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Hello there. I am so pleased to have you here reading this material this very day you access it. I am researching as an investigator with the supernatural all my life due to complications of the psyche extensions with psychic abilities that I have always had to learn how to live to survive through having visions that I could not explain that are so incredible. It's about an advanced psyche of the mind connected to mind powers we are witnessing in construction of releases.


This is a documented manuscript of information being released to the general public instructing and teaching and displaying by learning and adapting to another system to report to others about. It's my life path mission to prophesy. I am a born developed person, female, adult woman that is a PROPHETESS for good measure. That title stands through time weaven in because of my soul background.


I will be releasing explanations on here for the interpretion of channeling reports I release. The messages are about electromagnetic frequencies ; sound waves that I can see even through the air that travel right to me to decode to interpret. I have literally been able to see a telepathic message ; a thought sent to me through a wall from another asking me a question. Stating something to me. I saw prints of energy through the air that relates to geometry ; science ; mathematics. I am able to see so much more than the average sight to see. I am with sixth -sense


I have clairaudience like Joan of Arc to hear the Great Spirit speak to me. And others that send thoughts out to others. I saw through the air energies of patterns from sound waves traveling out through the air directly to me. And then there came the person speaking the thoughts from the next room to me about what they wanted to tell me. Therefore I must do my work by releasing these reports.


6:50 AM

I release a ton of information from gathering research work to instruct by teaching about psychic abilities by sharing just how it operates through me. I have allowed full access to my consciousness, unconsciousness, superconsciousness back to the psychic abilities extended with senses connections to the spirit world and this world all through time.


The News Reports Messages released can be political or it can be the DEAD speaking through me to another that is tuning in to read my reports. Or an angel or another from Heaven to give you a message. The News Reports is about Timing Target.


 Also for me to hit right on it or before for Politic releases in News Stories to investigate to then report back my interpretations about what's going on with those News Release Stories connected to Psychic abilities to Prophesy with.


Today so far I received with sound waves connected to electromagnetic frequencies extensions out with my Clairaudience, telepathic training to see and hear and know many things related to the invisible spheres of life. The invisible world I have access too through time and throughout dimensions I can see through many things to read through to know about all of time.


I am releasing this information as a teaching tool about you and your own potential development naturally to access 'perhaps'.


Right now I am working with the name Borus and I know that is a political leader bussinessman. The name would be Borus Johnson and that I am to do a Psychic Report about this particular person's leadership skills, background and to predict about the outcome with his life and all those connected to him about his life and life work released. That's Work !


Borus Johnson, Algeria, Queen Latifah are three subject matters Spirit gave me to work with about what's going on in the world currently that is IMPORTANT.


Well it's pretty incredible that I can follow information without watching television news reports or seeking to find something to see to report on when I report about the spiritual connections to my work for what spirit wants us to focus on with topics connections to large gatherings of the masses.


When I heard the name Borus I knew that was: Borus Johnson from another country and that he's a alright man that has made some mistakes but overall he's a pretty good, reasonable character. He keeps good company and has a lovey free spirit carefree fun loving wife that enjoys his company. Good people that try to do what's right. Honest as much as possible and hard working, caring and considerate type of folks. They are accepted, honored and it is correct. We also recognize everyone has made errors in life and that's apart of learning. We are in a system of credits overall for folks. Related to accesses of grants and funds to build up empires even.


The next up is Algeria. And that's about a movement, changes, establishments and spreading out across the world in travels from there. That rises concerns for other countries about how many people they can take into their land environment systems ; countries, states, cities all taking in foreign born travelers raises eyebrows to how much one land location is will to share space with and why and whom and how and so on.


It's about productive material ; complicated systems to sort through to recognize by first acknowledging if there's a PROBLEM or not. And where that problem arises from and why and so forth. I will check the news report releases connected to Algeria. I know there's a problem. It's not about just going to another country to another location like Algeria to enjoy for a vacation trip in perceptions. No not for this lady right here about why the topics arise on Clairaudience and telepathy releases.


I also have to take into consideration about my own brain download of  material unconsciously for immediate pop-ups  of thoughts that are suddenly appearing. First you must recognize your own mind. Were you thinking about music? Suddenly out of no where a name appears in your mind you hadn't thought of to even recall to remember. And that was 'Queen Latifah' message. I thought how odd to suddenly consciously hear that person's stage performance name. I'm not sure what her real name is. A person that is a singer and actress.


I went and checked the news report releases and found the Queen Latifah speaking publicly about BODY IMAGES. I thought that was excellent and she's doing super good, right on target with the important subject matter. It goes back to healers and healing and speakers speaking.


Spirit guides my mind really to consider what to focus on to instruct on as a spiritual teacher to report about to instruct about in investigation material releases.


So far we have three telepathic messages that i know that's true because it comes from me and my mind on receptions. We are like radio radar receptors unsconsciously to sound waves flowing through the air that you ususally cannot see to interpret. I can see them at times I have. I see what others cannot. I can hear with others cannot through the supernatural system that is attached to my very existence.


** Congration Borus Johnson becoming with title as UK Prime Minister. **


** Congratulations Queen Latifah for speaking TRUTH related to the Healing Arts. **


Thanks for speaking out Queen Latifah about an important subject matter about the human vessel. Or any living vessel for that matter when it comes to the self and ideas about self imagery displayed to the world and then that also speaks about what comes from within oneself. As well as the environment conditioning, diet, mindsets back to the market on ideas.


Algeria telepathic message was related to the breaking news reports about Italy gaining gasoline supplies from Algeria. I do see a fleeing running of people away from danger zones on accesses. I see Algerians fleeing over another people from another land area coming in to warfare enough to extract supplies. That means other plays in the air and other people dominating on the lands through the laws to consider relationships from one country to the other.


Telepathic message saying 'Nancy' came in today at 8:16 AM. I know that's a spike -up of accumulated energies on the opening of the recesses from radar radio tranmission signals receptions I have with mind powers connections to recognize that's about Nancy Pelosi USA House Speaker Representative.


That means I am to report again to do another psychic reading on this particular lady character. I have the spiritual giftst to do all types of scan checks on her energy field. She is alive walking and contains a consistancy of up to 60 percent liguid water. That's photon lights I can read connected to the living source. Water and light goes well together to see Jesus's Rainbow medically to read in you.


That relates to Kundalini sources of information about the chakra points. It's the only information basically I have access too in research work connected to aura readings connections to clairvoyance for medical healing arts readings -- that I can do myself even.


For Legality Purposes right now I state that I am not a licensed anything in this world. I am not legally licensed at all to be a physcian or to drive an automobile type of no legal access gains as of current date and time. That said about my true real life rights legally I can go on to do a psychic reading x2 that has been publicly released whether you received the first reading release or not on the media outlet channels.


Anyhow back to Nancy Pelosi's job. To tell you the truth she's a nice lady and romantic and enjoys being around the men and others at work gathering about. Although at her age she has acquired medical problems related to her psyche. She can romance the world in nice happy energies gathered among others likeminded, powerfully rich in leadership gains and family bloodline backgrounds about estates, empires, corporations. Therefore at her rank she stands in leadership even though at her age and medical, mental background isn't measuring up to the type of work she is doing for the WORLD. For our lives in the USA.

Nancy Pelosi has mental health medical problems that she has to take medication for. Forgetfulness. Confusion. Disoriented. Losing things : Her glasses for important meetings. Forgetting where she is at. Mental instability medical problems from taking on too much at her age with her medical condition reported that I am not entitled to release. Other than what I just reported. I can work harder to pull through to extra dementia type of prints. What else is there would be a combination of factors. Stress levels at her age mentally and a loss of perscription drugs while in a foreign country working with her mind as a world public speaker leader is insane.


I ask you Nancy Pelosi what on earth are you doing still at work with dementia conscious ongoing issues. You know you have to take your medicine so it m akes everything okay? No lady, NO. It is not okay to be doing the type of work you are doing when your psyche medically is failing during crucial times. If you don't have your medication you are in huge trouble.


We don't live in a pretend world. I'd recheck your age and mental health medically. If you cannot survive without pharmaceuticals and your mind is failing at a dangerous medical level at times while you are happily at work, Nancy Pelosi working amongst all those men romantically flirting all those years enjoying the power and honor and loyality of others amongst you.


You have been cheerful, upbeat, flirtatious to get ahead. You have had charisma all these years and that charm, smiling and leadership quality has gotten you ahead. Even while you romantically thirst in life for more love romantically. You have done well. You have been very forgetful and need an aid that understands your medical condition with pharmaceuticals. The problem I have is about you traveling overseas with a dementia issue ; mental loss of consciousness of thoughts, location, duties and so forth. It's a crime for you to be in your job placement due to your mental health medical decline. You might be doing well with medication but it's a risk to have you at work as you are with failing health of mind and body. You are an elderly lady.


Nancy Pelosi you are a Senior Citizen, elderly person with a mental health condition that should have put you out of work years ago. But the romance keeps you at work more than anything else and the fact trickery schemes with medication is helping but not curing your condition. You have to be drugged the fuck up as the norm. That's not good when it comes to doctors and medication when there is none for you when you need it for work duties. Your mind is important. Reconsider your job. Retire. Go away lusting romantically. You have gained enough.


Any reports I release on anyone relates to the skills I have with mind powers to do interpretations about the supernatural connections to my psychic abilities on release reports. Legally you better learn to accept and appreciate my work.


When you are too old to work stop working if your mind is failing and /or body. That's if you can. Don't be a danger to others if you know you could be over your medication issues.


One more time, Nancy Pelosi you are a lover, romantic, lustful always and that's how you gained a fortune. I recommend, lady, you retire.


Kimberly Bunch, Seer

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