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Control Factors


When your life is out of control you are more out to want control to dominate over the situations. Which would be the negative aspect of it by means that it could lead to acts on some level it could become acts of abuse extended out at others in various ways ; vocally and physically and in visual key ways we can consider the ins and outs about the subject matter.


 For what every reason that may occur where aggressors want control. We look at the positive and negative attachments.  We look at the bigger picture and wider angle of the situation to recognize the type of personality, role and factors involved. As well as the level of scale in degrees its going. 


If your world seems shattered you  might curse as a control of words to dominate over the issue. Words are an interesting subject matter strung together to decorate something for show. Or to control you might use the laws to dominate to get your way ; or another system of operations to dominate over to control.


There's always aggressors and predators wanting to release some of the pent up rage within them like the cougar ready to attacked to munch on the deer. Depending on how and who and what type of control factor there is we can perceive the full system of what that means on all levels of it healthy and unhealthy.


If people are animals than they will act in ways of animals and mark in ways as animals. That said it leads back to the king in the jungle dominating over as the lion. Which goes back to the market production material. Roar.


If we human beings are really just animals trying to not be animalistic than what does that tell you about mankind? How you behave and expression yourself could be out of the oridinary when you are outraged, enraged, fierce, angry wanting control. When that happens it go be minor to extreme on the news reports release. A huge meltdown? A rage out of control perhaps reported. Someone lost it and the worst results transpired type of situations that get out of control over someone else that may want control over your life even.


There's all sorts of different types of control. There's positive and negative discipline to take into consideration about a control factor. Domination over something or someone or in lots and masses speaks about a control method to physically make sure you are in charge.


There's jobs for people that want to control others. The big question is if you eventually end up abusing your power of authority at work or at home or in your private affairs elsewhere. I guess that would have to depend on your conditioning and influences and the type of life you had to live. As well as the personality and attitude about the person. It's like analyizing a serial killer down to one aspect of it. Which would be on the negative journey.


There's always a reason for suppressed rage and oppression. The laws want control even if those are corrupt laws.



Kimberly Bunch, Seer

Copyright Reserve, 2022