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Astral Travel

Here is the trail to my heart, soul and mind in ideas. LOL. Just joking. But it is helpful to comprehend properly such matters while you are alive. That's a spiritual law of mine. I have angelic help and the greatest spirit that has created this earth and our galaxy through seeding transplants speaks about a very advanced technology and mindsets in character traits that do go along with those soulprints.

You must first recognize truth accurately. Those claiming to be saints, prophets, shamanic powers type of people must be honest not fakes. We aren't playing with you. This isn't a Poker Game. You also must have spiritual mediumship traits talents and psychic abilities connections in order to properly spiritually operate from the Heaven's on an incarnated birth. You are chosen to do your work you do because of your soulprints  from the ether. That's about Heaven. That's about Death to Life and reincarnation and so forth.


A spirit. If you cannot comprehend you are foremost a spirit than what is the point of your very lives? You have a spirit within your body that lives on afterdeath in whatever form you so choose. You must go back to heaven first in order to properly be aligned to come back and forth. There's a trait to the protocol.


I am a spiritual teacher to instruct on such things. You may find a religion from someone that has had personal religious experiences, honestly without it being a poker card game. Or a magician pulling a bunny rabbit out of the hat for fun parlor room trick games. No, not this road I travel on. I am the real deal to instruct on spiritual practices. I have the advanced teachers training me all along for my life role.


Many of us have had experiences spiritually supernaturally ; paranormally seeing something unusual ; or experiencing something abnormal that teaches us about another type of guidance that operates from the heavens in our world physically. Sometimes spirits will come to you personally that are dead or alive and they can be in their astral bodies using mind powers to interact with you.


If you can travel out of your body and recall it as a precognition AKA immediate prediction, or future prediction you are on your way to advancements spiritually astrally between worlds. You may have had an incredible dream that ties you to an out - of - body situation. You may recall it as a dream even. Or a daydream. People leave their bodies unconsciously and interact with others and see others like ghosts to view. I know this. I have gotten upset over a woman entering my room one time to check on me. To spy on me in my room at night while her body slept and her spirit body just walked on in and stood before me as I was sitting on my bed. That angered me because I knew that physically consciously in her waking hours she was intruding upon my space. And / or thinking about it...thinking about me to just walk on in like that. I didn't like that one bit!!! I confronted her the next day. 


She said she had a dream she went into my room to speak to me. I said yeah, that wasn't a dream I saw you in your spirit body. She had a hunch back when she walked. She was supervising the building and I spoke to her about spiritual supernatural phenomenon during free private readings. So she was intrusive over her claims the Bible is the word of God all of it and only that. Ok. Invaders to dishonor another even in their spirit bodies as they want to bother another to spy upon another. While not recognizing themselves physically or spiritually adequately enough to worry about their own fecal matter to clean up after themselves. So check yourselves before you want to invade and intrude upon another even with your spirit bodies in movement.




Kimberly Bunch, Seer

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