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A Bull's Job


The statement made about a Bull's Job can be viewed as a branch with many subbranches for consideration of topic matter.  The first defined word and imagery that comes up is about a real life bull. That goes back through time with a language of words and images through history from first recordings of the Bovine and the purposes for keeping and breeding bulls.


 You can easily tell the difference from a bull compared to a cow. We recognize livestock. We recognize production for the market. And that a bull cannot be free to enjoy life with cow to live happily as their own crowned masters. Unless we are talking about another religious belief at another land location far away that cherishes and honors another way of thinking and believing.


The protected and cherished bulls and cows freedom to be free range, honored and beloved and deities goes back to mischevous innocent at play, Krishna. We go back to Krishna at the tree overseeing a beloved view in nature with the bull and the cow to be his friends in nature. Krishna's beloved natural operating land terrain large animals was something important to take into consideration.


In another place and time existed and spiritually gifted Krishna that always seemed to become a problematic concern of conflict for those around him over his fun loving innocent expressions and ways of being and existing.


We consider the prior freedom and life of cow and bull happily in union before they were held captive as chopblock meat for the market. In the wild west we understand fully the history and customs of hunters and game for survival as well as to capture and raise for food production material.


We understand a market need for production of livestock and that's about capture and grow and sale productions. From one country to another religion and laws combine due to a higher power operating logically, physically, spiritually, and that's about mental evaluation of what is before one for consideration, or reconsideration. Facts prove themselves quite well physically in operation. We know that slavery is about capture and production for gains in resources for markets.


We understand negative and positive related to the Bovine. We understand about what came before on earth and that was about freedom. Do you think that Abraham religion story speaking about Noah and the arc was to enslave gender species 2x for each sex created? Did you ever consider the capture and tagging and caging of Noah's Arc animals?




Kimberly Bunch, Seer

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