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Dog Abusers


 All my life I have encountered people that were cruel to animals. Dogs. Why? Well they are inferior to a human psyche perhaps due to they cannot speak and they have another intelligence from another species to consider. Enslaving everything as pets compromises systems entirally.


The human animals ; people want something to love and to focus on to distract them from troubles by taking on a pet to care for to love them back ; to honor them back. It doesn't always work as planned because of original prints ; species and the art of intelligence to properly care and know that particular species for what they really need and want in life.


I recognize a people that need therapy and have been given the opportunity to have their own therapy systems by having caged and captured animals in their care to focus on to learn from to work with. It doesn't always work well over control issues from one species to another. And the misunderstandings about that pet they have over their lack of knowledge or perhaps skills ; or perhaps their lack of patience and understanding in compassion to consider.


Enslaving everyting under you in your control care to control other species of life might work against you and your system someday over enslavement schemes in the larger focus. We go back to original material to set life free from Prophet Moses system.


A dog cannot talk to tell you what is hurting. They can try to physically display signs and sounds for you to know but the lack of skill and knowledge with impatience and a mind to control physically by force can work against a healthy relationship between the animal, dog, and the animal human if the relationship is unhealthy or not properly aligned to a respectable system than there's a problem to view. 


Kimberly Bunch, Seer

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