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Dream Predictions

Unraveling the unconscious and superconscious psyche.


The dreaming mind is your closest connection to your psychic 'predictor' psyche's connection to the unconscious and superconsciousness extends out at a level that may involve astral retrieval etheric data. And that's your great escape route to retrieving advanced knowledge through dream retrieval to clear-see a problem that could be a suppressed concern troubling you or even related to a world report event to speak on. Many inventors and protectors have spoken on dream recall to forewarn about doom through history reports. There's no denial about it.


I use to come outside by body astrally when I was a small child even levitating above my body if not walking out of the body while my physical body was at rest. I'd come out like a ghost. I had a bit of a problem x2 while incarnated to be able to teach to instruct as I do on many subject matters.


When I was seven -years upon some changes in my immediate families life with a divorce between a man and woman that were married. Through that seperation I was taken to meet another that was my biological father ; I was escorted to his extended families home to sit for awhile as the man plotted how to score back his old flame. And that's about love. So here I was the pon in between at seven- years -old sitting in front of a television set at another persons home before being escorted to a room to retire for the night.


That night in that large bedroom with a twin bed alone at that home that I had just met my extended biological family briefly at I sat to rest to go to sleep as instructed. As I was in that bedroom alone to sleep I had a dream that I awakened in my spirit body to see the same empty open floor space in the room piled up high with toys and all sorts of gadgets I could grab to have whatever I wanted too to play with at that time.


I walked around the overflowing huge sky high to the ceiling above with material objects galore. I circled around it all viewing. I chose not one of those objects to pull forth to have as my own. Years latter as I sought to seek many answers to the unsolved mysteries of my life supernaturally, paranormally spiritually I sat before a minister at a Saint Louise Catholic Church that I was invited too to attend that fateful Saturday morning service.


There strolled in a fill in priest for that mornings service. He resembled a football player at the peak of his age to represent something more aligned to it. But yet here he was eager to begin the morning service ministering. Right away he started speaking about how God works miracles in our lives.


The Priest AKA Minister went on to speak to tell a story to represent how God works in our lives by stating that just imagine if you were standing before all the material objects in a huge pile very high up to observe and you chose not one object because you were born to represent God and that's the sacrifice. By sacrificing so much it was for God.


Right away I was stunned because that very message in imagery he painted forth in his preaching was a dream I had at seven - years - old taken to meet my extended family. My mother told me I'd gain a toy for going which I never did. Instead I had that dream that I chose not one object. And that extended to the next day when I was returned without gaing a material object reward.


And here that priest had that imagery down to explain about my unconscious-mind connected to a spiritual level to perceive something much more in life with the psyche and soul and our connections to the Spirit World. That relates to psychic abilities for clear-reading through complicated  material for therapy purposes and education enhancement connections spiritually, mentally, and so forth.


I was 30 -years -old before that dream I had as a child unraveled as it did by the Priest that fateful day.

The Minister's  spiritual work that day was in reference to that  childhood dream on the direct recall connections. It made perfect sense to me at the time to recognize the spiritual sacrifices physically in this world to be altered would be the norm for a holy person ; or someone aiming to acheive more in life than the material glory to admire and consume time with.


I'm diving into the mind that has Dream Predictions and the reasons why that go back to the psyche to discover internally and externally about your own soul AKA spirit self body.


Hurricanes dream predictions and out -of-body projections to accurately predict on target is another gift I have developed. Right away the first time it occurred was a Hurricane that hit Florida. I awakened to report to a group of others that I had this dream about a hurricane hitting land area. And immediately another female said "I had the same type of dream." And on the morning delivered newspaper overnight a hurricane had it in the country that was a dream prediction that immediately showed signs of it in that days paper. That was back in 1997.




Kimberly Bunch, Seer

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