to the e-mail you purchased.


Thank you for your Business.