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An Empress


Where there is an Empress there is an Emperor. What was once before shall rise to the light to present itself again. A rise of a empire is ahead and whom leads the way starts from one in focus. I recognize that in this era of time in human history on earth that women are more out striving like never before in some respect around the world. As what setup to occur ; as was intented to rise power through the females to work both sex genders equally so.


We see a system of powerhouses that goes back to ancient customs arising from ideas long gone and situations and circumstances that enable another way of life ahead. It appears a politic push will rise up crowns and empires ahead from the depth of the ancient empires to the present times.


An Empress will standout ahead unlike most. And others will follow suit in the glory of the light of a hierarchy reign surfaces to be observed from Asian roots that stands out the most. And then other crowns of empires females seem to present themselves to speak to people publicly.


Around the world life changes to the point where queens and power sources back to kingdoms and empires and empresses and emperors ruled the lands. An uprising of wealth in leadership power from kingdoms carry scrolls of laws and demands over lands and real estate gains in ownership rights.


Women from the kingdom crown rulership back to the empires rise to legally speak to us all from around the world in their motives and moves to have more control over lands and laws and outcomes ahead. It's just a matter of time.



Kimberly Bunch, Seer

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