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A Mountain Man

Hello Everyone. I'm going to speak to you about my biological father. He was a mountain man that use to do lots of exploration on the lands while going out to bring back loot from land resources he'd find freely on free lands to take to sale and also to provide for his family.
He was a hunter and fisherman that would also gather fossils to sale and have great ideas about how to survive by gaining resources from free lands in his time. Of course as he got older and the laws changed from where you had to have a license you pay for to do anything than that sort of changed his gains due to yearly licensing laws for restrictions on hunting and so forth on the land gains and all. More restrictions ; more laws prevented him from being able to naturally live off the land. He was that type of man. And he lived in a time also when you could survive that way mostly to make your living. Not everyone can live off the land these days to provide for a family.


My father was a pretty cool man to know because he was very intelligent about many important things that others wouldn't have necessary known about so easily. He had his own supernatural experiences and spoke to me about it. My father's family lived in the mountains ; that's about my grandparents. I would go visit my father's parents and take off exploring in the mountains there too on those lands throughout my life. I loved the mountains. I enjoyed fossil hunting with my father. He would comprehend many important things about land resources; soap stone for carving and so forth.


He knew ways to make a living off the land from extraction. Nowadays the laws got so strict they want you to pay for a license for everything you do practically so the lawyers operating and everyone else through that system make sure you are paying them to be alive to operate.


I would tell my father about my supernautral experiences and he would confirm information I'd tell him with his spiritual knowledge background with paranormal type experiences and book learning advantages to the subject matters I'd discuss with him. He said one time when he was in the mountains alone exploring as he was climbing a mountain he felt a presence of someone behind in on the other ridge watching him. He turned around took his binoculars and zoomed in on a sasquatch character.


My father told me a story about an memory experience from his childhood about him and one of his sisters. They were playing at home jumping on the couch when they started levitating. My dad said that his sister was so upset about it that she never wanted to discuss it to talk about it with him ever again. She feared such matters and rather not recall such things.


He would see spirits sometimes and know things automatically once in a awhile about something that occurred. He'd tap into psychic abilities type experiences.

Kimberly Bunch, Seer
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