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Hello,  welcome to my webpage. I hope you find what you are looking for. 



To purchase:  You may contact me to request for me to send you a link for payment if you can't just send it right through to my E-mail Address : Or to my Cell-Phone Number : 253-579-3098 as payment options.


Note : There's NO payment logo button on this wepbage.  Send me an email requesting what you are purchasing or donating in funds to my email address. I appreciate loyal, respect and considerate clients. You won't find another ever like me in existence to assist you as well as I personally can. That's about spiriutal powers and reading into private lives to see through it CLEARLY.


If you have very little money and you need a psychic me for an email reading then. You can request to pay what you can afford. I expect a fair deal exchange and that's about loyality and respect in consideration for each other in operations. 


Phone readings are optional. Be considerate with my time and your allottment of time for payments to release for the time and knowledge gained through accessing the information. I appreciate your respectful consideration.




Email Psychic Readings Information Instructions

Purchasing a Psychic Reading is pretty easy to accomplish. You gain a lot back in details about your specific questions. There's a list of various psychic readings  you may choose from that I advertise on my Services Page.

You may purchase more than one Psychic Reading at a time by E-mail.

 Instructions :  Choose which type of psychic reading(s) you are interested in by E-mail then contact me in regards to what you have purchased.
 For a live session refer below on instructions.




Live Contact : Phone, or Instant Messenger




Live Sessions gives you plenty of time to ask all your questions without any limits to what you can ask. You may even purchase more time while we are in a Session together ; if you need additional minutes.


All you have to do to  Purchase a Live Session would be to purchase a Session by length of time either 30 minutes or one -hour phone contact time. That should give you plenty of time to have your questions answered. 


Then  Contact me for a 30 Minute, or 60 minute Psychic Reading by Phone ; or by Instant Messenger.


1. All you have to do is Submit for the length of time you want your Live Session to be for. 


2. Then you will contact me to let me know when you want your Session by Day, and Time via Time Zone considerations. 


Contact me by Phone, or we can arrange for Instant Messenger Psychic Reading. Or by 

E-mail. After you submit payment for the length of time you want your Session for then E-mail me to let me know.



I respond within 48 hours for your Psychic Reading.

   Strictly Confidential Psychic Readings.

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