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Black Lives Matter More Ideas


Problematic situations and circumstances rise one race above them all to abuse the rest of the races deliberatly is going on. A Political Push of a system that desires race warfare attacks to transpire in the long run for the political movement thereof. I do recognize prophetically outcomes to a bad situation to harm others to rise up a ruthless regime for fun to take advantage of other races of people. It won't work. You won't be able to have a race war, Donald Trump.


No matter how horrible of treatment we go through over it. Which I had been targeted too to harm and take away wrongfully even a parked car in my own parking spot at a residence I rented out of Colorado. As the car assigned to my apartment number and parking space. I looked over at the rental office and in the window standing there watching our car be towed wrongfully unnecessary by corruption. There looking at me from the rental office window was a black female in her twenties laughing about white people car being wrongfully taken away.


They setup the laws for predators to attack other races of people for fun games even by screwing around with the laws. Setting up a system to let racist people target other races of people for fun thrills on haha games creates a future war against that race.


I've been preaching for quite sometime about no we won't have a race war and so the push went even further without allowing my spiritual prophetic knowledge through to instruct and teach about reincarnation for why there cannot be a race war.


There's always people that harm others racistly. We cannot change that system if the government(s) sponsor race hate crimes for fun to kickstart a race war.


As I looked up at that apartment buildings office manager window and seen that black lady laughing about how the white people's cars were being stolen away through trickery through a dishonest tow company they call to steal cars out of apartment residences assigned parking spots I noticed the horror terror crimes playing out for the young married white couple with children. As their car was being stolen too to impound wrongfully through corrupt insanities going on.


My boyfriend at the time was so outraged his car was stolen from our assigned parking spot for the second time. And my young white neighbors with two small children were having their vehicle stolen away too just so an impound company could gain off whether or not they get to keep the car or the people can pay. Why did they do that to us? Trickery schemes. They assigned a system where you hang up in your car on the mirrow your information about you can park there. Even though we are parked in our own parking spots because the tow company that the management called couldn't see that informaiton on in the car it gave them a free ticket with help from the office staff to steal the cars. Even though we were parked in our own parking spaces. They were stealing our cars to force us to pay money we didn't have to waste like that over being low income in a bad way already.


Having to fight corrupt laws and people and companies is a ton of work when you are low income and trying to already survive. Looking up and seeing that black lady laughing about the white poor people's cars being stolen through trickery upset me but there was nothing I could do about it. Afterall it was my boyfriends car and the car was registered for my parking space by a apartment number. So the tow company shouldn't have been called. And yet they were deliberately harming us.


My boyfriend was so irate. He went to the office and spoke to them about stealing his car from our assigned parking place. His car was registered to be in our apartment parking space.  That time he was able to stop the tow man before he took the car for profit.


The young couple with the little ones was in more danger over they stole their car and now they had to come up with money and time and energy to go get their vehicle back over an incredibly dishonest and hateful setup system.


They called that their Ice Tow Company. I'm not sure what the name of the Tow Company really was in cahoots with the apartment management and owner system but they were doing crimes to us for their fun kicks at thrills to hurt and harm us into worse disparagement.


Inhumane crimes to us isn't going to go over well in the long run. That's about setting up a predator system where a dominating race gets to assault and harm other races of people for fun. And the laws bend over to take it in as so what ideas. And that brings on war ahead.


We cannot blame one race of people for what is transpiring corruptly inhumanely and racistly ; but we can view the government laws and system for setting up crimes to occur to happen as they are transpiring over a corrupt regime that sets up crimes to occur through a misers legality regime. Who has the money to spend to kickstart war? Race wars? And so the ignorant racist ones go full force to do harm over their own brainwashed minds about history and life and current times for justice. 


We are all alive together to learn from each other. Not everyone is racist. Not everyone wants to be enslaved to another race of people either. Domination tactics from one race to another against other races of people is far removed from spiritual understanding about the soul and reincarnation and your life rolls. Attacking innocent people racistly and using a corrupt regime system to do it will work against that system ahead.


In every race of people and even mixed races of people there's always great wonderful goodhearted loving caring people. It only takes one out of a thousand to be racist to do race war crimes against other races of vulnerable people they attack assault even through corrupt laws and get away with it.


As that racist system gathers numbers in compiles to add more racist hate attacks to occur than we see a major disturbance of injustices in our modern times visually before our eyes to see ongoing. Eventually it gets out of hand and that number of race haters multiplies ...if allowed to continue to do race assault attack crimes against others for whatever reason they have for it ;  at a level where enslavement and harm is done at a horrific level to transpire is noted.


I see a dangerous setup system that allowed that type of assaults on other races to occur for another political movement to transpire against those very racist type of people actively harming other races. Mind Programming games is going on for a war to occur. If you are racist you are not a spiritual person nor are you understanding properly a system of classes of people. You are attacking the most vulnerable people through race hate crimes by doing crimes of racism ongoing.


It doesn't make you smarter or wiser or better. It doesn't change the past about what another generation of people did long ago through laws. We are talking about classes of people targetting always poverty in the worst harm that comes.


We are all alive together to learn to recognize each other from a spiritual soul level if nothing else. Reincarnation tells you that you can incarnate through time any race or any gender preplanned from the heavens. That means African Americans could have incarnated before as another race and gender for their soul work to do while incarnated. Nothing ever stays the same. You are born to do what? You chose your life path mission before you were born. Racism is spiritual grossness of ignorance overall. And that was created by who really? Who had the available opportunity to enslave people throughout time to make them their slaves? Wealthy people !!! Not poor impoverished people. Get that straight.


I recognize a lot of enslavement schemes crimes always throughout all the races against poverty. Against where Jesus Christ resides.


Kimberly Bunch, Seer

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