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Advanced Technology Complications

A Prophet-ess-es Outline


Due to the fact that I set forth to undercover futuristic knowledge to safeguard the future in the widerscope reflecting back I recognize I had an ability to use to experiment with. That trails back to after I had encountered advanced spirits such as Prophet Muhammad ; Saint Theresa from France ; and many other incredible inter-dimensional guides that helped me along the way to be able to buildup on the skills necessary to do my psychic abilities, spiritual, mediumship, psychic readings prophetically.



The general population isn't to have extra-terrestial type mainstream knowledge information due to the complications it arises. Therefore, you might be detoured towards false mispreceived data to led you astray. That leads back to the gold coins under the rainbow Leprechaun fantasy children's stories. What's under the rainbow? That's about another type of perceptions intermixing from folk tales, mythology, legends, myths, fairytales somewhere hidden is the material. And that is back to investigations, travelers, hunters, seekers, explorers and so forth. Story tellers of all types have gathered up their own life full of information. Whether it leads them anywhere all depends on the approach.


We are talking about a real world mixed in with a detour route to focus on something else. To spread out and confuse to control methods dominate ET, UFO reports.


We have complications with military technology dominations that must be kept concealed even for the global military units. When it is time to have an advanced technology system incorporated mainstream than there is releases of fun gear for those to screw around with to play with and practice with to entertain their minds. As well as to dominate to control to lead in military units from their own secret shields technology usages. 


You are given outdated technology. That means there is layer upon layer to investigate to recognize what gifts you are given in life and what purpose they may serve to appease you all in the lands of resources and opportunities.

Kimberly Bunch, Seer
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