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A Burning Bush


I am pleased to be able to speak to you on this very important topic matter spiritually in consideration of Prophet Moses and his traditional message that wasn't clarified properly. Or manuscript pages torn in pieces. However the mistranslations occurred we still have something to work with for interpreting meaning religious weaving into time to extend in living matter knowledge from the Heavens.


Prophet Moses did live before. He was connected to many a spirit guide helpers and people alive to help him along the way at various times on that chosen voyage of the researcher investigator of spiritual matters accesses. It's like a scientist of another kind. Also since the burning bush spoke to him that is clairaudience to hear. You have sound waves attached.


We look at the burning bush as a symbol from a direct encounter with someone with supernatural powers connected to a sixth - sense which is clairvoyance. Prophet Moses had to have psychic abilities spiritual mediumship senses of sight and to be able to interpret symbolism.


In regards to the Burning Bush speaking we have various situations going on. Therefore, we x2 to begin with in the larger view. We have a burning bush that is speaking and that is a message that hasn't totally been explained for the interpretation. People spend their whole life reinterpreting what they cannot know with five senses nor fragments compiled of various psychic abilities to navigate through to interpret all these centures to thousands of years. And perhaps even before then.


The burning bush is about fire and that is a symbol of suffering for the bush. You must also take into consideration about the type of plant Prophet Moses had his supernatural connection to and at that location. Names attached to the location is the Psychic Detectives job to register.


Prophet Moses was sent a message supernaturally and the symbolism is the burning bush and about clairaudience from a sound message coming from . . .?


We are investigating to comprehend to interpret through proper systems attached the true interpretations as best as we can access to cut through to see through many layers of time. It's weaving it on throughout time. We can go back to Christ Consciousness to recognize what's what foremost for consideration. A foundation of the Heart to the Mind about Prophets of Old.


There was Prophet Moses on his own vision quest with the Heavens connected to the Great Spirit. Do you think Lightening lit up that tree and that tree cried out for help to Prophet Moses? So we understand many aspects of the supernatural with heightened senses spiritually, religiously.


It's been a good spell since I read the paragraph in detail about the accounts that day for Prophet Moses up there on the mountain with a burning bush topic. We can take into many considerations about proper interpretations aspects of ancient religious text with someone with the skill level high enough up to register the Heavens and those from long ago that are still attached to our earth.


I will take time out on this matter to reflect and connect a bit more to the ancient story about Prophet Moses with the burning bush. He has something for show? He is speaking and telling something? He is sending a message through time? We are in consideration of what is before us in a message connected to the proper systems to interpret to register accurately beyond anything else what's what to extend for our timeline the proper information from the Heavens connected to the Supernatural mysteries.




Kimberly Bunch, Seer

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