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Hello there., I am an elder foremost that has already raised up a family of my own. I am devoted to my spiritual work to speak about it and to offer psychic readings to assist onward with my life path natural profession mission. That's about a clear focus profession to carry out in a public way I present. 


Since childhood I have recognized spirit guides appearing before me at my bedside throughout my youngest years coming through to check in on me. As I got older it was no different than that just much more sophisticated due to I have been able to come outside of my body since the age of five-years-old to recognize I am alive by x2 and that's how my life is.


I am a spirit and a living physical person alive that houses my spirit. I astral travel out of my body into other dimensions as well as to access those psychic abilities powers of the mind to use Clairsentient with other important advanced sciences information similar to string theory to cross the world instantly to be somewhere else to recognize another. And that is to prophesy by and with. I am like a ghost ;  a spirit that can astral project out at a distance to see things through time and space unlimited potential and also for right on target psychic readings, supernaturally to assist another. At another land location from clear across the world I can be there to oversee other to protect them.


I am able to do that through psychic abilities powers I gained for spiritually suffering termendously. I am able to astral project out like a ghost to see something even about a hurricane forming ; or other spikes in living matter data to be observing overhead astrally phenomenon to then report back about it.


I can do two things at one time with my physical body consciously doing something while my astral body is off at another location to investigate. It's similar to daydreaming but very different in intentions and focus.


 It's a very complicated psyche to have mind powers related to prophetic natural abilities. And that's because of the spiritual gifts are connected to the supernatural and logically through superconsciousness heightened senses to understand psychic abilities talents.


I also have spiritual mediumship training for all my life with clairvoyance and telepathy ; sound waves to see and witness incredible advanced scientific information ahead of time.


Due to the fact that my psyche is connected to my psychic abilities talents related to a spiritual calling I have talents out of the norm that even I must investigate to discern from to learn from through being a witness to cause in matter.


Many Spirits would come to me that were translucient to teach me psychic detective information as a therapy for them to release informatioin about what occurred that was so tragic that ended their life in a homocide case. It was that sort of training I had back in 1992-1993. That's about having a spiritual gift related to speaking and seeing Spirits astrally which is on another level you may identify mostly through mysterious dream recall. At somepoint in time the dreaming mind blends with the awakening mind unconsciously superconsciously for you to conscious realize perhaps that you can also dream of the future ahead of time.


It is through my teachings that I also reflect back on about various periods in time in spikes up in living matter to learn from spiritually how to manage with foremost while being in physical form with a system that has great expections for each other to blend together for labor force duties mostly.


I have been trained to see and recognize the invisible that also may extend their services for my own teachings supernaturally constructed to produce physical results that are similar to poltergeist activities that have always occurred to me throughout my lifetime. I have adapted to automatic toilet flushing and water turning by itself before the technology was made to auto it.


When I was a child other children around me at times would fear paranormal phenomenon experiences attached to poltergeist activity that was apparent happening to them at somepoint  in my childhood to reflect back on how they responded in response to the oddities connected to poltergeist activities. They'd be running away from the problem or trying to escape from the situation that was so frightful with paranormal attachments most couldn't handle a small dose of it for long.


I was connecting spiritually from my consciousness heightened even naturally to my surroundings in the forest alone to play with creation's wild nature surroundings and basic buzzing forth bees on flowers sitting in the wildgrass lands environment. While I was sitting off alone on one of my adventures playing with the living life in nature at five-years-old type of exploration adventure... I recognized more than just the wildflowers and bees buzzing around me. 


All while sitting off on my own in the wilderness there amongst the tall wildland grasses viewing the lines of the forest trees with their every expanding auras onlooking and overlooking in their own form of conscicous registry to their natural environment for detecting from their own living species through signals other living signals amongst them. 


 I could register from my consciousness about certain light coming from the forest and connected to certain trees that seems to have a consciousness viewing similar to an elder watching, witnessing. 


I was recognizing conscious intelligence in another water consuming species over my  natural energy field registry to aura energy fields consciousness on signal transmissions relaying messages naturally to one instrument to sound off in the natural invisible operations of light on water with electromagnetic energy fields of data to decode. Or to just register by considering everything has an aura and that's about an energy field and all that is consciously alive consist of some form of water with energy as it's natural measure living source to register one energy field to anothers in nature naturally speakiing. That's about a heightened sense. 


Kimberly Bunch

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