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Child Brides


Laws are created and broken and overrun even from within those systems secretly. The thing is if you don't have the correct information properly about what's really going on behind the scenes legally in environments setup state by state ; country by country. I recognize a system around the world and everywhere that has double standards.


When you put children out to market for entertainment trained dressed up in a costume to please a whole audience of adults while letting the dance around like entertainment strippers for hire it is a visual created system that has been created, manifested by others wanting to view something that desire to see. I recognize the beginning steps to place out something attractive as entertainment to set a path visual for life and others to follow by a domination of laws and religions and money legal power ranks to create environment that serve them a purpose of enjoyment entertainment and great gathering fun events and material objects to enjoy to have a great time. Marketing physically for financial gains children is the first step to their financial independence and new environment life role as the beauty queens to praise and honor to lavishly give great gains and gifts too. I see a molding up of people in systems and I also see what is concealed behind the scenes to occur.


We can also take a look at arranged marriages to recognize a system behind the scenes also to present in observation about planning, preparing to marry off a child. Traditionally you would think that preplanned marriages to a person to another person from the families would be honored to help those two children that paired together through life rise up togather to be in matrimonial union together could and would guide each other physically along knowing they are to wed. If they are in a land region country that assists in child brides have financial gains if they marry and have children than you will see another market out there. Encouragement to be a child bride can take many different turns in considerations for what all is there to view and how.


We can go back through history to see how life use to be for folks. And how the youth at various ages for how they were treated legally physically in their environments. Classes of people and races of people from around the world have their own legal system attached to religions that dominate those land areas. Possibilities to marry an underage, underdeveloped child takes many turns.


How it occur and with who it occurs with about the Child Bride is an interesting subject matter. Youth falling in love marrying is something that naturally occurs and always has to produce offspring. Wedding 14 year olds were the norm through history in life. As soon as that fe/male enters into puberty of the body. That isn't about the psyche psychological development consciously. It's only about that body. Not the mind for considerations. The body is being spoken about referencing the Child Brides for medical and political realistic approached.


Under the age of puberty creates damage danger that often is not repairable to the life it shortens usually always in hardships labor overthrowing to control that body that mind and that person. If you are under the age of puberty and you are legally given for sex to another it is working against that body medically and that natural free angel of  a child of innocent role that should always have been properly given in respect of another's body and mind as their own.


I'm against harming children under puberty of age to take as child brides or grooms to wed. To sexually abuse small underdeveloped before puberty children is a grave great sin in my mind that has been legally created even. Enjoy in visual ha-ha financial gains even by marketing and production to produce underaged bridges that are underdeveloped is a problem I see that adults that are to be better people are being tempted by and with. The creation of kiddy porn and cartoon child molesting of children and on and on doing sex crimes to underdeveloped mentally and physically others is crimes against their natural development.


Perverting out underdeveloped children and using them for sexual gains is a mental illness in my view. Or something seriously wrong in the environment. Take a view of this message ; that's about how often do you see a gathering of wild animal in nature dominating preying on underdeveloped other animals for sexual gratification? Why would they? The mothers are missing you see and there's that little tiny animal that the adult animal wants to do what with again? Outside in the real world I see a killing affair going on more than a sexual affair system against underdeveloped life forms. Usually adult male animals aren't running after the tiny ones to sexually get their thrills. Instead they kill them usually to get to the adult females even. So you see in imagery system of a natural displayed intelligent system before you to recognize.


I'm sure not stopping teenage lovers from marrying and having babies in my approach. No that's not my life to control others by and through. I'm only talking about what is a grave sin in my eyes and knowledge to recognize when people want to emotionally damage psychologically and physically assault others bodies by just no respect because the environment isn't setup properly for their desires on what they want to see to enjoy.


Control over another can become sexual abuse even depending on the situation and circumstances and people involved. Preying sexually on children underdeveloped and marrying them is about a legal system. Poverty originally was attached to marrying off children. How advanced is your civilization and what do you people all truly physically visually desire to behold? Entertainment.


Imagery markets.



Kimberly Bunch, Seer

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