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Hello Everyone. I wanted to speak to you about my own opinion about astrology. I believe in it because when I started doing my online psychic medium business reading for people. I was surprised I could psychically read people through machines. I also recognized a connection to it from my psychic abilities readings. I would check their numerology information to add - in more details about their own character connections. And any astrology informations verified at the time seem to match up very well to my psychic abilities messages reports.


That doesn't mean I understand or am an expert about astrology. No I'm no expert on astrology but I sure did find a link to my work that way. I would love to learn more about astrology ahead. Right now I am so busy just with my own workload. I believe in checking the heavens in regards to astrology ; birth date and time about character and other certain information that is verified by their own training methods, skills.


Through history kings and queens and all those governing over mostly always had some Diviner in operation through some sort of method to predict the future. Nowadays they have wanted to product the future by pushing large sums of money to enforce a new viewpoint about power and who can do what. That's about the Money God is in charge of the Earth, so far.


You still can purchase astrology reports and / or psychic readings from the experts in their trade skill craft.


Kimberly Bunch, Seer

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