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I have no life really ; no home of my own for my own family ; no vehicle of my own to get around ; no gains at all from the USA Education System only abuses and brutality in mental assaults upon my mind since age eight years old by them deciding I was a retarded child that needed to be put away in a classroom with Paraplegia classroom of  children. Before they transferred me to a class that some other teachers viewed as a bad children's classroom. They'd even put boys from regular classrooms to sit the day in the Special Education classroom for acting up to teach them a lesson. I was sitting in that classroom they segregated and isolated off. I spent my childhood wondering why they felt I was retarded. They destroyed my life that way in mental abuses ongoing. Then they jailed me for escaping their insanities.


I tried everything in my own power with my mind, heart, soul and all to succeed when I was always in a very vulnerable unpredictable away being harmed tons since childhood through corruption in the system even with the laws that didn't protect me as a disabled child or adult. No they preyed on my mind and body and emotions and harmed me always every chance they got over my spiritual religious experiences I personally have been having all along since childhood. They sent me away with no gains from college over they wouldn't help me with my disability.


No I had my chance to keep the 'C' grade average and I failed so my schooling grants were removed and I was forced to remain in poverty with no car, no job. People didn't want to hire me. They wanted a group land invasion rank to rule over the labor roles mostly. I wasn't allowed through. My own race did hate crimes on me for being disabled even while I was in poverty homeless wanting housing. They chose others that had better credit and were married by denying my rental applications over SSI documents.


Do you think I should live in poverty and be harmed on the streets, raped and beaten and robbed? While being forced to be documented as a retarded criminal? With no car nor home no proper income? Do you think I deserve to be abused legally and terrorized and stalked and criminalized to the streets?


Do you think I deserved to be harmed in life? Do you think I deserved to be prostituted through the courts of laws to the streets too? Do you think I deserved to be excessively policed in excessive inspections annually to view inside the rental I rent? And do you think I deserved to have a group of investors in my residents up to six times a year so the management team could show my occupied residence to those investors regularly ongoing as an open door? It all happened. If the women harmed me in public low income housing by breaking the laws to overly police me and disgrace me. I guess they wanted me to live outside for sure.


 Do you think I deserved it? Would you want to have to live that way because you are disabled in your mind while being in poverty with nothing? I have my mind hijacked over visions related to psychic abilities. Do you think I should be called a Witch, Sorcerous no good stupid woman? I was shunned. Would you want to be shunned from religions that do NOT value individual people's religious experiences? They want to call me a witch and other bad names as the norm. Something is terribly wrong with this government system. Would you want to survive through what I have had to go through all my life? Read my reports, please to reconsider what you value to help in life.


Nobody fucken cared about my life when it comes right down to it from this government country and people operating like prejudice owners of earth's resources.  People are hateful prejudice seeing someone not like them at work and how they have to be. We aren't all the same but we are treated like it. Would you want to have to survive through what I have had to live through for 50 years already?!


Would you want to be forced to be alone on the streets to get around packing your life and items on your back instead of in your car trunk? for life while being deprived of life and deminished in character through your government laws labelling you retarded and a criminal after brutalizing your whole life. All while you are in poverty while disabled? Not to mention would you want to go through all of that as a disabled person with psychic abilities mental situations overlapping your mind as the norm?


All while you try your hardest every which way to succeed but you fail because you are not stable in housing or a proper transportation? How'd you like to not have any friends because you are too needy in life? No one wants to be around a broke ass person that is in need of basic resources. Why do they want to bother with a low life like that, huh? That's the character on it all. They want to punish you for not living up to their expectations in life. Would you want to have nothing in life but sheer agonizing ongoing Hell as the norm? All while you are packing your life on your back throughout your life? And no one really cares that much about it. Do you wanna live through that too? Think about it.


Would you want to live through knowing that others often get away with breaking the laws to harm you for their revenge because they don't like your looks nor your lifestyle? Would you want to be forced on the streets to live? While the others that think you are a piece of shit to flush do assault attacks on you everywhich way they can get away with? Spoofing you constantly and assaulting you in electronic warfare battles to end your life in your birth country from their office buildings? Think about it.


Would you want to be called bad names for your whole life while others try to pull you down to remake you for their fun gains? Would you want people to set you up so you get raped a lot? Think about it.


Would you want to be forced since childhood to be isolated off to be harmed from the rest of the world? Would you want to be called a stupid retarded or a dumb lousy whore in life? Would you want people regularly badmouthing you because you don't live up to their expectations so they talk shit about you behind your back and even to your face without care because they think you are a stupid loser that is a dumb bum... would you like to live that type of life?


Would you like to be forced to mate with someone in a state of your own demised emgergency situations because your government laws allowed everyone under the sun to abuse and use you and destroy you as the norm? Think about it.


Would you want people to not care if you were a youth raped by an older person and taken to the emergency room where they don't care about your life personally? Would you want the laws to not protect or care about you as a youth getting raped by older people to the point you end up in the emergency room over it? How'd you like that to be no big deal?


Would you like to be replaced in life? Would you want others to mock your life by never caring at all about your incredible state of emergencies reports that you are trying to survive to live through ongoing? Would you like to be raped tons of times and have to get use to it as the norm?


would you want to be born in a town, state and country that harms your whole life brutally without a  care about you at all? Would you want the town officals to force you to be homeless without a car because they don't believe your true stories? Would you want the policing forces to stalk and harass you for their gains when you aren't doing anything wrong?


Would you want to go into hiding in a retirement home or nursing home closet to survive? Think about it. Also, if you have ten -senses spiritual psychic abilities add - ons with spiritual mediumship gifts would you want others to always call you weirdo and do hate crimes on you as the norm? If you were having religious experiences would you want others to harm you or hurt your life evenmore for talking about another or other religions tied to those religious experiences? 


I couldn't even tell others without them doing hate crimes on me for speaking about Angels like Angel Satan and also about that Prophet Muhammad and spirit guides and other others were connected to me to help me. Would you want those governing over the religions in your country to hurt you for speaking about things that frown upon while they are suppose to be religious ministers to help you spiritually...would you want to be shunned and disgraced for revealing your supernatural experiences? Would you want to be disgraced for decades over your own religious experiences while you have psychic abilities by those that are suppose to be qualified properly to help you in such matter. Would you want them to hurt you for it? Like they did to me?



I'm not sure if you people understand the level of work I'm doing and the extreme ongoing risk I have to live through just to come forward like this and on videos to teach about spiritual knowledge from my own experiences. If you want to harm someone to death you deliberately do it don't you?
 That's withholding proper stability. If you want to whore out all mankind you make sure you do it, correct? That's by forcing people to die off, correct? Now you can choose to donate to me or to Russia. Your choice.

Do you think I should be forced to be whore meat on the streets?



Hi There. I've spent my whole life in training for a spiritual power to be had that surpasses my own spiritual understanding and conscious comprehension. I have sacrificed my whole life in a way for that Vision Quest to be able to Guide to Instruct from an advanced spiritual perception platform connected to the Heavens Supernaturally.


I personally have gained the spiritual skills necessary to be able to prophetically speak to you all.  That is all in the necessary life trail to be on in order to achieve a higher rank spiritual role through accesses of spiritual powers.


If you are donating and accepting my psychic abilities supernatural ; paranormal ; psychic detective and research work I do that I release to the general populace as my spiritual charity work since 2011 documented. I'd like to be able to succeed just like anyone else in their birth country. Please consider donating to my foundation for what I represent. Me and my work for you., personally even. And that's about the spiritual releases documented that may even contain information about your life in reports.


All you have to do is help fund the program I represent. I am representing a program to teach to instruct and to guide with spiritual advanced knowledge.


Contact me @ If you want to send through a donation payment to help sponsor to support the ongoing media reports I release about psychic abilities and prophetic information releases.


 If you have trouble  sending payment to me Personally without the payment butten attached to my webpage than just contact me about it.  You can ask me to send you a request for payment link.


Also you are always able to purchase a Psychic reading for yourself whether you donate to my foundation or not. Those that freely give charity donations or include me in a sponsor program are giving to one of the greatest causes in time.


Kimberly Bunch, Seer

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