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Disabilities Recognition


Hello. It pleases me to have you here today with me to go over the knowledge I have about a very difficult situation that occurs from various situations for various reasons that can be from mind or body physical harm done to the person. Whose to say how or what exactly this or that can't fit in with the regular system. We recognize other units and many forms of life throughout species.


We are suppose to be primates. Animals. Well somewhat I must disagree due to the level of spirituality within me about who I really am as a spirit incarnated and for what reasons and purpose I chose beforehand in Heaven to make contracts to carry out my Life Path Mission Quest. I've been doing this forever incarnating.


My mind is complicated and creates issues over the disabilities as they are reported since childhood as being. I am with acesses to ten - senses and I've lived with the recognition since childhood that I am also a spirit that inhabits that body as my own. It's like a twin I am to my own physical body. My spirit form resembles and is as that also. I have been able to come outside my body and adapt to understanding that available opportunity consciously to recognize and to live with. That and I have a heightened advanced sixth -sense. It always interfered with a regular functioning in regards to forced training schooling and labor roles. My mind is disabled over the visions -- hijacked psyche.


My disability of the conscious mind is also about the spiritual mediumship talents and bilocation out of time and space issues that conflict with this worlds methods to produce a great civiliazation of  people for a crown of honor. I have my own religious experiences and have been in a trance state before about visions I was seeing prophetically. That means I am disabled to you people.


I know that powerful souls are born even disabled for a life path reason. I know that our souls are powerful and that we have more power than you could ever imagine on a spiritual level if we have the correct spiritual knowledge from the heavens.


Wonderful people are born disabled for a reason that serves a purpose in recreation. Anything can happen for any reason that comems from the heavens. Or is  created on earth in havoc and then the Great Spirit and all the others that must also be there as guides and all overseeing creation with a powerful force of a being have created a system with spirits, us and others to existent on earth to guide and teach to instruct each other the proper way in life. Healthy ways in life. There's negative and positive in the minds, hearts, and lives of the people. We understand that. We understand challeges to face and deal with in all types shapes and sizes even.


We were born to learn from each other to improve life even that much more from the gathering of minds and hearts and all to build up civilzations in care of All people? That's in question. Everyone is different with different needs of devotions. In most cases we are conscious people aware of each other like nature recognizes nature.


We need to understand the history of what has occured to disabled people throughout time to really see what's there. Protection is important but always hasn't been in place in act worldwide. When war breaksout what do you think they want to do to the disabled people if your country is conquered? Well think about it about all the situations from around the world throughout human civilization history what occurs to the weaker lot. What do primates, animals usually do to the weaker lot of they are spiritually and mentally compassionate...what do you think others do to the weaker lot from the wildlife kingdom?


There's always someone to protect another and usually that is a birthing woman. A female. I go back to natural order and minds for what has occurred in the past and how a system is setup through machines of no consideration to really see what each individual person needs that are Natives and Indigenous folks in their birthland countries. Or their new country or countries they live at throughout the annual year.


People are suppose to be civilized and compassionate, caring and helping. Respectful and considerate of one another. If we are always looking at mass numbers flowing by us of people for congress to decide on what's what for large groups of people by the numbers than someone like me that has needs that need met properly with disabilities is overlooked.


I am like a spirit alive.


My needs aren't about a wheelchair or diapers or bed pads to have the government pay for to send me such items. It's not me that's your machines and illogical hateful criminals at work employed to screw shit up. My mind is with disabilities and others want to harm me and abuse me through corruption on the lands ongoing for my whole fricken lifetime. They have me like a dead person still alive over incredible psychic trauma ongoing and much much more difficulties and mental harm and physical harm. As well as combating me religiously through policing forces gone terror units on it.

Crazy ass people harming disabled people and others weaker tossing us through hell as you please. It's against the laws you sickos. You have done grave harm ongoing to a disabled person, me, personally through your system at large. I've spoken enough.


What the hell are you people doing? You wanna keep combating at a disabled lady? Using a corrupt system to commit hate crimes easily to prey on a weaker person in poverty that's disabled? You sickos. You have done grave damage to my life personally in this country. Hateful created serpents. You wanna bite at people with venom? I recognize you type of people in charge of serious harmful crimes combating even a disabled person to ruin. You wanna strip someone down, huh? Take everything away? Keep hating and harming and not properly caring or providing for your own people on the lands?


I'm talking to the whole world of people. You wanna snatch my home and wreck my life to drive me off a cliff in a vehicle in mind? I recognize your terror and your corrupt laws that have done incredible harm to me personally. You need to recognize you are alive living right now.


The problem I see in the USA is lots of military units from all around the world living functioning operating controlling laws in the USA. Wow, go figure. Due to this situation and the warfare spiritually on the lands that was created my lying thieves out to dominate laws through religions foremost constructed with warfare military units to topple civilizations of people. Check history out please then comeback to read more. Thank - you.


I can write doctrines due to the crimes done to me since childhood from the government run facilities. Government funding outlets legally have done lots of harm to me combating me trying to kill me off from this world because I have something they don't. You crazy assholes I'm disabled. That's about you doing ongoing warfare crimes through your laws to try to murder me off since childhood.


You did grave damage to me through the laws ongoing shackling me and treating me like I was the serial killer rapist or something like that. A deranged lunatic? I'm not sure what you kind of people are passing me off as other than what I should be considered as and that is a disabled person alive in poverty always have tried to succeed with others harming me down from get go from this insanely screwed up system that wants to send me diapers in the mail to wear. What do you wish to give me through your government funding for someone like me, bed pads? I don't have a problem physically in need of such objects. You people are mistaken gravely about your greatness. That's about those screwing everyone's lives up on purpose.


Do you think I'm screwing up your lives, huh? Do you think or did you think I had something I shouldn't have had in life physically like my own shelter or car? You want to harm me down and out again and again set me up, huh? You like to police me to death too? A caged bird for ya, is that what you like? You like someone like me to be your caged animal you spy on? I suppose you want to hear me sing like a bird too for your credit on listening in where you shouldn't.


I can talk for days about all the torture I had to go through over a pathetically arrogrant ignorant civilization that is in perversion. I can't even fit in when I try with you people. Go figure. I suppose the government system wishes I was the predator, really so they could continue to murder more of us off easier. Pretending. Creating problems on purpose in environments on purpose is what I see going on all the way back to Christopher Wilson murdering an innocent beauty school student setup system. Just like the setup system about the funeral homes functionality.


A Great Spirit came to me through the wall one day and warned me to protect me. That amazing spirit had enough power to let me know what's what. That Spirit also told me I was His Tabernackle and his Myrtle. That's religious tracks on it going out. What can I do about what has already been created, huh? Do you like tampering with physical matter so much you think you own it all for yourselves?


I wouldn't be alive today to have spoken these words if I didn't have my own religious experiences all my life to help me stay alive. To tell you the truth I cannot believe they literally tried to freeze me to death in this country by the methods they used to criminalize me to the streets to live and for documented new felon label to really fuckup my whole world again and again and again as you predators set forth.


The literally stripped my rights away to near zero on gains to survive off of. If I didn't have my psychic abilities skills to do psychic readings I'd probably starve to death. I'd have to go off on my own and die for how they've treated me in the country shaming me ; mocking me and criminalizing me for their tresspassing against my very LIFE. You sure did kickup some religious warfare.


And I'm suppose to be the bad guy too for these freaks. I'm not a witch either. You people spread words out to represent anything and everything just like you have the sage word with the massaging experts for your bodies delights. You crazy foolish people doing spiritual warfare acts. A witch has her own higherpower system she prays too in good thoughts and she comes from a religion with rituals. I am not as that. I do study theology well enough to understand you insane ones creating trouble ongoing through domination tactics laws. They like to break laws arresting and harming me.


I'm not sure why you people love to create spiritual warfare. You were required on earth to respect life on earth instead you mocked it in mistranslations. Look at all the gains the incredible people have been accessing. Wow, you are something else on that speeding along in life far out on the gains surpassing my step fully. So you see I am not as you all on those great material accomplishments. If I had anything nice it was debt collection bills that takes years to pay down and off, go figure.


I bless all of life and hope people treat each other properly respectfully no matter what happens upon that birth given in life. We all can't measure up to everyone's requests and needs. Not everyone is going to like us or accept us in life. We have to accept that. But we shouldn't have to be accepting being forced to sit on a park bench to send our lives. They set me on the roadside curb to live my new great life walking so they all could see their wicked witch they desired to hunt after to send to prison at best. Yea I recognize you people.


 People have desired to harm me all my life for some strange reason. Are you after the body for profit? Do you like harming people through your laws to hurt them to death? Are you trying to hurt people to death? We don't need more coldhearted arrogant perverts in the world, do we? One thing is certain they were after my body to harm in life always. And my mind to cripple it as best as they could on the combat at you assault attacks. I recognize it well enough that suffering. That's why I say burn in hell. That means you are suffering. Suffer that's about the fire of hurt pain you feel within you. That's the burning heart to recognize religiously in recognition of the subject matter.


Harming me isn't helping me folks. The mob team wants to be the new employees at a government company created of fake specialist in their timeline. Well you might have degrees but ahead in future lives you people screwed way up. Wrong information. You have been combating minds to ruin and abusing bodies even through your incredible arrogrance for profit.


What do you think the education departments did to me when I was a child schooling me as an Engine that could pack that heavy load across the mountains to get the fuck on out of there. That's how I see my schooling years. Crippling down my mind type of wow you people are just so much superior to behold type of conditioning methods. And I'm suppose to honor you all as superior to myself. Ok. I see how you are. Crippling down wounding your victims to steal that body even. Combating the mind to cage the person's body I see too going on to recognize what's what. Combating the mind to get to the body.


You people have broken laws using laws against me ongoing. You wanna fuck with someone's mind, huh? You crazy assholes aren't any good at your jobs either. That's to those fucking open mass anus holes for sport. Recognize the timeline we are in. I go to the mall and see an ugly man's face full decked out with makeup and glitter for his great gains in life. And I'm nothing but a person to be sent away that they won't employ even. You no good fuckers won't even give me employment nor any type of proper respect or anything else. You want me to sit my life outside on the grass so you can walk around me thinking how great you all are. What anus holes for minds that is to witness.


Kimberly Bunch, Seer

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