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Buried Alive



Hello. I am glad you are here viewing this material. I go very deep on the psyche discussions about life. I explain a system in order to get to the root causes of why horrific dangerous situations occur at a high percentage rate. 

I am teaching by instructing and also educating others about the depth of the sea and lands and air alike on information to the underground areas for consideration. And about what happens when a country is overthrown or when the laws are abused at a very high percentage rate. The stories must be told not concealed. We need truth in life not a blurred view of reality.


To begin with I must  state that this information reported on and about is going to be similar to a Tree to view with many branches of consideration. We as people and other conscious life living and experiencing understand life and death well enough from a funeral home prospective and a religion with laws governing over life and death. We are all aware of the customs around the world similarities even about a leadership in charge over lands and countries has always establishment a rooted in system in regards to the branches of sciences, life and death and wellbeing considerations for construction.


We live in a world of customs that is controlled by laws governing over and trained labor forces to control the life on those lands through their branches of sciences degrees, certificates and arrangements from the heads of state and the heads of the country to make decisions about life for all with thoughts of fairness and equality and safety and proper healthy lifestyles for minds, emotions, bodies and spiritual rights. We understand the drill.


We also understand that there's emergency teams in place and lots of networking policing teams that have law degrees to operate to control physically all life if necessary on those lands with those set laws. There's lots of employed labor forces paid to carry out tast as part time or full time jobs or to have many jobs and to work overtime for your material gains and survival of thoughts measures. Exasperating your lives would be in overtime for money gains and for survival even from those amounts of funds gained. We understand a country and a government system employed others over others to control and dominate and carry out laws to enact against others even.


Politics leadership is in charge and that's about customs, people and a social order grouping strategy. We recogize freedom in regards to choices about relationship. You have the right to do what in life? Marry. So we recognize a market, laws, customs, politics and people.


In the USA you can marry a dog even as long as you pay the government system. So that's about the legal law market you pay to enter to create another type of controlling system related to a religion and laws and customs with traditional ideas about life and how it must be lived in a social controlled system of labor force roles for everyone under the sun. 


Children are controlled through the laws to go to school. If they don't they go to juvenile hall where they are spied on and listened in on from the security forces over seeing those companies. Employed labor force people gathering intelligence information to control by overseeing and even prying into private sensitive information to use their branches of sciences and social customs in group labor forces to control even whole families on the lands all through their concealed labor forces overseeing the county or countries surveillance. 


We understand in that situation of gathering intelligence  by physically removing individuals into detention centers enables insight into the people grouped together at those locations for all the information released. As they innocently go about talking...another system through job force employment legality control over lands and life at those locations we understand a bit more now don't we?


We recognize labor forces education degrees ; mind control methods forced into place on beliefs over even errors in false doctrines you are to score by remembering what you were taught. You have to concentrate and memorize to embed it into your mind to pass the test even if you understand that the message ; correct answer on the test is wrong. You don't have a say in it. You need your education degree so you go ahead and mark the answer as right that was wrong so you can pass the test. We understand tons of errors throughout human history about failures in a system due to wrong beliefs. 


We understand socialism labor forces and education socialism groups for gains. And that adults overseeing can legally remove anyone that they target as a problem for the arrest and new placement in detention centers for whatever reason that person had at any age for making errors enough to be arrested, punished and disaplined into obedience in order to be released by their officals.


If you do not attend schooling in the USA the laws can arrest you for it. It doesn't really matter overall why you personally weren't going to school. You can get arrested for not attending and be taken away to a juvenile detention center for others in the security system employment are listening in on your immates and viewing while gathering up tons of information about families and individual people. 


You have policing forces of all types of units governing over the USA in network corporations dominating to extract intelligence information to then proceed on acts of discipline through the laws at target individuals and / or groups of people. Once your child goes into a juvenile hall information is gathered up on those children and families and networks of of socialism employed workforce groups are operating together in a networking system to pass on intelligence information in documents like a stream going out in order to control all the people on the lands through the laws by a legality system connected to a religion that oversees and constructs beliefs and ideas to physically control anyone and any group not apart of their corporation networking legal customs on the lands. You are honored just for wearing that uniform without question, I recognize.


We see people on the lands going about their social customs following through the traditional system to function from birth on through your lives to the death about corporations ; bussinesses controlling others on the lands through their socialism grouping labor forces networking roles. When you aren't apart of that system you could become a victim of theirs. How much percentage of the customs labor force socialism networking groups are terrorizing and destroying individuals lives and whole families through this incredible labor forces networking training for how they are to work their jobs and who to target for the arrests to punish.


We also recognize countries that allow international markets and movements to other land locations to begin a whole new life. We recognize an international system of people employed worldwide with their own race backgrounds ; original land law customs ; original home country land religion and laws traditional roles with education molding up for resources type of opportunities through the land where you were born. We recognize a worldwide government system and various countries empowered to even operate to control laws outside of their country at the new country they reside at while they are living there.


We see many people of all races placed together in dominating group offiliates by races mixed all together and genders and age groupings mixed all together for labor force and education roles at least in most of the industrial countries you see large groups of people trained up to combat the enemy on the lands that they see as that. The oddballs that can't fit into that square peg are targeted over the work labor forced law roles for your individual gains for your social grouping employment and education schemes.


We recognize a dominating set of laws and beliefs with customs in operation of expectation for how those on the lands on our beautiful earth should live and operate. Once you are not apart of that system of honor for your life role gains you could be discriminated against. And laws could be passed that to incredible damage to those not able to uphold the honorable path financially and mentally, or emotionally, or physically, or spiritually always for what is demanded through the laws for the people.


We understand  racism, prejudice and hate crimes of others that don't understand why you aren't doing like what the socialism workforces are doing in life for their credits on gains on the lands. If anyone of these labor force personnel decide on an individual target or a group target to eliminate the unwanted ones for being to slow at understanding to follow through properly ; or not physically, mentally, emoitonally or spiritually able to do as the others do for whatever reason that is. If the others think you are in error and a bad person over their beliefs you aren't living up to the lifestyle and thoughts and minds aligned to the social order than you are in grave trouble, indeed.


We recognize a government such as the USA that pays others around the world out of the USA state resource funds from the land gains resources and all the life and energies they can gather in elemental forces to harness even. Bounty of resources for opportunites overflowing enough to have one country dominate and pay the way for others countries all while wounding and betrayisng people like me to die off over the replacement schemes ongoing for decades... for all my life type of Harm. I recognize a brutal insane system that undermines reality for our indigenous and natives. As well as the horror that can befall others entering a country if they cannot live up to others amongst them for their life role. We recognize a horrific system that can destroy their own people to replace them on all levels, ongoing.


We recognize congress is in charge and those people are incredibly wealthy and love to have homes around the world to fly off too when trouble its to thick in their employed country. They can fly off to another home in another country to escape before coming back to work. We recognize powerful people due to their income as value. And with that powerful wealthy system we find white sheets as them.


We find laws protecting and treasuring and honoring your property gains and wealth you have acquired. You are valued first for your property so others feel you qualify to be held in great esteem. Within you it wouldn't matter how horrible you really are about harming others and everything else without compassion or care over your role you gained. A role to honor first comes by visually seeing material luxury items that others desire to have. Then you are held in great esteem. You are able to gain degrees and certificates and a life to be had through a legal system that honors you for your loot gains in life.


The great privelege of having wealth means you make lots of friends. You have a better life and feel more in control of your life. You are protected on all levels to have an easier go at gains. When you are wealthy you can have a clean white robe of honor to wear  in life. Others value your property and gains more than not. If you have nothing and are more of a problematic situation of poverty in your country you may be terrrorize betrayed, criminaled and harmed to death pretty easy. Tons of racism and also discrimination against poverty is worth noting over the criminalizing and removal of a government grant of gains in resources and opportunities.


We also recognize how people are in life about their love for gossiping about folks. We recognize a system that discriminates others for any little thing if they aren't fully operating through the corporations to help flow that income on through to circulate. If you are a burden to the system and to others lives you could be killed off easily enough like an animal in any country. A lack of love and acceptance along with environment harm by others ganging up to eliminate the weaker lot in life is nothing more than primates ; animals at work.


People target others for fun even competively. They bully others into committing suicide even over competition of resources and opportunities. You could be harmed for not giving out gains for others and having more gains through your life as the others have gained through employment opportunities. For whatever reason just like how animals in the wild are to harm to death in a mobbing ganging up way to take down the weaker prey.


I do recognize animalistic behaviorism dominating in social groups in an incredibly insane havoc way of total ruin and destruction against those that desire to eliminate from their cities, states and countries. I see animalistic people preying on others to steal to remove their resources and opportunities competively even to destroy them and even to have them murdered off. All it takes is a little negative gossip about anyone to kickstart socialism group terror attacks targeting and bullying through the laws individuals. That's animals looking for a target on gains. We recognize truth well enough. People are animals and they target weaker animals to takedown for the kill for their own incredible gains even.


We recognize a system that targets to humilate to discriminate others over competiveness in resources and opportunities to govern over those they target as inferior in life to their groups and ideas and minds dominating over a land area and country. We recognize the blending in of races and the separation of races in ideas in a mixture pool created dominating the world as a one world government already. If Russians and others around the country get to come into the country to have great lives while people like are harmed to death for having any resource opportunities whatsoever that others think don't deserve it then replace us with new foreigners on the land to police us too than we recognize reality don't we?


Russians own corporations in the USA and even have their impoverished people from their own country gaining resources in the USA ongoing and respect and honor. Same goes for everyone else from around the world given gains of resources and honor while those back in their own countries could be forced out of the system to reside on the cold wet ground or hot steaming firepit of cement beneath their rums during the day to sit out your life on a street corner curb.


We recognize congress values and cares for others around the world enough to give grants and resources from our own countries resources to help improve others lives from around the world. That's about replacement theory methods. Animals murder off the weaker lots and replacements in animals appear afterwards to overrun that environment for the hunt to continue on resource gains for the diminating predators contorlling the worlds systems and minds alike.


I recognize congress is moving in foreigners regularly allowing it rapidly since the 1980s. Whether they realize it or not they were setting up tons of land invasion for people like Donald Trump to have cheaper wage workers. And then from there after decades the wealthiest people started hunting out cheaper wage workers than them to invite into a new country to live. And that's when you see the increases of flow of populations from African coming in to be that cheaper wage worker for the wealthiest. Replacements are in order it appears and that's the government systems at large globally worldwide.


The world of leaderships dominates lands like predators to replace those that are expecting too much income for their labor roles as well as to combat uprising through resource gains from Natives and Indigenous people. Replacing people in environments is like a game over for a new gain to start.


I'm going on now to speak to you about someone I knew back in the 1980s that was given rights to come to the USA to work in the fields for gains. Recently after the hunt from the animals to topple to remove the weaker lots in life I found myself sitting outside on a curb with no home or car after the land mobsters working through the laws decides I was not worth the life. I was forced outside to live in the freezing cold during the Fall and Winter months by a system of predators overrunning our lives to ruin. That's about people preying on others targeting them for whatever reason to harm them to death their way. They use the laws and break the laws to punk us off to die off by removing or trying to remove our lives from the system even in our own birthland countries. So a system has been setup and another type of people are empowered always to dominate to control the lands and resources and opportunities for socialism practices and entertainment gains the way the government system education molded them up to produce profit for an economy system to prosper.


Recently I read a news report about someone I had known of from the valley I was raise that entered the country to work with others from North America. After decades in the country the man wasn't living up to the new country's role for him. Any little discrimination about habits and personality and income background ; profession are all help up in high esteem in a court of laws for socialism practices. And that you need socialism in groups for prosperity and protection and the courts of laws is looking at you personally standing in their courtroom with their intelligence agencies documents about your character. You are needing help in a court of laws?


The laws can work against you and the animals in charge physically of enforcing those laws to even abuse those lands to harm away people from their homelands is noted. If you aren't what they want in their city they can use the law to destroy your life. It's about animals preying on other animals to note. The takedown type of system animals use to hunt after in a mob team to catch what they were hunting after for their resource gains benefits.


If the court of laws is looking at you personally and you don't have the documents they want to see financially and with your employment and lifestyle and all related to a person functioning in their community not measuring up they could throw the law books at you sort of say by even abusing their role over your life wrongfully. Even by breaking laws to ruin you off to go off and die easily enough.


I saw that already happen enough times. Well, I was reading the newspaper online from my hometown where I was born and raised years after the new folks that got to enter the country for employment really did lots of illegal land invasions too with fake identifications and birth certificates and all. Well there's always honest good hardworkers too to note that enter a country for a new life. When I was a child they were flowing in new land workers that took my father's orchard job away. Are own Natives were being replaced with agricultural workers congress gave green cards to work in the country.


Even as a child I noticed concerns about the Green Cards because they were ignored while the flow of new undocumented foreigners entered the country to take over jobs for farmers to have new and imporved cheaper wage workers they could feel more in control of not rioting back at them for increases in funds so easily. They were going to benefit.  We were really lacking resources at home and mom had to work as a single mother in poverty to provide for her children on her own with no help. It was hard and I was left alone a lot ; failing at school and all.


I remember Jose and that he might of had so emotional issues that conflicted his health and life and mind and all into a failure jail type role. Well when the great people of the valley decided it was their town now not ours many of us that weren't wanted alive by the others broke laws, bent laws and used and abused laws to discriminate even racistly and very prejudice in methods against people like me and him over documents they spied out to gain to mob attack us to the streets like if they were animals hunting down to kill for gains at us.


Well I really liked all the new foreginers coming into the country which were lots of males to work. Even males that were teenagers. The women mostly came latter. It's like moving to a new country and desiring to move your whole family and realitives to that new countriy of land prosperity. Here I was a latchkey child off on my own from a broken home in poverty lacking proper opportunities and resources for myself. And here was my new friends in the country willing to buy me something with the new income gains they had. Their customs from Mexico for me were nice and polite. As a young teenage girl I'd be asked if I wanted something from the store or to hang out and get to be in a vehicle to cruise around. It was a new civilization being built up over the incredible great resources bounty on the land. Fruit trees galore and lots of available resource opportunities for most that could succeed the way the system laws set forth how to be honored in life.


I failed early on ass a mentally retarded child. So I was caste out to the sea sort of say very early on. Well during that time I met new friends with brown skin, black hair and brown eyes. I already had Native American Indian and the only black family in the city children my age was also my friends. I grew up in a land area, city and counties that were dominated by white people when I was a child and some Native American Indians. The population was mostly white until in the 1980s when congress passed a law to help invite foreginers into the country to work from North America.


I met  Jose L. Sanchez - Espinoza sitting at the park during the Summer time when I was from age 11 to 13 He was the same age as me. I thought it was neat they had jobs but there was a homeless issue at the time with all the new land dwellers coming in from Mexico and other areas of North America with or without Green Cards to work in the orchards and fields. They'd fill up the neighborhood parks sleeping there where I would go play on the toys and the Triangle Square Park on Methow Street. I lived with my mother in poverty with my siblings in the neighborhood where the park was full of sleeping foreigners coming into the lands to work. 


The same system type of system governing over the land and country from there had a serious issue I witnessed all my life relaxing the immigration offices in the area. It's like someone from Mexico was running the immigration office to ruin. People complained for decades about the flow flood of illegals into their country and state and city even. I was happy innocently freely being alone with my new friends that would even take me for joy rides and by me items, stuff.


I was tossed to the streets to live before Jose was. They told me to go live under the bridge in the birthland I was born and raised. New people dominating on the lands wanted more gains and resources so they started going through the whole cities tossing people outside to live to replace them by lots of foreigners moving on in. And others from other land locations. They wanted wealthy people in their communities and so they set forth preying to destroy to murder off however they could as many people as they could through the laws. Barach Obama became present when the warfare spree on the lands was in full force at me foremost to harm me to die.

They told me to go live under the bridge like they told Jose. He tried to survive through it and was buried alive over those stupid no good animals for humans corruptly dominating thinking they are in the right. Insane weirdos that shouldn't be there harming us as they are. It's like they empowered and employed people to topple us in the country to replace us in our country even. But not just that here was a man legal in the country harmed so severely over a corrupt dishonest illogical system that lacks empathy compassion and intelligence.

 A news report released I read recently stunned me about someone that I knew. Here's the news statement report to understand what's going on in government prospered media news outlets respected reports about the situation, case. Such coldblooded heartless killers to view in it all.


In Wenatchee, Wa., Chelan County the Coroner's Office identified a man who died beneath the Wenatchee River Bridge due to a hole he was digging collapsed. His name is  Jose L. Sanchez - Espinoza, 50 information released by Coroner Wayne Harris. They didn't even want to show his photo nor give him respect in the newspaper about reports for the memmorial service. No respect at all for the prey they murder off before them, I see. That's about ignorant people using animalistic warfare methods to combat to dominate to overthrow  civilians off their birthlands and also lands they now even were legal to be there on. Stupid people acting superior when they are dumber through their insanity animalistic attacks on us. If you cannot rehabilitate people properly through your judical system of shams than we see events like this happen again and again in layers of time. Check history reports on War Terror methods to win over countries and lands through religious warfare and legal warfare combos. Think about about WW ll.


They went to school to be educated on warfare attacks too through history learnings that they acquired through their educational degrees backgrounds. Wow, what smart people? Not at all. You aren't smart creating horror murderer sprees while mocking down life to die so readily. That's not smart. That's stupid people trying to use the law and money power for however they acquired that incredible income to use to destroy a country and their laws even. That way they can get on in there to murder off folks, you see? You know.


Stupid animals preying on the weakened lot is what humans do to each other given the power to do it. They just read what was allowed to be printed to release through their media channels and doctrines to decide on how they will score more gains off their stupid criminals they want to mock down as garbage to burn, right? 


You destroyers of life aren't smart you are incredible arrograntly naive and foolish about the future outcome of harm you think you can get away with through the laws. You are ignorant people attacking down others so readily so foolishly over your own dishonest wicked no good hearts, minds and ways about yourselves to create another WWll type role again. Dummies that can't figure themselves out or the opposite. People harming others to hurt them down and out for their own gains I see ongoing through jealousy and hate crimes in operation through the laws to murder off as many of us as they can. The beasts. That's what they are no good predators hungry for the kill in their mob units legally enforced, I see, I know. 


They just wanted to criminalize me to abuse me everywhich way for show for their fun thrills. I couldn't even go back to my hometown after being forced away to be with a stalker over the laws insanity for gaining more resources off the vulnerable weakened lot by criminalizing them away to replace them even.


They literally set out to harm me mocking me stalking me and hunting after me while laughing and shouting out mockery words and names to me when they'd see me on the lands trying to overcome the terror insanities they placed upon me through torture methods. I couldn't even get my drivers license back they harmed me so severely over and over and over  again to try to murder me off from the land I was born.


They told me to go live under the bridge for my life role to wait there for poverty housing opportunities. I am in pain hurting so I'm not going to continue on about what happened to me there. It's emotionally crippling.


Kimberly Bunch, Seer

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