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Originally created date: 07/21/2022

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Channeling Live Reports


This report log is about something similar to EVPs. That's the electronic voice Phenomenon. I am adapted to receptions of sounds in frequencies below human hearing range.



For you All I want to teach you all about my trade skills methods. I always have honestly given to charity to all people always in some form of good intentions while I have been alive. Unless you cross me and bevome my enemy. And even then I'll still be respectful more than not in actions. I've been trained to take on supernatural forces. I want to help you learn about my own truth, spiritually. It's all here to view.


I am like a radio wave band beacon. I have all the receptions within me similar to a computerized system to decoded living matter.




TM : Judism




6:06 AM

TM : Catholics


5 AM  Hours


Sound waves activities.

TM: "...And some of them have no IDs."

Note : There's a big difference from sound waves I hear like EVPs but they aren't they are from humans talking and I am picking up on bits and pieces like Kibble and bits in ideas. Doggy treats on the run. Joking language added - in.


Anyhow, we have lots of thick sound waves running directly through open space air. So much listening in on every single person has created quite the ordeal for me to view psychically even to detect and see and hear the extra interferences by others wanting to be with the Money God to dominate to control all mankind by LISTENING IN with machines.


You people are creating tons of damage to yourselves over all the devices in operation. It has created dangerous levels of hazardous earth stripping frequency waves disruptions to living organisms. Duh.


 You are harnessing to play Gods and while at it you'll destroy all of life going at it. That's too those creating laws to punk open buttholes for show too.


You are doing tons of damage to the brain areas internally through this incredible extraction method to gather all the resources and intelligences before you murder off in genocides all of life. I get it. I know what time it is. You want to pretend you are Gods while dooming us all.


All the electronics on and all the electricity telephone lines up and the cellphone towers installed with everyone carry electronic devices for regular five - senses hi, feel me, hear me, see me all the time in ideas. On call ; gossiping about chatting and spying and hacking and all the focus on electronics for each person piles up with devices. Everywhere there's electronic machines spying. It's going to kill off everything eventually.


People will go mad as they already are over the stripping of the earth's magnetic system to harnesses gadgets to play Money Gods in empires created to extrack only intelligence from the citizens ; people at large. Extractions. Taking away means you aren't really gaining on the goods if you are being termendously harmed in the future. So spying and hiding to do it behind machines isn't the true supernatural eye.  Nor is it the ear to hear supernaturally. Nor in any other way to extract the proper intelligence from a world system to help care for earth and all of life. That's not going on.


You are entertained by seeing and hearing. You get excited to see and hear what you aren't suppose too through your God of Money gifts given to you all for your entertainment. You have been given much temptation in items of material gains to use for good or evil.


The problem is that you people with your Money God you worship all day and night for luxury gains and honor and all... you lose the true way. You become lost ahead over the wrong road ; wrong trail ahead. That's doom over you cannot see what is in that darkness to come.


Also you can be confused and misinterpret what you see and hear in your Great Spying God of Money priveleges. And you might hear things that you misinterpret because you are with the Dog and the Money God you worship in life. Which means you didn't care enough about life in your communities properly because you were off worshipping the money God.


You allowed doom into your lives over the Dog with the Money God you are seeking after day and night for long hours of hard labor. I know you have to survive as we all try and struggle to live on or die off.


Masters and Lords of all the luxury loot -- have a good life while you can in this lifetime.



Did FEAR put a phone in your pocket  as the norm?

Did FEAR put a weapon upon your body as the norm?



TM: Dam ; Danger !!!! Caution. Roadblocks. 


TM : You'll be fenced off.


TM : I'm watching you !


TM : High pressure points.


TM : Chris Rock. Give me the report.

There will not be a psychic reading for a Chris Rock. He can pay for his own private reading if he wants too. I'm not a reception sound wave acquired freebee for free psychic readings for all you super wealthy stockholders. Go bark up another tree.


AM Hours

TM : Lazareth


TM: Paris

TM: Procedures





 1-2 AM

TM England 



8 /10-11/22

TM Rupert Murduch


8/10-11 /22

TM Algeria ; All of Algeria. They want to bring the whole Algerian Nation to the USA to reside. Algeria.


9:43 AM

TM Florida Panhandle



I can hear low frequency sound waves and highest frequency soun waves that is strange but relates to energy with elemental forces for consideration.


Words like : Zionist Movement ; Zion. Depending on the energies attached about importance than I come forward to speak about the sound wave phenomenon I register with my psychic abilities senses to hear outside the range of normal sense of hearing.


I apologize not for the spiritual work. Thank - you for caring.


TM : Margery


Interpret Margery ; name meaning : Old French for Pearl.

Decode : Pearl release defined news reports : Pearl Harbor War Message in released news reports  to the general media.

Do you think I'm saying to myself "O' Margery?" No, not I. I'm only prophetically working with advanced technology I use to prophesy myself. To predict the future to know the current energy accumulations in living matter to follow in tracks after.




12:50 PM

TM : Electromagnetic energies are involved.

12:51 PM

TM : Agressors on planes. I saw a lady on a plane clairvoyantly in a vision and she wanted to know who was flying the plane. She was walking up the aisle in the plane. Danger, warnings agressive hostiles on planes in the air. 


Psychic Reading : You better use more caution. And yes you do want to know whose flying the plane you are in. Thank - you for the report.

You might be in training flying an aircraft. Those on board need to know you personally. Send out information ahead of time photo and discription of those employed to care for you in the sky.  Hear me out. We are all like family now together whereever we go in a group. That's about recognizing each other clearly. And what is at stake. 

That's about either loyality in a group or one oddball with probably linked to many others with the same mindset could create tons of havoc or misunderstandings. And also over ongoing misfortunes at a high enough degree. Therefore, we want to introduce each other for those that are employed in a risky profession governing over hostilies even. You must make them feel more secure if they are paying for flights. All you have to do is secure them in trust. You are working for them they feel also and you are as a public servant. Build up on personal trust. Porfolio. That's about whose operating the plane for those on board.


Fliers. Background profession length of time employed in your profession to fly aircraft. Background character released likes , dislikes, personal information to contact for complaints or recommendations honor. A new approach. It's for your own protection. You can add company email address for complaints are to honor the pilot.


They want to contact the company and have a portfolio on those employed on shift when they ; the people are in need of a secure connection to relax during stressful events. The public service specialistis need to understand a shift change that is in order ; or that is needed and must be requested as I am doing so right now. 


We will be working on relaxation control over emotions and stress with those in our environments in public spaces. Another form of comfort to relax your mind and body in flight is expected. Also to be able to personally send an email of thanks or whatever to the pilot and flight attendance on duty when you are in flight. They want a secure system one they trust much better. 


Comapny personnal email addresses are needed and porfolio fliers handed out about whose working to save your life in the air to get you from point A to point Z. This way you are securing your jobs and also building up on amazing potential with the publics trust.


11:06 AM 

TM : DANGER ; CAUTION : Electric Companies. ROADWAY CAUTION. SECURITY. WARNING SECURITY. Alerts, hazard. Roadway workers. Caution. Roads blocked off. Danger. RADAR DANGER. Alert. Crews at work. Security Work. Road Construction Crews. Blockage. Blocked traffic. Redirect, reroute. Danger. Fenced off location. Warnings. You are to stay back. Caution. Roadway workers. Stop zone. Reroute.


TM : Capture


TM : Micah


Greetings Everyone. This is for you All.

Live Telepathic News Reports I will be releasing to the general populations for FREE as my Good graces charity to the world.


It's to teach others around the world about various ways to prophesy to predict the future naturally with extensions in access-es of development with psychic abilities.


Scroll Down for Telepathy Reports ...


When you see TM it means Telepathic Message. I will be sending out Electromagnetic Frequencies in sound waves connections to the work I do channeling through to prophesy immediate spikes up in living matter of important breaking news release reports. I am teaching by showing you do not need electronics to tap into another powerful system to read through living matter to predict the future. It's about accessing psychic abilities like if it is a Phone Call that's an emergency.

 It's about energy spikes built-up so high that I am in receptions psychically, spiritually for my life work prophetically to instruct and teach and experiment with important mind powers for consideration of reality physically constructed in this world with living sources. Upgrades are expected. Thank -you for Donating and Caring so much.


Telepathic Messages Released



TM : Egypt

Clairvoyance : Camel

Egypt is the telepathic message. I saw camels clairvoyantly with that. For the last couple days I was sent a messagge stating Egypt and I was shown clairvoyantly camels. I interpret the message about politics and think history dating back in recordings. Something coming out of Egypt. Jesus Christ might want to ride on a camel around for awhile also.


12:54 AM

TM : Tribal Abuses



5:08 AM

TM :  Borus.


6:18 AM

TM : Algeria.


6am around that time the message came through ;

 TM : Queen Latifah


These reports are an investigation into the psyche using the unconscious with superconscious and consciousness extended out with ten -senses on detection to channel through investigation materially about Breaking News Stories on the outlets. I don't have to do anything but set back to know what's going on around the world in a gathering of minds focus.


8:19 AM

TM : Nancy


Kimberly Bunch, Seer

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