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A Lost Soul


We can view this report through a negative and postive aspect overview to evaluate opinions on such subject matters for starters. A lost soul to the negative and positive aspect of it foremost to me reminds me of a natural seeking when feeling confused in your environment about self and the world and so forth.


When one gives up hope over confusion about problem solving ;  resources  ; obstacles and whatever else may arise to kickstart someone feeling perhaps that something is missing from their life. And they want to go seek something more.


The best way to find the answers you need to solve the complicated problems you endure is to give it to the Great Spirit. Give up the problems to a higher power that is supernatural as the Creator as the overflow that owns the currents of this world.


You must first think about the situations and yourself. If you feel hollow inside like you are lacking in self identity in your environment with your life. You might go seek a way to solve that problem in various ways that could be negative or positive in outcomes. Are you lacking in the proper system for your own life path mission quest?


Have you been misguided? Are you spiritually seeking food for substances? Are you eagerly desiring with all your heart, soul and mind to learn more towards your own inner drive?


Do you seek what is within self or do you seek what is in your outerworld as self to view in reflections? When you feel deprived of something mentally, or physically you could feel lost in the world for how to overcome your obstacles. No matter what your obstacles are you could feel at a disadvantage and become hopeless in despair. 


A Lost Soul reminds me of a natural system of someone that seeks more to learn more. A soul seeker to fulfill their own life path mission quest could becomes discouraged and at a disadvantage if their environment doesn't meet their needs properly.


Life can be like living physically in a maze always seeking to find that right path in life. The quest. What is your motivation in life? Seek self first to know self and give up your burdens of the mind to the spirit world to help you solve those problems. Then sleep on it and wait patiently with a burden removed off you for letting go of what you cannot change nor fix.


The stories about Jesus Christ speaks about a reborn again person. The Christian Church speaks about being reborn again in the name of Christ. That's about the anointed one. To me that says everything about you may die tons of times in your lifetime mentally, emotionally, spiritually and physically in some aspects even to consider. It all depends on what happens to you in your lifetime.


A lost soul to me is someone that could have had a terrible go of it that is seeking something else but may be lost within self or over the outerworld feeling like a lost soul in this world perhaps for some. There's many reasons to have a feeling that really goes about to feeling empty or deprived or confused.


To die is to be born again consciously in the spirit world ; introdimensionally on another plane you are consciously anew to a new set of physics laws. Being alive you can die and be reborn again emotionally, mentally over what may transpire in your environment(s) ; circumstances ; outcomes and whatever else transpires that has you feeling doomed or empty in feeling may happen in your lifetime.


It's like letting release from you the stress or agony to see things anew and to accept what you cannot change to go on the new path you must venture on to continue on no matter what ends up happening. You must go on seeking and learning and always make sure you are mentally, emotionally physically, and spiritually finding what you need in life to fulfill your best outcome in regards to mental health, emotional health and wellbeing physically and spiritually. You matter. You are very important.


Kimberly Bunch, Seer

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