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Dream Predictions

It's wonderful to be able to speak on this particular subject matter. Your dreams are the gateway to developing enhanced senses AKA psychic abilities of perceptions consciously. Recognizing your unconsciousness and your superconsciousness along with your suppressed emotions and train of thoughts during the day and at night before you go to sleep is part of the trailing off unconsciously to reexperience on another dimensional platform for consideration.


You relive your life through your dreams even emotionally. Your confusion can even present itself in your dreams. A good dream dictionary book is important to recognize to interpret dream meaning. It is helpful to remember your dreams. It is helpful also to write your dreams down and latter on reread them.


You dream the future before it happens even. You need to recognize symbolism defined in meaning and also about your emotions before and after you awaken. Recognize the self to an unconscious level for your own training in discipline on a deep rooted unconscious level. That's about knowing thyself foremost. You must know you from the depths of you for what you do and why you do it unconsciously even for your own healing rites.


Kimberly Bunch, Seer

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