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Commoners Addictions


We live in environment with supply chains for consideration on what you can access. One time I was able to quit smoking cigarettes by turning to soda pop fix. That coca-cola pop. The acid was a bit much so I eventually before long quit that addiction too.


We are in our own maze in life with our own resources to access from a supply chain. A demand for merchanise and recreational drugs has always been around do to the accessible crop productions. Alcohol is another accessible drug to fill in the dark void in life. Or for entertainment created happiness. A fix.


Whatever your additions are it is habits created just like a lab rat in a maze doing things to gain a treat or two. Habits for us our formed from habits we have in our environment. It's that simple to figure out the mind, body and spirituality behind consuming of something. We view medical and mental health and diet arrangements and laws for consideration about the dualistic competition.


We can view the past history of people smoking cigarettes for original meaning and purpose behind it and the medical health issues it may cause. We look at coca-cola as a addiction substance that forms too over the caffeine addiction. The same thing about coffee we look at the addiction quality of it over the caffeine. We can go back to the original purpose and use of coffee to comprehend why we would be addicted to it and the dietary and mental and physical health from it.


Candy is another addiction for some that serves a purpose of dietary gains for them through the spike of energy it produce. We can look at the history of drugs, and dietary substances to recognize how easy it is to become addicted to products. Habits form. We recognize that.


Often times breaking a habit you'd like to reduce or quit is like a whole other perspective in its place forming and that's habits. People form habits all the time in their maze of an environment. Good and bad habits form for whatever reason that may be. Addiction is about a need for something to fill in a void, or a feeling to gain medically, mentally, or even physical from your addictions.


Obsession with an addiction is a whole other ballgame to take into mental consideration. If all you do is think about your drug habit to gain you are in a terrible world of reductions of proper arrangements to produce a system where you aren't always thinking about that one object to have to fulfill your suffering, or your need for more energy. Or the need for increased happiness. Or the need to fill in a void.


The problem with addictions is when it starts to harm you mind, body and spirituality for the emotional releases to burst forth in the light for others to see however that may happen. Are you suffering mentally, emotionally, spiriutally and physically in your life maze?


There's a history of warfare related drinkers of alcohol for a reason. Those cigarettes also help relieve stress. The soda pop is a great high of energy spikes to get you going. So we recognize our body in a world of suffering people trying to fulfill their desires of contentment to form their new way of happiness through their addictions.


When you need something and you always think about it your focus is for your own mental, emotional, physical needs to fill in a void to feel better or to adapt even to harsh circumstances and situations in your environment.


We need to recognize the history of addictions throughout time from a sales market offering up cocaine even for recreational purpose was once going on perscribed and recommended by doctors. Times seem to blend in together in certain ways. One drug is replaced by another on the legal markets for sale. Laws give you your life and world and resources to ponder about.


You have a legal system with a history of controlling the market production back to a source of material. The doctor perscribed your medicine is the physical ways of this world. A dietian assists you in this world created. You have buildings to go to not crop lands to go to gather your goods. It's from a market.




Kimberly Bunch, Seer

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