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I like my job I do giving people psychic readings. I want to speak to you right now at 11:11 PM Pacific Time about how I am able to use supernatural powers spiritually to see into the future. To guide my clients like a spirit guide protecting by being able to see ahead like how we can see from heaven into earth that way.


 When you are in Heaven you can see ahead psychically but through a rushing type river to view. So that's about spiritual gifts and accesses. Keys to heaven that others do not have access like I do. The law lawyer wanted my physical keys I carried as she kept eying them pretending to defend me in a court of laws when she only wanted to remove my keys. Well you crazy no good bitch hear me out : You don't have access to heavenly keys. You might have stolen lots of folks keys and lives away to feel superior at your job and own life. But that isnt going to open the heavenly doors for you to access whatsoever. Hear me out on it.


I'm trained up sense childhood with spirit guides and all to help me survive to do these type of teachings releases about how I am as a living spirit alive seeing into the future to prophesy naturally from psychic abilities talents acheived. It's like I raised up another family and that was guiding to overseeing spiritually my clients. I do appreciate you helping me earn more heavenly credits about the gains I receive supernaturally even while alive to achieve my best life path mission score on gains spiritually. I am thankful for the clients that have allowed me to access their private, very personal lives to read through it as a spiritual guide, like an angel alive.


We recognize the angel is the messenger for sure. I have done lots of private career readings and schooling readings as though I was raising up life to protect them. I am happy that through all my burning in hell AKA suffering that I have been able to still give out psychic readings. It's fantastic. Thank - you to all those that purchase psychic readings.


I have predicted about land locations that have come true about certain events to transpire. I'm really good about being able to go out of my body to see into the future even as I can project out of my body to travel across the world in nano seconds. I've done psychic readings across the earth at other land locations to guide and help with certain people's private lives situations. And that's about what job they should take from a list. Or when they would be fired I told a client recently on a two, within two months she'd be out of a job. She couldn't believe it. Two days went by and she called me to tell me yea she was let go of the other ladies were jealous of her superior beauty more or less was the ongoings. Anyhow I speak about a person, client without mentioning names much either over my natural way to protect others.


I have guided clients about relationships at work and how this or that would transpire over my spiritual gifts for reading people's personalities by reading energy prints on tracks I follow out even through the computerized systems. I can see graphs to tell clients about their online work. I try to use the correct words but of course I'm not an expert in their education background language development always to understand everything to explain it so easily. But I do a great job at interpreting and describing and recognizing a good placement or not and why. I can tell them what's going on with those around them working with them even. On the read.


Two clients I've had since I started my online business that are very loyal to continue to comeback all these years over prophesy predictions coming true even eight - years after the reading. I span out without any control over time or space to prophesy to predict. I've guided college and university students up through their schooling years even to their professional careers for readings at a wonderful advanced educated degree level for their good works they do in life.


I told my son, David about the employment he'd have and sure enough he called right away a few days later and said yes you describe it ahead of time. I said yes, I know that's how my psychic abilities work if you guys would just listen to me, for once. That type of talk. I raised my boys independently to think and to be and try to always protect them as best as I could. I am a protector by nature for others.


I wouldn't have clients coming to me for years for email psychic readings if I wasn't really good at what I do. I have been told by two clients that have come to me that they never met anyone like me even at psychic fairs. Nor anywhere else. That's because of who I am and how I am. I am not just like everyone else to put in a category so easily as many have done in labeling roles. I'm not a witch either. That's not my personal religion nor ritual tools to take to use. I have my own religious experiences and views and spiriutal powers to recognize what's what well enough.


I understand you people want a dresscode sytle system to label everyone in categories. I really can't do that with my background to fit into your uniforms for my role. That's not I. I can't be as you all I am very different from a soul level to recognize. That's why I have to have my own job like I do. You understand?


Naturally even I'd want to protect my enemies too. That's about my spiritual training back to Julius Caesar on up in years and time to Jesus Christ's birth. I'm just traveling through time and space physically alive even with spirit guides to remind me of long time ago messages. about significant situations, land locations and important people to consider oneself in recognition of something else. I have been guided to have Christ Consciousness. Thank - you.


That means I wouldn't want even my enemies to suffer in life unnaturally. I am a very honest person. I don't like to gossip nor pry into others affairs. I try to mind my own business and help people online with psychic readings when possible. That's the only outlet they want to give me in the country perhaps to have a splash of life laughter and happiness to experience. I get to live through others by guiding them as  a spirit guide living alive. I can see into others lives that want my assistance only to do the psychic reading. I don't invade people. I respect others more than not. But if you try to harm me to death well I'll curse ya all back to death for it. That's my system. Am I at fault? Hell NO I am not. I am the real deal, honest, caring and loyal to my spiritual cause. It's mandatory.


You don't have to like me personally to get a psychic reading. You don't have to even believe in it to gain a psychic reading but I sure aren't wasting 20 more years practicing my trade by giving everyone free psychic readings that would even turn around and rob be clear blind for everything I ever owned. So you see how life is to recognize what's what.


Did I gain anything in life for my great superantural gifts while alive? No, others always wanted to harm me to death to have more for themselves. Go figure. Well the enemy can also purchase psychic readings. Check it out. For all people. You have to pay to view though and no refunds for you enemies punking me off after you hit gold on it from me. Crazy fools. I'm not into spiritual warfare combat with you misers either.


Spiritually you are allowed on earth to exist I know that and to have resources properly fitting for each life. If you don't have that someone stole it all from you.


Kimberly Bunch, Seer

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