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02/22/2014 13:18
Psychokinesis refers to several psychic abilities that have a psychic "kinetic" effect, including telekinesis, pyrokinesis, hydrokinesis, geokinesis, aerokinesis, electrokinesis, etc. These abilities are found predominantly today in a select few Crystal children, sometimes by people training...


02/22/2014 12:22
Psychometry   Psychometry is a psychic ability related to the sense of touch. There are several psychic abilities where sensing the environment through perception of the psychic feeling of frequencies exist, such as Clairsentience, Empathy, and Psychometry, but each vary accordingly. The...

Psychic Taste; Clairgustance

02/22/2014 00:08
Psychic Taste; Clairgustance Clairgustance is a psychic ability related to the sense of taste that connects to a frequency of information, sometimes for solutions to events. Clairgustance is a counterpart to one of the five primary physical senses, thus producing ten primary senses. Five...

Psychic Smell; Clairalience, Clairolfactance, Clarescence

02/02/2014 18:24
Psychic Smell; Clairalience, Clairolfactance, Clarescence   Clairolfactance is a Psychic Ability related to one of the ten primary senses (5 primary physical senses with their 5 psychic counterparts). We have the first five external senses: sight, hearing, taste, touch and smell. In addition...

Psychic Strong Points

02/02/2014 18:18
Psychic Strong Points   Psychic Strong Points are psychic abilities the individual has a natural affinity with, essentially a psychic talent. Psychic abilities are internal sense faculties within us, as a result of our nonphysical bodies, that are registered in our outer physical world as...
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