Manuscript : Roughdraft Notes




Divine Source

The Instrument.




In nature you will find the Divine Source operating and existencing in all living matter. The Great Spirit doesn't want you harming yourselves at all. Nor would the Divine Spirit be a jealous envious type of Superpowerful Spiritual Force. Not when you are as that yourself you wouldn't need to be jealous if you are the Creator of the Universe. 


Hate Crimes and Murder issues to register to recognize what's being taught mainstream to control the masses contraducts itself over a lot of nonsense. 


You sure wouldn't be asking for a sliced neck of a little lamb in an offering. Nor would you be playing games with life from one species to the next to be tested to kill one or the other for a God? That's all nonsense. Politics is murderous to control the prophetic speakers information to rewrite it for their own loot on material glory gains via power to control laws and all of life abusively to control to death everything under the sun has nothing to do with a real supernatural creator.






Kimberly Bunch, Seer

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