Manuscript : Roughdraft Note





Crow Land




The intelligence in nature with wildlife are of another type other than the psyche senses of human beings going about their five-senses perceptions in their own little life maze of a journey. You may find a bestfriend in another species related to adaption of an environment or in regards to various environments with that same type of species.


I recognize other species helpers in life down to the pet dog for the therapy involvement adaptations in any given environment. We are in a time where everything is trapped down to a fencing boundaries type of mapping inwards down to small spaces through the voyages of mankind on terrain governing over with their psyches and multitudes.


Spirit guides exist in physical form and may consist of any living species that consumes or has consumed liquid. We may recognize life and all that is in it as something we seek after to fulfill our hearts and minds. We could be drawn to a certain creature,  or the creature drawn to us in a protective mode.


There's such a thing as soulmates in groups that bound together throughout earth existence when those spirit souls incarnate together for a reason to support each other when they find each other. That's about being drawn together naturally, or mysteriously to consider.




Kimberly Bunch, Seer

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