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A Witch Hunt


I noticed predators through the laws use lawyers education career background to deceive and manipulate people in a court of laws for profit for themselves when it comes to their clients. They gain a fortune off others misfortunes that they have to represent in a court of laws. Every type of predator system even raping up on children has had a lawyer or lawyers claiming it's a Witch Hunt. You crazy foolish no good people. A witch is from a religion s/he practices. If the laws were after a witch from her or his religion coven than I can see saying something about they are claiming a Witch Hunt. And so you know the history of torture they did to innocent people through history through the laws to abuse and murder to death.


I'm with supernatural powers and still I am not a witch but I sure do recognize a Witch hunt betrayal from the government legal system as they forced me into horrific ongoing circumstances so they and others could prey off my life to the ruin thereof. In reality they mob attacked me and did nothing but a serious witch hunt to torture me to death  through the laws.  Just because I spoke truth about my spiritual gifts I was targeted and tossed to the streets to live years ago. They were hunting down their witch. The psychic medium prophetess to stop her from telling on them. For committing sex - trafficking crimes through the courts of laws at me since my childhood. They new it and they wanted to harm me publicly in a way to discredit me to hide their crimes.


If anyone had to survive through a modern day Witch Hunt type of situation it would be me because they treated me like a stupid no good witch to abuse through the laws ongoing. They mob attacked me in my homeland birthland location through their superior roles at policing people to criminalize. I can't express enough about how I've hidden incredible torture I have had to literally survive through ongoing for all my life. As soon as the system gets ahold of me to overrun my life on the land through their corruption of laws and staffing folks that are racist, prejudice, discriminating haters and torturers of those in poverty... they continue to destroy me to remake me as their dumb criminal.


They broke every law in the book through the laws to harm me for all my lifetime already. That's a serious Witch Hunt to view. That's as close to harming someone from another religion as easily as they could to topple down. They say you are a witch and then they do a witch hunt through the laws at you. That's what they did to me. I was abused for being disabled and I was abused for this and that ongoing. They always had a reason to harm me for being different.


They  terror policed me for almost ten years in Subsidized Housing at the land location of my birth. They had prejudice discriminating women overseeing my housing rights. They'd abuse me by breaking the laws to invade my space as much as they could even up to six times a year to showcase the apartment I lived in to a pack of Asian male investors. They'd trample on in and snoop and take pictures and all. I have had very litle rights to exist to be alive in the USA.


They did horrific crimes to my life in the USA ongoing and I've had to survive through it constantly. They removed all my opportunites and available gains by removing my rights and labeling me a Felon over a speeding ticket issue. Corruption legally at the highest level is noted.



Kimberly Bunch, Seer

Copyright Reserved, 2022