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About Me

I was born with supernatural powers of the mind.



I  have always sought to seek after a natural setting and through that system I learned to be closer to Spirit. I started experimenting with the psyche when I was about 19 years - old. My mom gave me an old pack of gypsy playing cards. I used it to educate myself while getting a GED by age 19. I had two boys in my care and a man to also take care of as a common law husband.

I left home at age 13 on a soul seeking spiritual quest after being severely harmed through the educational department. I felt doomed and the computers were like dinosaurs. I felt empty, hopeless and doomed with the reports that I was suppose to be a mentally disqualified person for life. And that schooling report interfered with the home life. My parents had to move away even with my other siblings to another city just so I could go to a school where they'd humilate, degrade me ; embarassed me ; exclude me ; mock at me from the peers of the principal of the school even over I was segredated and isolated off even with no lunch. Impoverishment might not appear to be as it is if you are from the outside looking in at such a pretty sight. Before you surrounding you in imagery can be misperceived. 


The neighborhood city youth would skip school and that's how I got my great idea to seek my vision quest due to two factors. School ruined me in their system early on through documents that degraded me on down to a security risk in life. I had to find away out of poverty where my mother was responsible for children on her own usually always in poverty. While having us look middle class by her smarts. Her good shopping and designer qualities. Talents. Even though talents had the home looking nice. Poverty hurts and you are going without proper resources and opportunities. That was my major issue. I and others were cut off from the proper system for our lives for what we truly really needed. Nothing was there for me to feel good about myself as a person failing going without while being demean and considered inferior by treatment of the overhead systems Branches of Sciences methods to disgrace you to hell for not knowing something. Or to reward and award you for knowing the proper steps put in place to achieve as they wish you too. 


I sought after a vision quest that took me away from the crowd of others always to venture off to investigate to seek to search after a better life out of poverty away from humilation and degrading abuses that seemed to drag on for how many more years? Type of situations. Escape for my spiritual rites practices is apart of my soul prints ; life patterns ; personality since childhood. I was an escape artist and a dare devil as a small child. Well, I had to seek after Spirit.


Back to when I got the tarot card deck from my mom that was a mini gypsy deck I used to help educate myself with words and another idea related to the unconscious, pscyhe and superconscious connections to producing the material psychically to read through to predict the future through tarot cards. I got so good at it I played a magician game for fun on the streets before pulling only the devil card every time without trickery or looking. I then had others around me that were gathered about to take the deck and grab any card and it would be the devil card. Sure enough, that's what they'd pull and be mystified after going through the deck of tarot cards to make sure no trickery was involved.


At the time when I was playing the great magician magically was when my life was ruined again being HOMELESS. Geez, the disgraces. Anyways, I had my life ruined over lack of proper resources for someone Like Myself. I was homeless over that I refused to disrespect myself for a stripper job that could provide for a man and children. I was expected to pay his way too. The system was pulling me away from my children and whoring me out for work. So I escaped because that's not my true way again and took my children to my mother while I was having a serious psychic abilities download for three straight years ongoing. No one new. They thought I was just running off being bad abandoning my responsibilities. When in fact my brain was so complicated over ten-senses constantly seeing other imagery and so forth. 


No one could help me. I sought I seeked out help through tons of churches I became membership too or else visited until I got the message that you aren't excepted as a sorcerous that plays with tarot cards. I mean if I spoke truth as I always ended up doing I was shunned for seeing and knowing and understanding more than them while they often were discriminating. The Abraham religions failed me something terribly.


When it comes right down to it the Abraham religion excluded me by their insane ideas that were created thousands of years ago about what those people back then didn't understand that I do !!!! Back in Jesus Christ time they were killing and destroying bruts. Life is a serious situation. Jesus Christ was no Christian nor would that person, spirit alive ever mock at trees to cut down for a celebration to drain that conscious life indoors for great fun entertainment.


I was always discriminated against. If I went to seek help through any of the government resource agencies often I was misdiagnosed which added their paperclipping hazards of wrong information to my files ongoing. That's conflict.


I was misdiagnosed as a child as a mental retarded child segregated off in isolation and that's how most of my life ended up over discrimination all along from one end to the other that burned both ends against each other to no great gains. Unless I used my looks to get me ahead and that wasn't part of my spiritual quest. My spiritual quest was to be back to the original state of safety with my children in a good spiritual setting system to overcome to then be respect for hire. But due to incredible poverty so many failures surfaced. And the law was always there to harm me when I was going through the worst misfortune. To punk me off for money I didn't have and to complicate my mind evenmore inconsiderately while just destrying to do damage for their gains. They only always did damage more than not blocking my paths in life and destroying my repretation early on by how they set my life up in this incredile insane prejudice and hateful miser system that preys on people for more gains for their team.


I don't believe in this time period on earth the correct proper system is for the people. I see deceiving, preying on others, distracting them and harming them for profit. I must confess that there's always good and bad. Not everyone nor not everything is the same. But I sure do recognize a tricked out system of predators that eagerly PAY to cover their asses for all the harm and crimes they legally do against us. They then award and reward themselves going the opposite way through MONEY to teach everyone they are so much greater to honor.






You'll have to learn, how to learn to respect someone like me properly to survive ahead in this world. Take note before you want to rise higher than me to pounce me down somemore.


 I'm not your cow to milk and cut to pieces for food gains. Your behaviorism in this world dominating over is a baby raping system of predators destroying all of life to steal everything from everyone else ongoing. The Great Spirit isn't playing card games with you for fun. You won't get away with doing crimes against someone like me for all my lifetime through your insane system of laws. Predators take a look at the world you created out of the legal system. You people disgust me harming people like me through your baby raping law system.


The curse.

You could DIE just for wanting to deliberately harm me in anyway. Stealing anything of my objects could leave you cursed. Mocking at me could really do you damage also due to spiritual warfare attacks they want to deliberatly phyiscally due to remove Heavenly Knowledge from this world. If you are playing gods over our lives on earth when you are ignorant foolish no good people trying to dominate to play games about whose good and whose bad for the abusing you have stumbled on the wrong person to takedown to destroy.


You will be harmed for deliberately creating havoc against my role, my life. Stealing my life away through your corrupt regime to paint me as your criminal enemy will work very much against your timeline. Using your corrupt laws to rape at the babies before you throw them out with the bathwater through your  insane criminal industry of the legality system is another Prophet Moses plague unleashed.


As well as stealing my objects or disrespecting me if you are putting me in peril deliberately through your corruption of a system will work against you people doing harm against me ongoing. If you used the laws to terrorize and torture me for  my new role ongoing your system will come crashing on down over it. I wasn't born for you people to brutalize me like your cow to juice dry for the kill. I'm not your livestock to use and abuse and disrespect until the sudden deathblow. No you people are in trouble for disrespecting and brutalizing me to neardeath always on purpose so you can feel so great and superior.


Wrongfully harming me is a supernatural curse that will end your life rapidily  soon to come. And Spirit of the Great Spirit that created this world will deal with you for harming me and removing the proper necessary measures I need to fulfill my data. Perverts against me will be chopped up and eaten as food ahead.


Possessing any of my property by stealing it could have your head crushed up in tiny pieces physical for show. Taking away what I have of physical property to even snoop is a death sentence for you literally. And supernaturally. You are not to be stealing my property or being a pervert against me ever. Or else the Great Spirit and everyone from heaven will ruin you to burn to death physically in an explosion that will occur.


This is about realism logical facts physcially consciously to recognize in another's life for what they say and do and how they are. I am an instructor professionally to consider. My teachings are because of my own life for all the horror I survived always through ongoing even to no dispair. Created by a treacherous system phsycially. I am a soul foremost alive being preyed on always from a corrupt government system I recognize always giving to gain more off of that life.



1:36 PM

Due to the fact that I was born sensing and knowing enhanced senses unlike the regular five -senses it had complicated my mind to the point where when I was placed into an academic schooling program for legal education roles they decided to harm my mind severely as a mentally retarded child over I couldn't keep up with the studies like the other children in that age group. My mind was already complicated due to overlapping senses related a person, a real life human's mind. Instead they treated me similar to  a dog they eagerly beat down on for fun because the dog can't talk to tell what's happening to them to others so easily to communicate. I was mistreated from the government schooling psychologically in a beatdown way that let me know my life was ruined fully by age ten -years -old over a system that mentally abused me and segregated me and isolated me off for most of my life always due to how they original wanted to handle me as handlers on all levels of opportunities and resources.


They set out to squash my mind to remake it like a recycling plant to represent me as a living person alive in another way through their corrupt system files that seem to degrade and humilate and betray for their own income gains for their particular affiliation center, foundation, organization. Harming our minds to humilate us and betray us for life is evident in this time period.


Betraying us and robbing us of our life physically by harming our minds, bodies, emotions and natural spiritual connections through corruption in laws as though it is a money launderying system. Hate crimes on all levels continues on while the experts paid seem to feel superior and confident in their psychology roles governing over the whole world for better mental health. And you have experts feeling superior to everyone elses life and information over some degree or degrees they receive ; mind conditioining for roles to act out that they have to pass the tests that often have them memorizing misinformation, wrong information they have. And yet those people have to study and memorize even wrong information to pass tests to dominate over a world of people through that corrupt branch, organization of network branch that is suppose to be helping people sufficiently. 


If that was true we wouldn't live in such a horrific world of mental conflict disparagingly created by your experts in the first place to view worldwide even on how you treat your citizens from their own birthlands in their own countries. You are looking at only financialy gains and passing their tests and that is equal to your gains ahead. Even if you were mind control through reprogramming for that degree that could contain incredible errors in your timeline for how you are operating your systems for all the people so you gain so much. I recognize a horrible failing insane system that pretends to be the best so they can be in charge through the laws. And all they have brought me is RUIN and wrong information. Wrong diagnosises from their branches of science.  They have a legal system that has tortured me and set me up to be severely harmed for my whole life screwing around trying to dominate by legal control to rewrite our roles in life their way through their punishments against people like me.


Withholding a proper respectful role all along they setup for me so they could topple me and abuse me any which way they could because they were withholding the proper respectful system for my life all along through insane abuses form the government system that set me up to be harmed and abused and mistreated. If you cannot help your own citizens because you rather take advantage of them and recreate them so you can gain more by toppling them down to humilate and destroy them than you recognize the type of system overhead. Beat ya down to nothing then they want to see what you will do and how you will do it. Insane people spying and harming and ruling over from their advantage points to try to find ways to harm you to death for their own extractions from you own the role they want to play as Superiors to you legally even.


It's sickening and disgusting and so dishonest and not fair. Predators preying on us when we have been weakened even over their abuses they set forth against our very lives. Insane people thinking they are superior because they have an easy life on gains established with tons of respect and gains ongoing to dominate over as predators over their victims they created even. Insane. I'm suppose to figure out how to survive through an Insane government that can't stop doing wrong and misdiagnosing people to harm them down more even. Crazy fucken shit of a system keeps destroying my life personally to remake it. Predators  that tell you to go live under the bridge to remove you from life. Insane freaks you are setting us up to be raped and murdered. You dishonest people.


3:28 AM

You know I feel so abused in this world since childhood forced into serious complications the law used to control physical life down to the prophetic heavenly prints in messengers statements working with supernatural they decided to harm to death. And I was apart of that system others acting like insane ignorant primates only thinking about their own gains decided to use and abuse me to death like a wild animal to hunt to trap to take everything from.


Just like if I was a cow to use and abuse through the LAWS. Insane people critically plotting on developing ways to literally sabotage in warfare attacks psychological and all levels the prophetic speakers. You sick pups are in deep shit for it too.


You people have been terrorizing me raping on me ; beating on me ; stealing from me ; hunting me down ; using me for any resources the government would provide for me ; harming me for receiving resources; brutalizing my mind and body and spiritual rights to the deathblows for the elimination tactics crimes you keep at it. And you will suffer gravely for it. Keep plotting on ways to shred my life away and you will find yourselves in the worst living nightmare ahead for it.

07-12-2022 : Editing and add- ins



Hello there., I am an elder foremost that has already raised up a family of my own. As well as for my whole lifetime I have been placed in others care over poverty disparagement and mental abuses from a government system that has documented me as inferior mentally in a retarded spectrum to consider that fate physically to control that person mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually.


 I have been destroyed all my life over and over and over again as though I died. Just so a government system can remake you.  To be remade through a corrupt system governing over to market out everyone they can. Even to market out the disabled people for profits. I have been terrorized, tortured, raped, beat and destroyed so many times over and over again through a system that is sexually abusive, financially controlling, mentally controlling, emotionally controlling and spiritually very controlling so they win at being ANIMALS.


I have spent my whole life trying to overcome a disability others cannot see physically before them so they abuse me so much more for it. And that has set me up to be raped even more and tortured. All at a level to give up my own life to serve another system even. I have had my life destroyed to be remade in the way a government system wanted it to be. And that was about marketable people to place in categories to control and to mold up through a controlled government legality system.


I was always controlled through a government legality system that controls everyone in categories for their opportunities through resources. For me they failed me over and over and harmed me back down to be raped meat so they could prostitute me out for my gains in life through a system that desired to force me in the worst ways always by negligence and dishonesty in resource disputions. 


They set me up to be whored out for my life role over my mental disabilities that they felt was dishonest con job work. I was suppose to be a good ACTOR. That was just so they could  criminalize me to whore me out for even such things  as succeeding spiritually.


As soon as they could come into my low income Subsidized unit to destroy me to live outside again over warfare crimes governing over the system. Again, over and over again they set me up to be without anything on the streets to gain from a terrorizing brutal insane system they wants to punish people for being DISABLED.


They destroyed me always and broke the laws to overrun my life even in subsidzed housing where they broke laws to abuse me so easily because I had no one and nothing and they had all the records about my support team that was missing. So they racistly with great prejudice harassed me, tormented me, lied and cheated and tried to even make me pay to make up money they needed for even their sprinkle system annual plastic financial payout at a subsidized location where they wanted me to Pay More.  Every year they had the same issue about the plastic sprinkle system replacements.


 They were plastic and would break with lots of people activities in a court yard I didn't spend time in. And yet they decide my household was responsible the last year I was there to pay for it all. I did even though they were dishonest and just trying to find a way to remove me from the opportunity to live in a reduce rent unit. The story the management told me was my son was responsible for all the broken plastic sprinklers that year. Which was so insane lies and threats against us as individual people they wanted to target.


My Child was a good boy always playing with the other children and doing great care about love and nature while we were being preyed on my management team that decided I was a no good person gaining something I shouldn't have in life. So they terminated my lease after terrorizing me for years and it got worse when the racist last manager decided to do war crimes on a white person with the help of very insane prejudice white people even.


All because they were doing race hate crimes and being prejudice thinking I was dishonest living alone in poverty as a disabbled person. So they decided to take complete advantage and breaks laws to abuse me there too. Because they knew they could get away with it easily even to murder me off.


They had all the document reports that I had no one nor did I really own anything. I wasn't married and I had mixed children they didn't want coming around. I'd be threatened to be terminated over one of my adult children visiting me overnight. The threats were breaking the laws but I was in a bad way where I couldn't fight them legally. I was doomed under a predator system.


They terrorized and forced me to the streets to be whored out after policing me heavily up to six times a year bringining in a pack of Asian investors to my unit to have a great look around. Another way to not have a search warrant but to overrun a citizen that is disabled life because no one was around just me and my children. They racistly didn't want my mixed children even visiting me.


I am devoted to my spiritual work to speak about it and to offer psychic readings to assist onward with my life path natural profession mission. That's about a clear focus profession to carry out in a public way I present.


Since childhood I have recognized spirit guides appearing before me at my bedside throughout my youngest years coming through to check in on me. I was also coming outside of my body walking around by age five. I am alive by x2 and that's how my life is. I am also connected to a higher power which adds in the Great Spirit to guide me. Which is x3 to consider about mind, body and spiritual connections, authentically.


I am a spirit and a living physical person alive that houses my spirit. I astral travel out of my body into other dimensions naturally. It's a very complicated system that others have preyed on me through the laws destructively in this government system. Preyed on my mind in education schooling to reassign me as a mentally retarded person.


 I have been tortured mentally and raped more times than I can count up over a horrific abusive insane government legal system. And people that love to control others to enforce a financial way above and beyond expectations for someone like myself. That has been destroyed and abused to die even.


I have been abused severely all my life. My psychic abilities powers of the mind to use Clairsentient with other important advanced sciences information similar to string theory to cross the world instantly to be somewhere else to recognize another. And that is to prophesy by and with.


 I am like a ghost ;  a spirit that can astral project out at a distance to see things through time and space unlimited potential and also for right on target psychic readings, supernaturally to assist another. At another land location from clear across the world I can be there to oversee other to protect them.


I am able to do that through psychic abilities powers I gained for spiritually suffering termendously. I am able to astral project out like a ghost to see something even about a hurricane forming ; or other spikes in living matter data to be observing overhead astrally phenomenon to then report back about it.


I can do two things at one time with my physical body consciously doing something while my astral body is off at another location to investigate. It's similar to daydreaming but very different in intentions and focus.


 It's a very complicated psyche to have mind powers related to prophetic natural abilities. And that's because of the spiritual gifts are connected to the supernatural and logically through superconsciousness heightened senses to understand psychic abilities talents.  And then to have been tortured mentally, spiritually, physically and emotionally through a government country that harmed me since a young child.


 They molded me up as inadequate in mind through a Education System that preyed on me to cripple my mind as inferior to their own superior fast pace accomplishments in academic studies. I was conditioned what to do early on through mass exposure to a media television system that encourages children to flee from home. To runaway to Hollywood to become famous. I was harmed so severely mentally abused by age 13.


Beaten on since childhood for misunderstandings and conditined to go along with a system that whored me out to find my way since age 13. All they did was put me in shackled all my life to enforce prostitutuion role. To enforce a whores role for my life calling. I was pushed out in life early on to find my own way over the mental crippling and physical beatings I received through my childhood from my father. Lashes with a whip over my whole body.


I was encouraged to use my physcial appearance to get ahead for my survival early on. I was a runaway that was put in shackles and abused through the legality system like a really bad criminal to force into another role.  I only wanted to go on a Vision Quest to find my way in life to accomplish something.


The incredible abuse mentally and physically was a conditioning through a molding up to be a certain way through a corrupt regime dominating over through the laws.

 I was locked outside as a child and raped and abused a ton. That was the psychologist way and legal way to fix a problem.


 I was always treated inferior and as a problem. I was raped and humilated and destroyed over and over through the courts of laws that always set me up to be raped meat.


I also have spiritual mediumship training for all my life with clairvoyance and telepathy ; sound waves to see and witness incredible advanced scientific information ahead of time.


Due to the fact that my psyche is connected to my psychic abilities talents related to a spiritual calling I have talents out of the norm that even I must investigate to discern from to learn from through being a witness to cause in matter.


Many Spirits would come to me that were translucient to teach me psychic detective information as a therapy for them to release information out about what occurred that was so tragic that ended their life in a homicide case. It was that sort of training I had back in 1992-1993. That's about having a spiritual gift related to speaking and seeing Spirits astrally which is on another level you may identify mostly through mysterious dream recall.


At somepoint in time the dreaming mind blends with the awakening mind unconsciously superconsciously for you to conscious realize perhaps that you can also dream of the future ahead of time.


It is through my teachings that I also reflect back on about various periods in time in spikes up in living matter to learn from spiritually how to manage with foremost while being in physical form with a system that has great expections for each other to blend together for labor force duties mostly.


I have been trained to see and recognize the invisible that also may extend their services for my own teachings supernaturally constructed to produce physical results that are similar to poltergeist activities that have always occurred to me throughout my lifetime. I have adapted to automatic toilet flushing and water turning by itself before the technology was made to auto it.


When I was a child other children around me at times would fear paranormal phenomenon experiences attached to poltergeist activity that was apparent happening to them at somepoint  in my childhood to reflect back on how they responded in response to the oddities connected to poltergeist activities. They'd be running away from the problem or trying to escape from the situation that was so frightful with paranormal attachments most couldn't handle a small dose of it for long.


I was connecting spiritually from my consciousness heightened even naturally to my surroundings in the forest alone to play with creation's wild nature surroundings and basic buzzing forth bees on flowers sitting in the wildgrass lands environment. While I was sitting off alone on one of my adventures playing with the living life in nature at five-years-old type of exploration adventure... I recognized more than just the wildflowers and bees buzzing around me. 


All while sitting off on my own in the wilderness there amongst the tall wildland grasses viewing the lines of the forest trees with their every expanding auras onlooking and overlooking in their own form of conscicous registry to their natural environment for detecting from their own living species through signals other living signals amongst them. 


 I could register from my consciousness about certain light coming from the forest and connected to certain trees that seems to have a consciousness viewing similar to an elder watching, witnessing. 


I was recognizing conscious intelligence in another water consuming species over my  natural energy field registry to aura energy fields consciousness on signal transmissions relaying messages naturally to one instrument to sound off in the natural invisible operations of light on water with electromagnetic energy fields of data to decode. Or to just register by considering everything has an aura and that's about an energy field and all that is consciously alive consist of some form of water with energy as it's natural measure living source to register one energy field to anothers in nature naturally speakiing. That's about a heightened sense.


People have harmed me for having invisible disabilities for all my life ongoing. As a child I knew I'd never get to have a nice home of my own. I never even got to succeed to have a nice vehicle or home of my own. Instead they wanted to increase the sex-trafficking job I was to do by forcing me into a legal system that would torture me by removing my life and any income credits to overrun me down to be a prostitute type worker so they law gets more gains and more credits. And others can get what I would have had. You see? Truth.


By criminalizing me they were able to control me in a category. They criminalized me after they physically set me up to be living on the streets to be severely harmed repeatedly over and over again. And then the courts of laws women and men preyed on me and broke laws to harm me ten times more.


They want a witch or a whore to abuse to control they mold up to make into that for show. So they can clown around mocking and mimicking, spying and eavesdropping to disgrace to criminalize first chance they get ongoing. That's the type of government legal system going on with all the branches of sciences networking out to destroy to remake us into sex slaves even that they demand to create. Or go to prison to reside. It's all the same system they created feeding off us to death.


Showing no respect ; showing no care ; whoring us out ; abusing us in mind, body and spiritually to do warfare on our emotions is the type of government system I've had to survive through. I have felt DEAD over it more than ALIVE.


I couldn't believe the laws would be so corrupt to laugh and mock and chase after to harass and disgrace someone like myself. But they did and they literally were working on murdering me off again in that insane sexually abusive criminalizing you into it system.


All I always wanted was to be myself to spiritually heal and to help others. Instead the government system set me up to be a prostitute at best for them as my life role. And here I am having spent most of my life celebate and alone being abused. While they continue to flip the house to allow land invasion schemes to overrun that  originally created tons of rape on our citizens from poverty.


I am a real life Psychic, Spiritual Medium, Prophetess that others want to destroy to have a whore to view for show. They want nasty whores to send out to society to make a living enforced by a corrupt system that doesn't want to respect a real life person with spiritual gifts. I've been forced to struggle to try to survive all my life off nothing. No real gains.


If you can't be their whore they want you in prison, or dead -- I figure. Clearly that's the setup role system the laws setup for me since childhood. They want WHORES to abuse. Not Prophet-ess-es to Honor after sexually abusing us through the laws and those characters of people that love perversion to rise the highest to honor. That's the real world we live in.


We live in a world that cuts on baby boys penises to admire the visual. We live in a world that whores out females as the norm to job roles that aren't any better than prostitutes for hire. Eating your food off female bodies. Strip joints and all the touching rubbing on massages at parlors is what they want someone like me to do. They want to see me making Whore Dough. Not making money off my spiritual authentic gifts.


I recognize a very perverted system that has shackled me in chains since agae 13 just so they could prostitute me off as their criminal for life to financially gain off of. We are talking about someone that was a child with enhanced psychic abilities that created a 'disability' in the minds of others since I couldn't keep up with the other childrens academic skills. They abused me incredibly and then when I ran they shackled me in body chains. And from there they were able to set me up to be their little disabled criminal to control on all levels for the government legality system profit.


I have been harmed so severely that it has increased my spiritual gifts related to the supernatural. They have done everything WRONG against my life personally through a treacherous insane system that plays games with our lives legally so others gain prey to have more off being predators legally against a person like me they harm to rape up on.


I never received the proper respect or care for having psychic abilities at all. Instead this government system has set me up to be raped so many times and physically battered as the norm. I recognize a system that is very sexually abusive that is in charge through the LAWS.


They don't want a Psychic Medium they want a PROSTITUTE to enjoy to control through the laws and system out there. You HONOR what?? You Worship and Praise what exactly?


Abraham religion is in charge of the mind programming and physical matter through stories. For the last two-thousand years Abraham religion has done warfare crimes murderously to govern over the whole world for roles to ennact out physically for display.


I am alive for a mission quest calling that is suppose to be my trail in life to chase after in a maze environment governed over by mind control for doggy treats in ideas on gains for you all. Be obedient and serve by being disciplined into a calling controlled governed over by a belief system of gathered stories handed down throughout time. Stories.


Let me ask you ; do you recognize truth facts physically in life from fantasy illusion lies and murderous control in stories told to control your minds or not? Haven't you been taught trades and given many gifts you could purchase for video games entertainment ; pornography galore options market trades ; touching you practices in hair salons and massage parlors and so forth?


... And haven't you been handed down legally in words ; stories instructions about what to believe in for your group gains financially? Haven't you been given the instructions doctrines on existance already for your physcial life gains?... And haven't you gone down that road to work very hard physcially so you could  materialize to manifest your annual vacation trips to paradise visits?

12:40 7/12/22

Through a predator system of even women I was forced outside over a disability that envolved my psyche with psychic spiritual mediumship gifts. Before that they treated me at first when I was a child like a very smart child. Until the schooling system took me they decided I was a retarded child to be abused through a corrupt system. I was taken away by land invasion people taking over my father's work with other crop workers they didn't want to empower financially so my father was replaced by land invasion and I was war whored out through even Los Angeles, Hollywood entertainment court of laws. A black man lawyer took this person they knew was a child pretending to be an adult to sex traffick out. I ran through head on traffic down Hollywood Blvd. trying to escape a court of laws connected to a mobster group.

I was on my Vision Quest you see. I was guided to go to Hollywood and to lie and say I was an adult due to coming from poverty where the schooling stated I was a retarded child. Already they had destroyed my father and my mother was sent with four children to protect to a food bank for support. Alone around predator men.


We were short of supplies at home with a single working mother of four children she was trying to protect in poverty with little food resources and controlled public housing lifestyle. My father was eliminated. My real birth father was eliminated for being from the mountains in a natural way with a bloodline connected to Native American Indians and some other flowing blood that the law and others controlling the world's system was aware of. Natural Natives were destroyed and their children's lives many were harmed and murdered off for a war lords ruling over through lies and deceit to own the world physically to control all the masses through entertainment you see. Entertainment that whores out mama and papa in the end to die.


Since age 13 after having my family destroyed partly due to many factors with the government in charge of resources I was shunned away from the schooling system to go to Hollywood where the courts of laws whored me on the streets as their prostitute position in my youth from the court of laws collections of runaways.


Over a rolax watch I was bought from the court of laws in Hollywood California where the lawyer connections to a sex ring trafficking system set me on a street corner to makeup for the rolax watch purchase of me in my youth from the adult detention systems. It was because I was an innocent child telling on myself to another inmate at the time. I was arrested for being a runaway and sent to the jail where they house adults. There I was sold from the court of laws to have sex with a lawyer for my release on a deposit of a Rolex Watch.


I was on a Vision Quest you see so I escaped immediately to my own identity and went to Juvenile detention to be returned to my mother. Due to us being in poverty and her trying to manage to provide properly for all child while thinking her daughter was a wicked child lying and deceiving mentally as a retard through the schooling system. I was often running away and she was instructed to lock me outside.


I had to learn how to survive with a disabled mind they referenced as that. Or that I was a troublemaker pretending when really I was hurt abused and destroyed from a schooling system that kept harming me psychologically to harm me physically and spiritually even.

7/12 today @ 1:24 PM

Hello. I'm back again to speak to you about what happened to me in my childhood that plays a role in Prophet Moses return with Prophet Muhammad and the help of many others, angels alike. I bring to you a new reality about life and treatment that has been forced into the darkness while others are conditioned to believe their easier flow through time is more beneficical in gains in environments that they have been taught how to react too in those environments also are under display, legally -- I see.


I recognize abuse in forced beliefs where others can treat you like the fox to club down on for a group support thrill. I recognize a condition out of emotions taught physically : mentally, spiritually, emotionally, psychologically in thoughts to control the herds of animals psychologically to be obedient to serve a practice of work for their life role gains. I see. I know. I do live physically to understand and cooperate as best as I can with a disfunctional primate he and she predator over lords systems as the triangle gathering of fortunes to respect in environments.


You all have been given what in life? Since childhood I was considered a problem over not being born something wanted fully from my mother. And from my father I was reborn that terrible situation about the other Kimberly that died in a sledding accident before his eyes while riding on a sled down that mountainside. My father was a mountain man that hunted and earned a living from the lands you see. And my mother had four children from divorces gathered from a stray dissertion mental man system outlets. My mother tried to help her children as best as she could. While men became what exactly for the poverty stricken women? Nothing? Or they need the helping hands and feed and minds and labor to work it for them? A confused system Is before us mentally physically logically in consideration of material objective gatherings in clusters on gains for people.


How you all are gaining to achieve to harm others through a primate behavior of superior righeous minds will come crashing down upon your world. I recognize destroyers and remakers of a person to me even in the severe destruction mental and emotional and physical and spiritual incredible harm you people creating and controlling all of our lives have done to me personally even. I'm not your witch or dog, lady. You severe insane people. Governing over so distructively, so childishly to enslave to treat others as inferior beneath your superior righteous legal physcial control over all of our lives.


Women want to sexually abuse us women too. That's insane treatment to be forced to go through a system that is so harmful and abusive to me to try to remake me like what they desire me to be before them from a cilivation of predators. Primates. Straight up legal criminal gorilla warfare is what they did to me and the likes of me for my whole lifetime.


What a sick depriving evil government worldwide system. Creeps preying like wild animals on other land area groups. Always Gorgilla warfare laws that market out products and entertainment to sex trafficking levels for their enjoyment collections on sex thrills. That also is about warfare on gender sexes.


Well, I had to survive head on traffic during rush hour to escape a sex ring industry in Hollywood California that booked me into jail as an adult when I was just a little thing in height and stature as a 13 year old youth. I was taken from the court of law by a black man that bought me with another for a sex ring from the L.A. court of law. Other races had this white youth runaway child in their care in the adult detention center. When they learned I faked my name and aged I was sex-trafficked out to a lawyer in a motel room and then a pimp that put up a watch for my release connected to the court of laws. People I didn't know. Bought me and tried to whore me out on Hollywood Blvd and Scenica Street but I escaped and was chased physcially after to the death of me I ran head on with traffic grabbing car doors to rush into in order to survive to escape.

3:15 PM

During my great escape on my Vision Quest to find myself about who I truly was in the world as a living person I found incredible disparagement for my life calling physically. All constructed from a system that literally physically was hell bent to destroy my whole life through a twisted up legal domination system that forgot about the Great Spirit.


If you pray to a name like dog please help me how do you think those spirits of that species will respond? They may happily populated your space and whole lives to master over you as a toy enslaved for your learning. Therefore perhaps for one's own satisfaction in life one desires to manifest a dog physically in their lives to help lead them and guide them to a knowledge therapetically even for consideration.


The saying goes Dog is man's bestfriend. It reminds me of an old television series called : Lassie. Here comes Lassie !!! The helping companion manifested to help  mankind learn compassion and care for another even. Whatever befalls of mankinds manifesting desires for companionship in environments through praying is of thoughts to manifest your lives.


Everything created on earth was physically thought out to occur mostly by primates. That dominate in Gorilla Warfare tactics naturally all the way back to the bloody murder sprees to dominate over all of life physically through two factors. One being laws and the other religions from a higher power that creates those laws. That's if truth is released properly related to a real life prophetic system supernaturally connected to another and other dimensions to bring through advanced knowledge.


Well back to Los Angeles runaway situation I went on over schooling and constant televsion reports stating where to runaway too to become famous. HOLLYWOOD, CALIFORNIA. Once there I was captured and contained to be enforced into a prostitution ring running out of the court of laws. I escaped. And went back to Mama's home.

While at her new home and with her new phone number she acquired I was able to catch an emergency call that would have revealed my prior location environment background. I had to hide the information at the point when the Morgue Called mom  to tell her they found her daughters body dead and at the Morgue I was there to answer that call. I pretended to be my mother to find out the informaiton out of Los Angeles, California about me. The Morgue lady worker or detective involved had a look alike dead body on their slab they assumed was me, Kimberly Bunch.


The lady on the phone reported to me that before her was a dead body and she believed it was Betty's daughter the lady they phoned with the missing child report. I said, "No, it isn't my daughter because she's home. I was referring to myself. I spoke truth. Then again another look alike from Sea- Tac highway was tossed on a street corner that resembled me not that long after that flight back to Seattle, Washington State, USA.


Mysteriously two dead look alikes were found resembling my appearance directly after my escape from a sex-trafficking system in Hollywood. I was to work to gain money to repay a down payment that set me free from jail house when I was just an innocent child trying to find my life calling.


Unfortunately the shackles never came off me for my whole life. That way they had legal and resource opportunity control over me all my life through punishments ongoing physically legally all my life. I can't begin to describe to you the emotional turmoil trapped in a legal system that enslaves legally for profit others physically in environments all their lifetime if they survive.


From the shackles I was controlled and abused by others that were governing over the whole system. The endangerment is so severe I am surprised I am still on earth physically. The ongoing harm has been so severe and crippling in so many ways to the point where I recognize they have overdone themselves abusing us severely.


Finally I have learned that animals are primates called mankind. And through a treacherous insane system that controls everyone to the death thereof have done so much incredible harm destruction already ongoing all the time. I cannot begin to tell you the severe harm in my mind and what has happened to my body literally over being tortured in life mentally, physically, spiritually and psychologically as they legally prey upon us. All to take away something for themselves literally by force. That's been the laws and the schooling domination tactics to control and physically handle to the cages us.


I say us because the dead guided me to the streets where to go for my Vision Quest always. I'm talkin' about those that came before me that were Missing People reports and so forth. I was guided to go through so much more than I ever should have. Because of the physical abuse ongoing through the laws about a person for what they are able to achieve to acquire is controlled.


I am writing this information to release the truth after all these years. I have had training from the physcial world and the spiritual world for my own life calling duties. The spiritual side saved my life. The physical side was very difficult to always survive through ongoing by people that treated me no different than a stupid stinkin' dog to kick around. That was the governing over the resources system.

I recognize a system of abusers governing over resources that don't give a hoot about you as a person alive. I recognize a physical forced world governed over mentally that enforces people into categories to send forth into the world. If you don't measure up to the download mind control system proper for label you are as good as dead. That's my knowledge. Over and over I felt like I died and have to physically be reborn again and again.


Emotionally I have been crippled down in life over even legal females working through laws that desired to harm me in mob teams for fun literally. All for their own profit. Females enjoying competively destroying me down to nothing has always been the norm throughout my life over a horrible system. And men were given rights over my body even literally for my life role enforced by predators even women.

Women that would gang up to rip to shreds someone like me over not comprehending my own true person and background. The police department had me raped tons of times already all along through courts of laws and others dominating over the physical enviromments legally for what is to be what.

After all my life being forced in a bad way by both genders I feel I died again. They set me up for male and females to sexually abuse me to dominate over me through a network system governed over by the legality resource system.

I was always hiding all my life to survive, mostly.



Due to being physically abused incredibly ongoing in my childhood after the age of six to seven -years of age. After they decided I was not welcome to attend school for learning at Winthrop, Washington State, USA my parents were forced to move away from that chosen area my father requested my mother to reside at. Basically they chased my family away claiming I was a mentally retarded child that needed education at another land location arena area.


My father was providing for us off the land as a mountain man, real man to work. Although he had his downfalls over disparagement elimination tactics in his environment. Well, the second Kimberly born was creating a bet of a mess for his personal life and the mother requested discipline to the child over false claims.


Due to the putdowns that their chosen child that was to become a Movie Star was now a retarded child that was forcing them to have to remove themselves from a location where my father could gain enough to provide for a family was conquered over by the legality system, again.


The first Kimberly was my father's daughter he had by a married woman. My father was military friends with her husband and the man asked my father, birth blood dad to look after his wife. My father did and impregnanted her over temptation of beauty before him. Secretly that had Kimberly. One day she died at age 14. It was a tragic accident. And here was another Kimberly going to her doom early on.


4:41 Pm

I was resented for being a failure and attactive and also considered to be smart except when the schooling system declared "No this one is mentally retarded." The real life true story about me is about I was a second Kimberly. The first one died at age 14. My mother originally desired a boy child she assumed she was carry the fetus of a male child. She believed the masculine mountain man would have a seed that would produce her Mathew. For Nine months my mother rubbed her stomach thinking and calling the fetus Mathew. That was me in there. I was born at Saint Anthony's hospital at a land location orginally translated as the Rainbow Valley.


My White Parents were married but had been married to another or others before they married and birthed me. I was born out of my mother's womb to the hands and care of Nuns that ran that hospital. And that was the city that decided I was mentally retarded so severe they placed me at first in a school and room with students that were quadriplegic. While sitting in that classroom after the lady superior educator decided I was retarded so severely disabled to place me in there...I sat and felt comfortable spiritually in the environment. I saw spirit activity outside the window that was pleasing. The teacher was disturbed that I was starring her down and had me removed to another school.


My mother had traveled away to the Rainbow land that was now called Wenatchee where I was born. She found a home in East Wenatchee where they placed me at Kenroy elmentary school and Sterling for special education training. There they crippled mhy mind so severely physically in the placement I was pulling my eyelashes out over the abuse about forced to focus on words for hours at a time when I was disabled. I was instructed all day long in isolation with others that were placed in a special education classroom. I physically harmed myself over the abuse by pulling out my eyelashes over the placement enforcement role for hours to read literally alone at a deck. They mentally traumatized me as a retarded child and was harming my mind that way. Damaging me. I was nine -years old at that time having gone through a education system that was harming me physcially and mentally. Claiming I was inferior and mentally not good.


I was trapped through the education system away from others that were my peers that were like-minded naturally in a out of school setting. In the schooling environment for my education I was forced into special education due to my mind having psychic abilities. They wanted to control me mentally, physically, emotionally and then spiritually in terror units all my days.


Now I was suppose to be a useless person mentally not adequate by eight -years -old government education training. I was forced into isolation segregation criminalization while suffering in severe poverty confused not knowing why they treated me this way. I was mocked in the schooling and regular resource sectors all my life like a stupid dog to abuse. I was trapped in another role.


All day long at school my mind was controlled where I was forced into a special education system ; isolated off to read all day. I physcially started harming myself over I wasn't suppose to be anything but nothing good to have to deal with for the rest of my life over a mental disqualification right off by age eight. It hurt me psychologically something fierce. I knew I wasn't mentally inadequate and yet they were controlling my mind and body as that. It harmed me very much emotionally early on being mistreated and claimed from the government branches of science I was mentally inadequate.


Luckily spirit guides helped me recover from the worst of it. That goes back to the Great Spirit Creator that has allowed us to live on earth physically on our own acord to dominate over physcial matter murderously even to achieve ambitiously as they do. And through that system tribes religiously spiritually mentally physcially and emotionally are legally held accountable for stepping outside of the environment cultural domination through a religion.


Back through time and ongoing we have physcial matter being dominated over by many branches legally called Abraham Religion. Through Abraham religions branching off to murderously control all physical matter that exist on earth we have a fault system to recognize pointing figures at the bad guys outside that domination legal mind condition control called a religion or religions connected to Abraham religion. And through that mindset legal control laws and all branches of sciences and education in arts and fun games for entertain and for work are created. You must obey is the message.

They gave me a message you must obey how we have enforced your life role. Therefore I struggle all my life to be legal even when terrorized in body and mind to be fed off of as a criminal to capature and use for funds gains is something I am aware of that I survived ongoing through. I have had to survive since childhood conditioned like I was the ugliest no good person alive to have around through a system that failed me on all levels entirally ongoing to discredit me as a living person.


I was forced into environments to be preyed on by others very early on through the courts of laws. After going through severe abuse in a education system that mocked my whole life role mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually always on all levels of the minus to take away from me ongoing. To harm me and to gang up on me to brutalize me and have me harmed in ways that are so inhumane to speak upon to have to survive through to talk about.


They were manifesting their new slavery domination sex slave skills on my life early on by what they forced me through in the USA ongoing always. Toppling me after mob attacking me to live on the streets. Can you imagine being forced outside while they banned your accesses?! O' my lord what they have done to me is unspeakable in the greater measure of it.


I survived through so much traumatic experiences over the Great Spirit and all the spirit guides helping me to live through the worst lifetime imaginable on the terror against my spiritual rights and body and emotions and mind. I ended up physically harming myself at certain severe points in my life to stop crimes against me. It didn't go over well. It just made more spirit helpers come to rescue me.


Because they physcially trapped me into a situation that wasn't my true story in life created by a dishonest insane system that abused me for having a different mindset. I would lash out and abuse myself over the spiritual role I was to carry out that was opposite of the path enforced for me to survive to gain from financially for my life role. All while going through psychic trauma programming development psychically, spiritually, mentally and physically.


In order to stop some of the abuse against me I turned away and even harmed myself through my lifetime over the abuse conditioning all the way back to pulling out my eyelashes at nine-years-old over a forced physcial setting that dominated my whole life and daytime. Back home was programming all evening for us from television set. I was forced to be without any resources sometimes while having others in my care that I had to send off from me somewhere for their own protection because I had no proper resources of my own.


Due to my mind being different and my environment through the government system being different I was incredibly abused and traumatized on all levels to survive through ongoing without proper resources or opportunities for me as a person with a disability that has psychic abilities developed. They terrorized and harmed me down through the government system to be inadequate through all their false reports. Inadequate lack of skills knowledge paperclipping mob attack legal crimes they did to me. On all levels they whored me out always to the streets to live. To reside. Locking me out of the system literally by removing my rights to my real life and such.


I was forced to have nothing and to abondoned everything in my life always from warfare attacks upon my life through a treacherous system that loved to whore us all out as pretty attractive dumb people even. To even prey upon us that are weaker to legally abuse us even to the deathblows thereof.


I would try to stop the abuse from happening to me physically and then I'd go through tons more abuse for trying to stop abuse from happening to me. I'd have all my rights always taken away. They forced me away always. They harmed me away always legally by the severe abuse they were doing to someone like me.

 Luckily for me I was raised in a natural setting where I was free to enjoy the Great Spirits world for awhile. Until my schooling days started where they decided this natural creative pretty little girl with a free spirit was nothing but a cripple to dominate mentally and physically and emotionally over. It was that role or you are no good for nothing to criminalize life role they gave me. Either or as the only fate to live.


And through that system came the physical sexual domination even through the laws that shackled me as a criminal by age 13 just for going exploring on a vision quest over they had destroyed my whole life in my environments through a governing over legal system that was in charge of opportunity funding.


Here I am half a moon in years along in my life reflecting back on the incredible warfare crimes against me as an individual person to abuse through a dominating predator primate system. Animals is what people are said to be and I learned that's exactly true over the severe abuse I have had to ongoingly survive through just to speak to you today. I've spent my life escaping evil as best as I could. That was dominating over me to destroy my mind to get to my body.


If you are harmed legally ongoing on all levels in placement mentally, physically and emotionally to be controlled through a governing system that doesn't adequately always protect or properly help with Natives, AKA your own citizens, proper safety and roles for their life. If you are harming us physically, mentally, emotionaly and spiritually we end up abusing ourselves for it. Someway on some level and that's about self harm. It's like taught to us. When I was told I was a stupid retarded child inadequate for a proper life role I was hurt.


 And that's the cripple system that harms folks like myself through centuries of domination mind warfare programs invisible that is physically created. I recognize a system that dominates that preys on others that demeans us down even for our whole lifetime role. All by feeding off our lives to control us to cages to abuse therein and on the outs.


By age 12 I knew I was endangered. Actually I knew my life was completely destroyed by age 10 from schooling education domination tactics placement for a life role to be had. The problem is I was abused and mistreated and misdiagnosed for my whole lifetime by ignorant people controlling everything that would harm me and destroy me to criminalize me to gain off my life personally in domination tactics that I was someone I really am not. A criminal bad person. I am a spiritually gifted person that has gone through insane terrorism harm on all levels and tortured mentally, physically and emotionally as well as harmed incredibly down  in mockery spiritually.


I can't begin to tell you the severe harm I have had to go through while my mind was occupied on another level to some extent for my life learning role. While my mind was disabled over psychic abilities surges I was harmed and placed outside to live as a bad person then criminalized always in cycles. While my mind was occupied trying to deal with enhanced psychic abilities senses others harmed me and preyed on me when I had no resources nor proper adequate protection.


I would be forced to the streets eliminated by the court of laws even. It's like they wanted to weaken me to prey on me for their financial gains. All while mocking me as a no good tramp to ruin down more to laugh at and cripple up on to disfunction that person more. Liars and cheats harmed me even more through the law. Playin' a game of domination righteous superior roles.


I have been raped countless times since my youth over placement from the courts of laws and environment withholding resource opportunies all while they preyed on a weakened mind. And allowed others to do the same setup since my childhood. So I would runaway to recreate a life that was also controlled in unnecessary control mob paperclipping attempts. Ruin is what they set out to do to my life all along. Since I couldn't measure up I was harmed so severe throughout my whole lifetime. I couldn't do or be as them so I was treated like a stupid dog to gang up on to control down on to abuse through a terrorizing horrific sexually even abusive domination system of predators harming even a disabled person. While using the laws to gang up mockily to terrorize to harm always I notice.


They all have been preying on me all along through the government resource system that pays their bills for them by hiring them so they can have great superior honorable life roles. All while harming people like me with a ton of fake documents over misdiagnoses and lack of proper respect and defense given to someone like myself. They didn't need a search warrant to terrorize me in a residents. Where they threatened to evict me over an adult child visiting my residence.


They went by fake documents from misdiagnoses to terrorize to destroy my whole world. All while loving the control superior role over my life physically that did severe damage. The abuse physically through the law stating I am a criminal and that I must physically go through so many physical conditioned treatments for criminals has done physcial medical damage. Not only were they reinjuring my mind and body but they were getting to me through a physical system of laws controlling environments where people were in charge that could emotionally ongoingly abuse me under their corporation business job roles. It seemed to be a fun game for them.


They decided I was retarded then they decided I was mentally ill as a Manic depression person to harm me down a lot more in life to ha-ha weaken that person. They already made a dumb criminal they sex trafficked. Everyone wanted to gang up to harm the me they were illusioned about ongoing over my life for what happened to me all along. They harmed me for being abused even legally. They abused me legally when I was harmed mentally and physically and emotionally. They literally were trying to remove me from my spiritual work. They have been harming everything about my whole life. Now it is to harm me spiritually through their insane system they created.


After all the damage they did to my whole lifetime now they dominate over me from their religious material to downgrade me as something bad in life again. I bearly feel alive at this point in time. It's like they were combating my mind to destroy it to rewrite my psyche they way they wanted it to be. Through their misdiagnoses and legal dangerous system harm they did. Treating me inferior and as their dumb criminal to prosecute to be homeless with nothing so they can whore me out. That's the great government system going on for my whole life. They try to force me to go get a job when my mind is already challegened. I've been forced to take jobs to stay alive that I wouldn't have wanted. I've been shunned from employment in a mockery hateful way also. All to demean me as a living person.


I was preyed on by lots of people working through the laws that wanted to make me into a really bad person for show. The legal torture was very challenging to survive through. They were physically injuring me in body and mind. I only survived over the Great Spirits help.


The Great Spirit has given me many spiritual gifts over the torture I have had to survive through for my whole lifetime already. People harmed me and thought I was just a bad person while I was having psychic surges and unable to properly adequately provide for myself and others even as was expected for my life role. Over having been horrifically tortured into another role and another system I gained more spiritual powers psychically and through spiritual mediumship to prophesy for the whole world even.


The Great Spirit blessed me throughout my lifetime with enhanced ongoing spiritual supernatural accesses that no one else would be able to access over the torture of my mind early on and body. I already had a wonderful spiritual connection since childhood. That never fadded away. Spirit guides kept coming to help me overcome the tragic role setup for my life. And that was to be used and abused ongoing as inequate to dominate over through laws that refuse to properly respect or care for even a spiritually prophetic supernaturally gifted person.


They used the laws to try to chase after me to mock my life role and that hurts. They allowed others to abuse me through a system that stole my life away. And I was forced to runaway to survive. I was forced to leave even through the government system my  birthland area and other locations over I'm suppose to be a stupid retarded that isn't wanted around here or there, etc.. My parents were even forced to move to another location over the academic system abuses against my mind and life they set forth to do. It was incredible torture. I can't express enough about torture.


And being legally terrorized ongoing so others feel terrific about their righteous great role. Since childhood I was isolated off in segregation while being mentally destroyed. I believed by the age of 12 that I was truly retarded, stupid person and that set me up to leave home even over impoverishment while being a latchkey child. Left alone while mama had to leave children at home alone so she could go work was the role. I had to find a way to gain my own resources and life early on. It was for my own survival or I'd die emotionally if I had to physically go on in the direction they wanted my life to go.


They did forced role mind programming on me to destroy me down so they could harm my body through the courts of laws too. Hiding it was what they did on their end the crimes the legality system and resources of characters dominating over opportunities did to me. They were injuring me on all levels all my life. I had to learn to adapt. I had to learn how to manage my psyche being compromised while I was being abused legally to do this and that for them. All while they harmed my physical body and life and emotions while I was homeless.


 Always they have criminalized me since childhood once I am without a home of my own. In poverty with nothing they hunt us down even to destroy us to control us. If you cannot measure up to their religious legal traditional roles created you are treated like a stupid dog to abuse that must remain silent. That must not speak to communicate to tell such things about what is physically going on with that one. It's about abusing us that has bothered me so much from a government system that has destroyed me to remake me into something they can use and abuse to work for them to give to them. All while I'm suppose to be inferior, ignorant, corrupt to destroy me over and over as they set that path.


All the harm put me through incredible suffering psychologically and spiritually where I would plead with the Great Spirit to help me.


6:56 PM

All while having a disability over the psychic abilities mental psyche connections I was harmed down in life to be tortured and destroyed to be remade over and over again. I pleaded with the Great Spirit for help and I went through supernatural training over it to learn another system while my body remained in environments that weren't necessarily always helpful or healthy to me from a preying upon that life system. Fleeing is what I've had to do to escape even being sex-trafficked out at times from a government legal system that demands payments.


I had to survive through torture as the norm all my life and it just seemed to get worse as I got holder the hold they had on my life to paperclip files of reports that are not true even to dominate to disrespect and to mock at my life and role evenmore through that reward system that honors even abusers to prey upon others to even gain sex from. Setting people up to be preyed on by others is something I have had to survive through to flee from all my life over and over. All while losing loved ones from me over the system that demands you focus on gaining income at work to be respected to have something in life.


I feel like I was forced to die in life. I feel like they deliberately set me up to fail in life to prey on me through a maze of resources and opportunities to withhold while incredibly abusing me down to have nothing in life. I worked so hard to overcome a mental disability that is caused from having add-ons of psychic abilities. While my mind has been compermised physically in environments that have legally abused me to force me to go through evenmore ongoing abuse I have had to learn to overcome to survive to stay alive.


I had to overcome my disability on my own. I've had to learn how to control myself enough to survive. The emotions from severe abuse if oppression and suppression is there while being abused to do this and that while having a mental disability that really is hazardous to manage while being forced to go along with a legal system that wants to criminalize me after they severely were always abusing me.


Love and care is something I must continue on with for my own life role involving others. I can only do so much. That's why I trailed off from being forced to die from a system that wanted to enforce me to a labor job force role while my mind was complicated in disabilities that others didn't care about to respect to acknowledge that hey this person really is telling the truth. No that didn't matter my appearance and the false reports that were negative were used against me.


All I could do was still love and care about others to help them anyway I could while I attempted to survive through the ongoing assaults that was so readily against my life role for me being inadequate on all material levels for show. I was found having a lack of something that set me up to be abused since I couldn't mentally and physically do workforce roles like everyone else. I was shunned away from gaining properly. To the point they racistly and even in  prejudice of thoughts set out to do damage to me physically personally over I wasn't a fit enough person in their eyes and minds to respect due to I was in poverty trying to survive alone while taking care of dependents. I was harmed always to have nothing and to lose everything by a hateful lot of people grouping up to enforce roles for us all.


I kept secrets that went against me while I was protecting others. I wasn't trying to harm others. I've only been trying to help others. All while being placed at times in my life in the worst insane systems that weren't going to allow me to succeed. Nope, not with opportunities and resources to respect me by.

It's like they stole my whole life away from me. By reassigning me as a mentally retarded child that wouldn't be able to gain a thing ahead. It was all setup for me since childhood. Honestly I tried fiercely to overcome a disability to be able to be normalized and to qualify as a regular person to respect for resource gains properly in order to succeed.


Trying to overcome in life with dependence while people preyed on in housing and combated against mentally legally and educationally that condemned me down to go home since I couldn't pass that C average college grade level right off. All over my disability in learning that is created or has been created early on by forcing my mind to obey a domination tactic to succeed. I was trying to succeed off on my own since age 13 over incredible abuse from a system that degraded my intelligence and life role. From a legal court system that even sex trafficked me out to be used and abused to the death thereof.


My whole life has been marginalized and treated like someone that needs more discipline because they are inadequate as a person. Here I am someone that came forward to speak back in 2011 about my spiritual supernatural stories all while the legal system and those governing over resources wanted to send me to live under the bridge so they could get to criminalize me down some more for show.

They decided I was a no good bad person to destroy. And those governing over citizens through a policing legal system chased after me mocking in undercover roles even while I was trying to overcome the terrorism destruction harm on all levels they had placed upon my life to survive through. While I was trying to repair my life so I could have legal right to drive a automobile they undercover law and others mob attacked me where I went.


Laughing and mocking and trying to literally harm someone they forced to the streets to be homeless to criminalize to control. Well they harmed me so severely for trying to repair my life so I could drive a vehicle. They just kept on forcing me away or in a cage to harm me through laws a lot more to control my mind and life choices for what they were going to allow me to do in life they approved of. And that was to get to WORK. Labor forced work to gain something for myself or else I was a no good piece of fecal matter. Well my mind is disabled and it is hard for me to do what others do for gains through resources. Medically I can't do as you all do. Mentally I can't do all you do. I have a compromised mind.


I've tried everything I possibly could to succeed to help others even and I always failed miserably over inadequacies. As soon as I came forward with my great news about my Great Spirit connections they were ready to destroy me the first opportunity they could through this government legal system.


What can I do to help others? Even before myself was always on my mind since a teenager. That's because I was given tons of responsibilities to survive and provide for myself and others along the way. All while living in poverty without a route out. They were so happy to mock me down to criminalize me they overdid it this last time around.


After so much incredible abuse in so many ways that never seizes to stop about how many ways have you been injuried and tramatized while having to survive through it to produce income for survival. I learned to train my mind to give psychic readings so I would be respected and then that was also trampled down on ongoing in this horrible governing over legality system and traditional approach for how to handle difficult people. How to handle to control you is the life I have had to survive through that was always working against my spiritual mind and always working against a good life for me. Unless I was in hiding. And even then trying to succeed always put me back with the predators dominating over resources that would abuse me and set me up to be harmed so much more over having to even look at me on a regular basis.

They would always shun and mock me away. People that look at material gains as a righteous life to live have legally abused me mentally, physically, sexually by explotation and so forth ongoing down to a lower level to be abused by others on any level that dominate over resources in environments. They continued on for my whole life mocking me and criminalizing me and lying to themselves about my intentions over their own treacherous dishonesty schemes. I am not you nor are you I.


My soul belongs to me and only me. My spiritual rights belong to me and only me. My physical body is suppose to belong to me. My mind and emotions are suppose to belong only to me. My voice is to belong to me. Not to someone else to control. I don't appreciate all the incredible psychological abuse that has ripped my life to shreds always.


Clearly your spiritual ignorance is a warfare problem against my life through a sick insane predator dominating through laws resources and income opportunities. Harming me all my life in severe mental abuse and sexual punishment abuses through the laws is go grave spiritual and ethical crimes done against me personally. I'm not planning to be the sexually abused dog you punish into silence legally.


The worst thing you people did to me was criminalizing me over your ignorance. Harming me and telling me to go live under the bridge got me raped. But yet they do NOT care because I am still alive needing resources to survive. They not only made me their dumb criminal to sexually exploit you see. The details are written. Also they ignored my voice even in a court of laws while they desired to prey upon me to feel superior and more empowered.


They did horrific abuse to my mind when I went to religions to learn they dishonered me for being in poverty walking, single with a baby trying to succeed to overcome. I wasn't anything worth honoring or respecting to consider about. That was the message I always got about my mind and life role. I didn't have the income to be included properly honestly is the truth. It was nothing about a real life spiritual compassion system they had. It was a domination tactic and a club affair to recognize in most churches I attended. Others wanting to dominate your mind tactics into forcing you to be as them or shunning you for being inferior. Poverty was the devil in any church I went too. As well as true spiritual gifts were the devil's doing in their expressions to me about my own mind and life experiences.

I wasn't accepted. Nor did anyone really feel they needed to respect someone in poverty like myself. They have had other reservations for my life role. They have literally tried to force me into a bad life role to live and to do things against my own mind and spiritual role. Mocking me down and out over marginalizing my life and experiences into a category that needs to be abused more type of system.

They abused me more over finding out I had psychic abilities through the laws they tortured me and removed more of my rights to resources. I was told to go live under a bridge from the resource network system for women's resources group and the emergency housing network system. They preyed on me like I was meat to fry up to enjoy the pleasure of consuming. They criminalized me and forced me into debt and vulnerability in ways so unimaginable to consider.


The current delimma I'm facing is due to law women mob attacking me dishonestly and trying to enforce me to work another profession while demanding large sums of money dishonestly through trickery schemes to try to enforce a prostitution role upon my very back!!!! They only succeed to have me raped and put in great debt by their wicked schemes against my life as a disabled person that rather sexually violate down to gain off that life through lies and scheming tactics to murder me off as a not good person to have living around them.


Law women have also been preying on me in ways that are disgusting. Insane crippling you down in abuses tactics to have me raped up ; beaten and abused while demanding even large sums of money claiming I didn't pay a law bill by them tricking me out to pay a ton more money for a disabled person in poverty. They operated worse than the men to have me raped, beaten and prostituted out on their lovely gains on control watch manuevers so they could dominate over and control someone's whole life down beneath their competive ranks.

You set me up to be prostituted to pay you people by demand of $250 from the court of law probation officer lady they assigned to me with the help of a terrorizing pimp of a lawyer lady to make sure they mob assaulted my mind real good for show.


They handled me not as a disabled person in poverty. They tricked me out and tried to give me double debt law bills to pay without my knowing so they could  harass and demand large sums of money that very day or else they'd turn it over to collections. Well I'm not prostituting my self out to be pimped by law women. Also. They gave it their Best Shot. They whitewashed my court papers and sent me away confused about what I was prosecuted for more than once. Clearly they kept setting me up to enslave me through the laws to even pimp me out for money that I shouldn't have had to pay. Nor should I have been assaulted and abused by their handling. If I go into details about the type of physical harm they did to me it is so insane to consider others so ruthlessly insanely dishonest to prey on someone like myself. Ongoing.


They set me up to have law women punish me too as inferior to their ranks at a level they harmed me very much so deliberately for even fun kicks for them. All while betraying me and my whole life that was tortured and abused under their watch. They harmed me when and while I was going through severe mental, emotional, physical and spiritual complications from trauma. They double hit me to go through it so much more by their assault crimes against my life through the courts of laws and a system of predators dominating over resources and opportunities.


I tried to fit in and they harassed and criminalized to mock and disgrace me ten times more for trying to succeed. All my rights have been destroyed. My whole life has been destroyed over and over and over and over again my an insane predator system that demands you GIVE to them.


In order to succeed I marketed my psychic abilities just to have other harm me ten times more in life for it. They want to tell me lies and have me answer them even. They do anything to try to destroy me for show. Luckily there's some good people left that can testify about my real life and mind for how I truly am and how I truly have spent my life. And that's trying to overcome a disability to succeed even for others I failed due to not being able to succeed to provide for their care properly usually has occurred.

I spent my whole life trying to overcome a disability while being severely abused as the norm through a legality system hellbent on criminalizing me for being ALIVE.

8:42 PM

After spending my life being sexually abused and violated and exploited by men women also decided to legally gang up to mob assault me to go live under the bridge as a fuck you placement. While banning me from proper resources to adequately survive. All while setting me up to fail to criminalize me on the streets knowing that it would set me back due to the emotional trauma releases to surface with psychic abiliites messages. And through that they criminalized me and tortured my body and mind at a level I had trouble surviving through to speak to you about it. They used women to assault me in their superior methods through the laws tactics. A raped victim ; a sex trafficked victim ; a disabled lady ; a person vulnerable in poverty they were setting up to prey on me to enslave to pay them. Or go to prison. I went into debt and was raped and battered and harmed over their insane abuses they keep on doing to me to hold me down and back to even die over all the abuses they continue on readily active desiring to accomplish against my very life. That's sick and insane of them.

They not only removed me from a safety shelter with my dependent they were hellbent on destroying our lives ; mother and child to force us to the streets to go play their superior new game on what I must do to survive their new role and environment system.


I recognize a predator system created that wants to harm weaker people in funds and life situations. For all my life others have preyed on me to enslave me through a system of laws and resources that isolated to mentally abuse me in segregation early on. Over incredible ongoing forced roles and harm done to be to hold me back in poverty I have suffered incredible abuses and criminalization any chance others get to topple me to the streets to remake me they desired way for physical show.


Pretending you people are superior at your job roles to criminalize others or to disgrace them for your financial gains might spiritually work against you all for doing immoral crimes to really a ton of innocent people you setup to enslave to abuse through the laws to cage people. As a method of replacement schemes in environments. That are you might have been murdered off in a trickery system that isolated you to destruction until you die from the abuses you have to survivve through. Not playing fair is pointing figures to criticism and condemn innocent vulnerable people. I'm telling my life story because of the horrible treatment I have had to try to overcome even to have a good report for 20 years of my life for show. And that didn't mean a thing to people wanting to destroy you to silence your words.


Disgracing people and setting them up for failure is something I know all about that the legal system has created if you cannot measure up to what they desire your life role to be for your gains in their environments they rule over.

I had to learn to be reborn again in consciousness to overcome the terrorism harm the system put me through.

10:30 PM

 I am thankful for when I was taught about government resource programs that would help my life any which way to safeguard it so I could actually even take care of others in my care through my lifetime. I go back decades in thoughts about what I have had to survive through with psychic abilities complications of the mind. But through that system it even ended up failing me. Due to not a proper life system adequately setup for survival to succeed for someone on their life path mission designed just for that person. There was no I when it was about job placement workers and roles to fill in order to be approved of in life.


Because of my childhood abuse I survived through that I was conditioned to survive through I kept most of it quiet to myself in order to overcome to go on. I had trouble trying to provide for a man and children in my life. While being deprived of a true respectful relationship because of the situation that brought us together in the firstplace was usually about emergencies and survival for both parties involved. I forgive and hope that others understand why I am as I am.


Trying to overcome trauma when trauma continues on disrupting and controlling lives to enforce more punishments upon those that emotionally and mentally don't measure up is a havoc disrupting system of injustices that doesn't rehabilitate if they are destroying minds, bodies, emotions and spiritual indepent beliefs.

During the psychic readings I have given others my mind is in orbit half the time and while that was going on I was experiencing regular warfare electronic harassment and undercover agents with others assisting that terrorized and hunted after me mocking me outloud so I could hear. This has gone on since they forced me outside after Barach Obama became president and the message released about White Privelege lifestyles that were to be toppled down any which way they could over their new belief system that a race of people were gaining more above everyone else that needed punishments for it if they weren't measuring up properly.


I became a target. My life came crashing down upon my existence to disrupt and destroy me in messages they told me from the situation before me that my new life calling was to be 'outside' banned for years from gaining proper resources. And that I could go live under a bridge to wait until my number was called for their low income housing gains. That means I was forced back to remain in poverty after being traumatized and abused for crimes that shouldn't have been used in methods to criminalize me over my prophetic messages given at the time of the arrest should have been a consideration but no they wanted to harm the one going through harm.

Well I had to survive through it and all the legal abuse from having visions and emotionally being distraught while having been very much harmed in my new created environment made just for me for being me with psychic abilities while being disabled with no proper resources and others that could safeguard to protect me I was forced to be homeless to be preyed on and I have been trying to overcome that legal issue for so many years to overcome the incredible harm they put me in just to enforce their justice laws on me.

While my mind was complicated from the psychic abilities training for years to prophesy I was harmed with a mind wave setup like that. I was legally harmed on purpose to stop my spiritual messages and to reassign me a new life made for me through the government resources and legal systems for opportunities. Or to receive physical and mental punishments. It seems as though they were enjoying ganging up on me and breaking laws to stop my spiritual work all along. That's about a system and people that do not comprehend properly what they are doing wrong.


They just decided to stop me by reassigning me a new life role with a message to go live under the bridge. And that was after Barach Obama took charge of the country. Well I cannot blame all the terrorism on a new president when there's funding and programs being rewritten for roles. You know that saying it takes a village to raise a child?  And do you know that saying that you can make or break a child?

Can you imagine being crippled mentally and emotionally? And preyed upon to reassign your life in a recycling of people for reassignment life roles? They wanted to recycle my mind for good to eliminate the psychic abilities talk. Of course I fled to try to find protection away from an insane money power movement political system to control others like sheep to herd for placement.

Well through life trying to struggle to overcome to achieve I found many things physically in life to admire to honor in not only others but in nature. Because of always being blamed for being a failure in life that couldn't measure up I learned compassion for others. Because I was physical harmed I had to go through that trauma to overcome. Which I did in error of regrants at some points in my life over having to learn to be responsible early on for my actions.

I learned how to be a better person mentally, physically and spiritually mostly usually always unless I was psychologically harmed ongoing to have issues surface emotionally. Due to the fact that they always were able to harm me legally the most over my emotional meltdown outburst I learned to hide that much more. Due to others wanting to overrun my life I learned to disappear to survive even.


If your life is threatened to a dangerous level where you could die you learn to avoid those situations as best as you can. Just to survive in life can be a challenge. I learned to use my psychic abilities to safeguard my life as best as I could and to help others as best as I could from the only way I found I could happily succeed.


Due to what has already continued on occurring to my life personally literally since my childhood many advanced spirits from Heaven have came back through this dimension to see me and give me many various messages. Angels flying through the air that resemble religious angels bringing messages have also taken care of me in documenting my life through a Book of Light in Heaven.


That means from an advance dimension supernatural where people end up going to afterdeath I have traveled through that dimension back to heaven and have even brought back information about advanced technology and futuristic life on earth. When I returned I came back like a ghost first in my spirit body. And I ended up placed at the Saint Anthony's hospital back in time to when the nuns delivered me on that property hospital location. And the nuns lived in the back of the hospital in a apartment building. The Great Spirit placed me at that location back in time like a ghost to see important nuns that may have had a hand in my delivery. Or had orginally were running operating the hospital from back in the 1800s even. Then I returned to my body after finding out I was a ghost operating in another timeline. That all occurred back in the year : 1999.

At that point in time I had a couple years of a serious interruption training by higher powerful spirits working transluciently aggressively in the environment around me appearing to the vision of children even. Walking water spirits and many fast moving more aggressive spirits operating investigating where I was in physical matter in Time. I had a psychic surge in 1996 and others not knowing what was really going on thought I was loosing my mind over running away from a stripper job that spirit sure didn't want me working at. I got into trouble for trying to compensate for my physical constructed mental disability that is documented. I was having to take care of others and I fled over my mind being compromised heavily aggressively with a new spiritual empowerment that was mentally very challenging to survive to live to go through.


I fled and took my two dependents to my mother's home for safety security. I knew she loved boys and needed someone in her life at that time over her own losses in life. Of course there I was in the way not working being more of a burden troubled problem due to really what was going on was impoverishment. I had no financial money enough to even provide for myself when my real psyche troubles were about downloading supernatural constructed prints related to learning advanced psychic abilities connections for my spiritual heavenly training role while alive.


People were expecting me to be beautiful and make lots of good money and marry well. I was a very disappointing lady in poverty to others. A complete screwball failure type over not being able to properly come up in the world to succeed. My mind was different and I was shunned and isolated in segregation as a child which created a bit of extra difficulites. And with that I have psychic abilities training advancement surges that hijack my mind and make it difficult to operate like others have desired for my life role to be physically.


The odds were stacked up so high against my spiritual work and messages all along about what I could do and gain from such information. I was insulted and humilated, disgraced and shunned for being honest about my spiritual gifts when I was before a licensed minister that decided I wasn't going to be honored as a member due to my questions and story about my spiritual experiences with angels. I was treated like someone possessed by a devil to treat me bad. To shun me and disgrace a poor helpless widow like lady away. I had no one not even a car.


 I had my mother and I gifted her with two male children to care for while my mind was managing a download of psychic abilities training. Since I wasn't doing for myself and others enough financially out of work and away from a great money source I became poorer and needier and shunned away to be disgraced until I could succeeed to be responsible for myself and others while financially materializing great things for show. I failed miserably. The more I learned the harder the ladder seemed to be to climb out of poverty to escape. I was in a maze of problematic funding sources arena that discredited me over my disability and poverty and failure to proper have even a car to get to work with. No vehicle to drive the children to and from. No real home of ones own to be happy and protected. So I made sure others were as safe as I could see to it for them to protect them. And then I had to go to find a way to succeed. Whatever the resources and opportunities were for someone like me I happily rushed to try to succeed every which way and I found so much problems on my own. Limitations and sending me away. But I could jump through hoops to get into a low income inspection unit rental. And I could attempt to succeed.


 I found it challenging but I continued trying to work through the maze at various things to achieve educationally to have the income I needed to survive. And then I couldn't add up to it all over problematic environment and resource opportunities. I was on my own expected to survive usually to overcome my psychic abilities from getting in the way and my disability from getting in the way while being in gross poverty trying to hide it while having not even a car opportunity to get around for my life role as a woman to care for others and to work. That was about limitations about what gains I could acquire from my life and work to be honored. You work and get paid to buy nice things, huh?


I noticed peoples thought beliefs about me physically in life weren't always so good over their expectations that I must be independent financially to impress them in life as my role. I didn't live up to the material glory for others to worship in honoring me for show. I ended up a financial nobody with no proper anything. No one ever wanted to really be around that type of poverty unless they were intoxicated in a social group.


 I never cared to be at a depressing bar to earn to gain friends really. But being shunned away I have met and learned more ways how to overcome challenges with my psychic abilities by giving out psychic readings. The problem that arose was others expectations about my work and their control over it in criticism was that I was to be a FREEBEE PSYCHIC or else I'd lose my psychic abiliites powers. Which was all nonsense but so many elders believed I should be giving those readings out for free. When my life had been so incredibly controlled in poverty to the doom of it. Or else that wanted to exploit me sexually for me to get on with my life and earnings of great funds.


I noticed a lot of times others trying to be helpful to guide me led me astray into more conflict and struggles if I took their advice about what I should do in life and how for my life role. People that felt they knew best misguided me into financial failure and doom. Of course I didn't need help that way in life. I ended up giving free psychic readings for 20 years while trying to succeed academically so I could have a college earned degree for a good paying job to honor my children and family and myself in a better view for our lives. I wanted to be honored and respected and to show I could succeed.


I always found myself in a huge struggle of disparagements to succeed over my disability connections with my psychic abiliites for schooling learning mind control conditioning test taking. It was challenging to be insufficient left in poverty and harmed as a criminal for not measuring up in life properly to be respected and honored as someone worth caring about.


7:14 AM

By the time I had learned to handle the psychic abilities training surges from the Heaven's on down into our dimension it took half my life to achieve. The education career system failed me with no supplies nor respect nor considerations for my personal position difficulities in life. All along I was setup as a actress playing a role to get ahead to be forced into another role unnecessarily even to try to live through for life. Trapping people into problematic situations is like forcing them into a grave to try to climb out of during a flood storm.


I didn't measure up to receiving proper respect nor help in life over three factors : Environment Poverty ; Disability ; Psychic Abiliites. I have my own religion due to the defined word : supernatural control messages. That's about a vast futuristic type of advanced technology that surpasses this timeline era century and world clock time.


My soul is about my spirit that is housed inside my body. My own spirit, soul has been stepping outside of that physical body since age five years old to see and know I am more than just that physical body operating in life learning and developing for a very important life path mission quest. That's about my soul and calling and life programs spiritual I must follow.


I have my own religion due to my religious experiences with the Great Spirit, heaven and all the guides throughout creation in time and space and out of time and space supernaturally in operation that does manifest physical for show when threatened and disgraced on that mission that comes from HEAVEN. Trying to overrun that system through a corrupt system that is more about domination physically through fear factor threats and mind programming while assaulting people in mind, body, emotionally and spiritually is going on to control everyone under the sun into categories to live by for their own financial gains.


Due to being treated like an ugly outcasted monster that no one wants to have around really as a burden financially in their county, state, or country has created a very challeging system to live through. I'm not the type of person to drop to my knees to beg for material gains. Nor to deceive others to prosper in another venue avenue that isn't suppose to be apart of my real life work and gains.


I have a Life Path Mission and I am on a Life Path Quest to fulfill that mission with a soul group and others to guide us from Heaven. Harming my mind and physical life seems to be a domination fun legal game going on that I can the spirit world disagrees with that has been controlling everything in physical matter through only a system of gains financally to overrun laws and physical placements of all living sources however they see fit.


Ignoring truth in physical reality to rewrite it as fiction is silly childish games to play. Confusing minds and recreating word meaning to stream out to lose others from the real learning methods is something I'm all to familiar with. I'm familiar with a system that preys on others in their timeline century, decade year target right on the money to dominate through warfare methods physically with technology originally given to produce Heaven on Earth for all. War blood is just about eliminations to dominate and take over that land and resources wherever you are. Domination tactics in groups controlling through laws and that is about writing the books on what you can and cannot due in their civilization that isn't compatibile with their overhead control of minds for gains methods.

Feeding and preying off my life wrongfully legally is what insane people do. That goes back to sacrifices people have made spiritually over it. People have made their own decisions in thought beliefs taught to them through a smooth sail on steady system ongoing gains for survival. Disrupting that is about trying to overthrow someone or something from the world. Or from their life. Like tagging and monitoring wild animals so disrespectful to even terrorize them and harm them with burning in the head metal clips attached to their ankles in technology instruments to see by spying on them in their own habitats has also caused severe harm through that artifical I want to know you better to control you better system.


Then it gets to the point where that life or that species or that particular group gets preyed on and used and abused for others resarch study financial income gains. All while invading and hurting in harm those they attach those GMS and spy gear on or at those locations causes magnetic frequencies disturbances.


I've been harmed for being 'I' all my life usually always to burn in hell and that's suffering to go through over others trickery schemes to great a ruin for another type of person. I've been trying very hard to handle it all. And I have been very glad, fortunate for always being able to help others with my prophetic messages for them with even healing abilities and guidance to help others that aren't deceiving to overrun my system but are honest people not deceiving and lying to control. I notice people pretending to be something or someone they are not to spy and create conflict.


I enjoy using my psychic abilities to help others and desire to achieve in life from that great talent that others claim to have that really don't and then they go on to make a great fortune. While the real deal has been tossed in the lake of fire to suffer to die in ideas I recognize before us. If you literally like to harm others and toss them in the burning pits of hell so you can overrun the system for material gains by harming others to death than we recognize a system that preys on others and harms them to death to take over. That's about WAR. Doing harm to innocent people to murder them off to overrun to overtake that environment through any methods possible is about war domination in physical matter through weaponry systems created with mindsets to murder to overrun to override their systems. I recognize that physical real world for sure. I recognize that message realistically logically as a real situation. Imagery is just about creating a visual display of the message figuratively speaking perhaps. About that Burning Pit of Hell they want to toss you into to steal your life and resources in opportunities away from you. A murderous hateful system physically that man handles you to suffer in the pits of HELL. All created for you if you Do NOT abey their legal rank control for what's what.


Preying on innocent vulnerable people in poverty is a serious grave sin. Especially if that person is having religious supernatural constructed experiences.  If you don't believe in the supernatural or in respecting others life and rights properly eventually it will present a problem for your timeline. All depending on the physical control used. Right now they are trying to take away as much electromagnetic energies to strip from the world to create worldwide doom so they are up in the sky to watch and enjoy seeing everyone die off.


That's why I want you to care about my messages and try to help others and to do good works in life. I expect honest good respectful people so our minds are healthier and our lives and bodies are healtheir in consideration of each other in our environments. I do have instructions and requests in physical matter. And I would appreciate respect and consideration about my own private life that needs good care in an environment while going through my tasks to acomplishment properly my Life Path Mission to bring great fruits in harvests to the world of life through spiritual food given in ideas. To guide and instruct and to prophesy should be a system to consider about one to two for a respectful system exchange of merits.


If I respect you as a person I sure would hope you would respect me back. But that's not always the case with others wanting to be predators to dominate in tactics over others to toss them in a burning pit of hell to be done with that person. If you aren't playing fair with me the Great Spirit and all those from Heaven open a doorway to enter our world to rewrite your civilization by forces out of your control. You cannot dominate over a futuristic advanced technology and people that surpass your own timeline intelligence information system with technology even.

I feel like the chicken to lay the egg that the greedy wickedly evil policing lady decided I was to lay steadily for her life gains and honor at work. Go figure. Does she get to beat on the chicken too for not laying the eggs enough in time for that law lady? It's a system that is about domination abuse tactics by hateful people overruning physical matter in thoughts that are truly disrespectful and harmful and degrading life conditions to live through mentally, spiritually and so forth.


Predators preying on us will work completely against them over the Supernatural Powers. And those those that were born connected throughout time to the Heaven's to bring forth the correct information were to be properly respected for their life roles they must carry out. Overrunning to recreate books, knowledge wrongfully illogically to enslave the masses to dominate over everyone is warfare tactics extremes.


And we see that created through a domination of Abraham religions that override the laws even these days by whoever has the most gains gets to be the leader to play the acting roles to rewrite words and laws and lifestyles for all the races of people in their own land environments born at to force them to flee to leave so others dominating over life physically through laws can take up those resources to have that great new extra gains.


 All while murdering off as many as possible through laws government governed over in thought belief systems attached to rewritten and reworded religious worldwide instructions for each country people and laws is govered over by a government and / or king and queen crown lot. You see it's about who has the most money has the most to lose? It's about the Material fun world of entertainment for the king in ideas. At wartime you see what the real kings and queens dominating over all the resources worldwide do.

Then here I am and many others that came after Jesus Christ was born and even before then. Stop trapping time to overrun it and to even speak for a spirit unless you were sent to earth to do so. I was. You weren't. You may learn from history and know your soul, your spirit but speaking for a person that lived long ago is about that real life soul.

That goes back to inventors that were harmed and prophets with supernatural gifts with philosophers and saints that were murdered over some religion tied to a belief system that decided a witch was anyone that could access psychic abilities supernaturally. Which is a deceitful lie. A witch is from a religion of their own.


 They are to be respected also. Instead they are betrayed and everyone is suppose to be a witch that has healing powers of some sort. That's insane. You people have screwed up language even to rewrite it to remake it even in imagery and that might be another grave sin you have created on earth through your domination tactics to rewrite the Heavenly books to control the masses. Lord have mercy is really about the owners of the lands. You see? You figure? Think about it.

So many powerful spirits from the Heavens came to guide me throughout my life over my psyche complications adding on enhanced senses up to ten-senses in ideas. That's overlapping regular senses supernaturally to consider about mind powers. Being mistreated, abused and denied proper respect resource opportunities for someone like me is a disgrace that even the Prophet Moses and Prophet Muhammad and your lovely Jesus Christ knows all to well about.


The great inventor Nikola Tesla is also wanting to get even. You naughty people controlling beliefs to the doom of life through laws have upset so many incredible spirits to come on back to help restore or destroy systems wrongfully in place. Prophet Moses isn't playing games with you people in this timeline era century either. Prophet Muhammad isn't one to toy with as a fun game to mock and disgrace down to eliminate either. Nor is Jesus Christ wanting you all to rewrite his message for this earth, you see? Recognize a real world connected to the supernatural please. Thank - you.


You will only have so much power to dominate over the world of people through lies and trickery control of minds and lives to even cage and beat down on to recreate for your civilazation you created through deceitful harmful warfare murder sprees.


I'm watching you too and I don't really ever die. I rematerialize always and I will be the one coming back to this earth to visit when no human life nor much other life can survive on earth. I am always coming back to my first home I remember always being physically born in throughout time always over and over again in cycles to do my best works. And that really was about bringing through spiritual information and properly being respected. But no throughout time back to Julius Caesar and Jesus Christ and also about Nikola Tesla we see a system that is controlled about what's what. When no respect adequately was ever given that that person or persons would return someway to life to continue on instructing.


If you don't believe in the supernatural nor paranormal which is one and the same to me due to the powers used connected to the ether, spirits and energy codes. I have to work with advanced knowledge and to recognize many important spirits that were born that came before me. It's weaved on in so I learn about those that are guiding me. I know them from the Heavens. I'm talking about others that aren't physically alive that have been guiding me to survive through spiritual warfare I've had to live through half a moon in time considerations already.


Do you people think Jesus Christ wants you to speak for that spirit? Really, think about it. Are you connected to heaven and the supernatural with many angels and others? Do you think you have the right to speak for Jesus Christ personally? Really think about how that spirit would feel about it. Reconsider what the Great Spirit really wants created to be materialized on earth and how.


One thing is for certain and that is Prophet Moses will release great plagues over people deliberately harming me in any physical timeline. I'm on a life mission. That wasn't something others were to destroy. To remake for their Superior authority over my life, mind, life role and so forth. Withholding proper resources for me is the greatest rape attack attempt imaginable to view in consideration of everything that has gone wrong. Take a look at that whole big picture of that ONE LIFE that lived that was ruined for attempting to be alive so easily. Disgraced and shunned, shackled and enslaved to a predator domination of defilement legal systems to rewrite your books and life and mind through lies and trickery schemes so they gain off your life better. Wicked schemes to harm is in display through the hate crimes I've been forced to survive through against my own life all along even. Against my own voice and messaes and life role. Wicked schemes have toppled me down to be harmed legally to be forced in inhumane ways to survive through.


 That's spiritual warfare attacks and Prophet Moses isn't agreeing with your tactics on discipline stragegy to produce and betray me as something I originally wasn't suppose to be. Physically forcing life roles on people to harm their minds, emotions, bodies and spiritual rights is insane. As well as robbing and removing us from our birthlands and removing the resources from us there to overrun to overthrow the system. All while forcing people like me into cages has even brough Prophet Muhammad to me to let me know trouble would come ahead for those doing all  that harm. Angels with swords came down from heaven over all the disrespect harm I had to survive to live through.


Do you think the Great Spirit is playing a stupid game with you? Prophet Moses loves to teach many a lesson or two or three. Prophet Muhammad loves to forewarn and instruct to guide. Jesus Christ loves to care and be forgiving. Don't you know they are aware of what you people are doing to one of their OWN? It's weaved into time. For you people to properly learn and yet for the last two-thousand years warfare murder sprees has recreated laws and religious beliefs and given new knowledge to survive through and by.


Hey there, do you think Jesus Christ would want to have incarnated in this timeline so you people can groom him and fancy up his penis in cutting methods? To have a better view? Do you think Jesus Christ would incarnate a male so you can reassign his gender? Think about it.


Why would Jesus Christ want to be born a male in this timeline so you people can cosmetically remake his penis for show? Do you think Jesus Christ would want circumcision as well as to be called a Christian? Think again.


For one thing Jesus Christ believed that the Divine source was connected to the body and that you weren't to harm it. You weren't to murder or harm the vessel that houses your spirit. There wouldn't have been cutting off skin in grooming cosmetic appearance at all. It would be against the natural birthrights. Only if there was something wrong with a penis would it be cut on. That's medical. I'm telling you right now you have tons of people recreating life and spiritual information by degrading down the truth to remake it for finanical profit to control the whole world even through murdering off everyont to steal that land and resources for they can have more gains for selfishly ignorant greedy folks that want to hold you down to control you and your information? You see perhaps.


They want to break your mind, body and emotions to remake you in this world so they are happier controlling over your life. Predators keep just harming and taking away everything through the laws. Where's mine, I ask you? Did you steal my life and all my gains away from me in this incarnation already? Think about what you people are doing to others and how in your Superior religion control with laws to produce the branches of sciences.


Do you people get off on abusing others? They have taken Jesus Christ and harmed him psychically in spiritual attacks through imagery and deceivers after the crown of material and legal rank gains. When you harm a messenger that are reporting from the Heavens alive on earth that are attached to the greatest prophets, saints and inventors and angels and extraterrestial introdimensional intelligent active supernatural entities ...when you try to overthrow to remake to recycle that person in mind, body, spiritually through laws that attack people emotionally created to downgrade and overthrow to rule over a messenger with supernatural powers connected to All living Life throughtime time sources you failed.

By remaking reality to rewrite life you failed. You conquered the world and minds to dominate over all of life and everything in it to remake yourselves with five inadequate unhealthy medical senses that you have perceived yourselves the great godly authority over lands to conquer all of life to the doom of all of it in existence. I am here reporting.


I recognize a great giving rewarding system that mocks down life to destroy it for fun gains without realizing the spirit world is watching and knowing and has also been the system to help you gain through a fortunate lot of incarnated souls that have always been there wanting to produce Heaven on Earth for all without slavery and deceit of lies and mockery of truth governing over the royality of luxurious for show and gains and opportunites.


 Caging life is about discrediting it to enslave in a way to remake to control in the authoritive environments that are suppose to be connected to what exactly? Intelligence, compassion and proper mental adequate assistance for each person for their learning style if care is there involved. And also about the body care must be there too in environments. Resources and opportunites for each person alive should be there realistically. Caging to eliminate to dishonor people so you have better gains is going to work against this timeline world.


It's like insane wickedness wanted to ruin me all along to remake me. And that goes back to mocking Jesus Christ at Christmas time as Santa for the market corporate great gains. Overrunning spiritual reality to remake it to control it is before us. Mixing wrong with right up. Confusing truth with lies is a major bunny at Easter time problem too.


 Selling images of Jesus Christ on a christ suffering is really a crime of spiritual attacks against that life you are upholding. You and invision to help recreate to manifest through those images life and beliefs and your physical world. While assaulting the spiritual world. The heavens and those that have worked so hard to bring through spiritual information. But back to the honor of the high and mighty Empire owners of it all works against those spiritual people trying to come to set others free however that may be mentally, physically, spiritually and / or to bring through proper healthy helpful medical information and advanced technology information is always given out for a system to use to help evolve  civilizations.


Doing war conflict crimes attacks ongoing to harm important speakers that are born to bring through information is a grave crimes spiritually. If you continue on harming people like myself you will see the worst fate to befall earth. It's always set to occur that way at wartime.  Ignoring so you can harm folks like me is a spiritual sin.



Kimberly Bunch

Copyright Reserved, 2022