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Anti-terrorism Practices




I recognize curses in various forms of operations like a tree with many branches to consider to define what is what and the outcome of it. Therefore curses we define the meaning. There's two forms to curse in words outloud and in your mind of troubles you are going through. In expressions of outrage or through linguistics and slang words created creates a different type of cursing language related to frustrations to express easier. Comedy humor can be expressions of curses in bad omens released. Lyrics to music released could be bad curses in messages to release that builds up on those very negative energies to accumulate. Reasons for and reasons why would be who dominates the markets and for what purpose?


We view a world controlled mostly for marketable protection. Curses are created through energies drawn up and heard by many that may happen over language use ; or it is just an expression of a burdened down load releasing like I said before frustrations. Therefore we understand expressions, thoughts and energy that goes into it for it.


We also recognize curses would be about being in a bad headspace over whatever reason that may consist of. What degree are we looking at on the negative outcome by the two various curses usages to define from in meaning? It's about the details.


We are looking at the positive and negative factors in life through what would seem like all negative. A positive in the mix is about cursing out words that don't target another really but just expresses the true feelings of what is happening to that particular soul, spirit alive in physical form releasing feelings. And that's about emotions.


If you have a jealous, envicious god dominating your minds and hearts you may become a bad person to pray assaults directed at each other. And that's about words and visual feelings that go with it.


There's always the good and bad to review in details to explain to decipher from. We are looking at factual scientifc ; intelligent information to review. And that's about even praying. You could pray all you want to whom really? Praying is thinking and wanting something to occur immediately usually. You are praying words. Now that is going out in energies to targets. Gathered energies accumulate. If you hate someone so much and always think that way you are praying thoughts directed to them with bad intention energies. That's no better than the religion with the defined word that adds on the bad witches and devils and bad spells. Or the bad medicine man or woman to distinguish harm from the good medicine healers. We are looking at the good voodoo practices healing rites compared to the wickedly evil harmful curses rites and all that to decipher from in meaning.


You are also sending sound waves out to others energy fields when you think of them personally visually and with your thoughts it can go out on a reception related to a psychic ability and science knowledge whether released to the general public or not. Your thoughts and energies with visual have targets and that can also screw around with the mind of another on the target. That's about their energy field and light bouncing off light. While electromagnetic frequencies are in display. We are looking at clairsentient add-ons with it all. That's moving operating energies. Whether they form to materialize all depends.



Kimberly Bunch, Seer

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