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Demons Holy

Good vs Bad Evaluation
The study of history reports dates back to Greece and Italy about good demons message and the other is demons are a terribly bad thing. From one location to the other is in dualism of the word. It's similar to one type of people believe black cats represents evil and another type of people recognize a black cat as something pure and good.
We are evaluating words to define them in our natural studies to properly learn adequately. We refer back to book learning through time and that's about physical matter.  Such as historical records ; documents kept whever with whomever to dig up to recognize lots of dualism in a word to spread about to remake reality.
I notice a lot of changes about word meaning from one earth land location cultural customs to another on the information retrieved.


My understanding about those referenced as demons that are with supernatural powers not properly accurately reported about. It's as though a mix up has occured. It's like missing books and those story tellers to speak on the prophetic readings connected to this world at a supernatural advanced technology add on lot of information. 


 There's  many factors over time that lead the flock going astray from realism logically, rationally and spiritually on the symbolisms.  Religions connected to Abraham religion(s ) don't seem to mind a story told to be truthly according to the alleged historical ancient manuscripts reports. One in particular would be Genesis 22:12 Abraham is tested by his God to consider slicing his own child's throat through conversations with a spirit they reference as a God, their God.


A God to speak to a man about cutting the throat of his child to obey that master God but then a little lamb took the child's place  to have that neck sliced open in place of the child. So that God could have some meat? Abraham was making sure his God received a dead corpse. And that was the way of that system for that man and his Spirit Guide or perhaps his God. And that's suppose to be a Creator of a Whose World and Universe.


 What is a God and to whom?  Define the name and meaning and why that is your Creator. We need a little bit more evidence whose who. Are you a good demon or a bad demon pretending to be another? So you see the system is much more complicated about how and who contains supernatural phenomenon representing a true higher power. 


Anyone connected to the supernatural has accesses to the good or the bad and that's like people.


Perhaps it was a demon. Some religions believe in many gods. Where there is a river there's a way. Of course we want to recognize whose who realistically for the record by recognize right from wrong on a deeper spiritual level that adds in new knowledge to a new system of intelligences. 


If a spirit tells you to take your child somewhere to slice that child's throat that's not the way it should be.


What's a demon to you anyways?... For me I recognize many layers through time of spiritual powerful souls that have lived and still are functioning introdimensionally. Sometimes rarely reported we might see a strange supernatural creature perhaps to report for the local news stories and so forth.


How can one be sure whose who?Illusions and control throughout recorded history about tribal abuses by war parties removing others spiritual tribal rites and legal rights was another issue.


As time went on people lost the recordings and the proper way. I recognize lots of fear tactics horror stories in make believe fun entertainment  media market thrills that overrun the truth down to factual accounts.


Dualism and confusion spiritually, mentally, culturally, psychologically is about domination over a maze type of existence. You are in this world at this time just like the past on earth's history recordings you have where new knowledge comes into play and progresses civiliazation someway somehow. I'm taking about significant worldwide changes that occur when we align to another way of life that is improved for all people. 


Dualism is there over a system that wants to dominate to control another system and people. That's about power and control in physical reality. We want to see good things in life with five -senses in controlled environments being physically legally governed over. We call that a government that also goes by a religious system or systems. Usually a country government has a Abraham domination going on in the overhead schemes. That's about conquer and those that created your new world by those that came from before.


If you don't recognize true history or understand proper healing than you cannot properly understand supernatural phenomenon. Which trails back to maleviolent versus benvolent for examination. If at one land location ; country status lawed off customs date back to a demon is evil ; as in Latin text. And then in Greece Demon is a Holy Demon which is about a Holy spiritual powerful entity with supernatural powers introdimensionally for the accurate report record. Dates received are another step in the research work to take note of.


Even I have to add in more documented proof in reports to gather. Dates ; locations ; history reports about supernatural phenomenon considered to be a demon that has accurately been recorded. It appears a control factor over this world completely has removed proper accesses to such knowledge to control the world through one ideology philosphical religion.


Due to a dominating cut childs throat or the little lambs in contemplation type of God we reconsider what a demon really is speaking to that man. As in a entity that is opposite in direct from the holy rites of righeousness related to a civilized Creator that wouldn't be necessarily ever in a mindset as that in a strange way that isn't healthy mentally or emotionally, nor realistically ; nor logically would a supernatural entity want you to sacrifice a life on an alter for the purpose to give back? That's related to a demon. Rationally so.


For all my lifetime I have been experiencing supernatural phenomenon from childhood on up in another type of education services mentally, spiritually and so forth to incorporate into my psyche to learn from to navigate in my own world.


In my own existence in time and space is by 2x physically and spiritually. I have been coming outside of my physical body since age five to witness me as 2x. I also have clairvoyance and had that sixth -sense as a child that complicated my mind for schooling methods departments physically in my era, custom and cultural ways and laws I have still managed with those not comprehending true supernatural knowledge. Due to control factors with many misguided directions to redirect minds like traffic.


If you are enjoying fear tactics to get a chemical adrenaline rush would be about homicide cases evil type of murderous rage from anger getting out of hand still isn't really the proper define demon. That's another type of case. That's a system complication in phyiscal matter created case.


The worst evil I have seen and known never came from the Holy Demons as they are referred to that are introdimensional. Although of course there's another type of mind that could attract such predators to their prey.


Due to the fact that I have been highly unusual in brain waves with ten - senses ; Psychic abilities connections about any type of trigger needed for my schooling could occur and spirits are overlooking my training.


I know that war happens and angels of powerful supernatural spirits of all types manifest one way or another in recorded history from a higher realm. I'm speaking about the heavens and layers of time ; throughout time introdimenionally to physically appear or to transluciently appear and to interact.


Prior Biblical reports mostly reference a person hearing a voice or seeing the angel or whomever that gave them a prophetic message. Clairaudience is to hear sound waves from a sound pitch below human hearing capibility on average. Or it is telepathy which is like what Joan of Arc had that gift dating back to Catholic law domination control at another time in space and place.


Whose who when you speak of a demon. Do you think a demon is just a terrible wicked entity to create havoc for your world and your personal life?


I know that negative intelligent haunting spirits can feed off others energies and manipulate them and control them and push them over the edge with the help of some mainstream gathered system of various types of numbing your brain substances however you want to look at substances to use that might end up being abused by that person. That could alter their psyche and other people physically around that person interacting are also sending sound waves. If you are reading minds unconsciously and you have someone around you either alive or deceased on that land connecting to your mind to influence you to murder off another or others. It's about trouble spiritually in warfare. And it first starts literally in your world about problems from others in those environments mostly that don't corrolate to the best of mental and spiritual help for those people.


What's what?... We are reconsidering factual information from your horror make believe stories of violence and murder from whatever and whomever is betraying for tons of money to reprogram minds to perceive another type of fearful system. We recognize the mind of one could become corrupt in evil towards another or others as a control method over their own environment set system. Through a corrupt murderous mind that still isn't a demon. Therefore we recognize a spirit of a demon wouldn't necessarily be of a natural physical killer on earth. That's in another ballpark arena sort of say.


The demons I recognize that would be more aligned to a situation dates back to religion : witchcraft. You have the devils supposedly being conquered up to defeat their rival. Some dualism hatered could conquering up physical people to do harm and then also there will be x2 other spirits to be drawn to that astrally whether they are going to literally manifest or not. 


Even if a dangerous mentally unstable person had to get rage out of them we look back at their maze created environments, customs, cultural, traditional values and beliefs. The murderer or the terrorizers and all those that destroy your own precious private life in your physical environment still aren't the defined supernatural demons that are considered holy. They are holy because that is a word that goes back to their purpose in the Heavens. That's another type of creation we are viewing on a much higher level of operations. There's always going to be two of something to consider.


I have encountered the dogman before that appeared to me before.  And that still isn't a demon. Seeking to learn about the spiritual tribal beliefs about such a situation reported led me online to chat about their Native American Indian land beliefs. The Great Spirit and their legend stories about supernatural introdimensional true stories by Indigenous people in the USA. Tribal religion stories from Indigenous peoples' legends discovering different introdimensional creatures. Explanations are out there on the research if properly done. But that's onto another type of creature.


Anything is possible about what exactly is the holiness of good and bad demons. Perhaps the reasons why the dogman comes around upon chemical waste lands to be vicious growling at me in my spirit body ; to warn me about harming the land. Which I didn't someone else did that had an orchard there before that sprayed chemicals at a level that damaged the soil to toxic wasteland site. I happened to be living in a Subsidized unit on the land there renting out my shelter for years there at a whack. During that time I had an encounter wtih the dogman and I learned that his vicious threatening behavior was a warning to let me know proably about their own disappointment on their receptions about what was going on at that land location. That's out of time and space to be exact.


 where those spirits have resided in their time can bleed through into our dimension to blend in for the heightened senses at that type receptions in currents received. However the impressions and contact consciously spiritually and etherically and physical plays out is a spider web of entanglement. 


There's always a door to the mind ; psyche open an outlet whether you are asleep or awake ; perhaps, to suddenly experience claircognizance where  you automatically know something about whatever to happen whever and to whomever. It's a spiritual recognition of anothers ether aura lights traveling nano-speed automatically in and out of space and time.


You have a super-super -conscious mind to consider. Which to me is about the superconscious outlets to a higher sphere of development that has to be reached through accessing higher planes spiritually to pull through advanced knowledge to speak about. It's about the person ; the soul foremost.


I'm going to speak on what I know about demons due to I have had accesses supernaturally since childhood to see and experience supernatural as a normal connection to advanced technology ; and / or we can add in more than that with the intelligent spiritual guidance connections to a child, that was myself on the natural abilities to leave my body and to travel out and to also have sixth - sense to see and a sound wave connections at an advanced level with psychic abilities called clairaudience ; or telepathy. 


Many famous cases ; documented stories that are about the supernatural verified historically on all value based authenitc reports. Those accounts with legends about creatures that we could or can say would classify towards a category of holy demons. That's creatures mostly to recognize.


We are  connecting to a higher plane field level of many to recognize that in the spirit world considered the heavens and on earth that come on through to our dimension and even reside on this earth from another time line we must recognize that. There's accesses through certain frequencies that can open to produce your legendary stories such as the Mothman or Dogman ; Skinwalkers. I'd have to put them in the category of holy demons. They serve a purpose.


I will eventually go back and edit out my original conception theory ruled out that a dogman spirit wasn't a holy demon. Reflecting on the encounters I have had in-between plane fields of dimensions astrally from my natural ability since a small child.


I'm trained due to my soul prints already for how they are. You are as you always have been in creation as a living system whether you are this or that. Now about good and evil is another matter about defining a real demon system theory.








Kimberly Bunch, Seer
Copyright Reserved, 2022