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To my devoted regular clients that have been coming to me online purchasing psychic readings since I started my online business. You all have taught me so much more about accessing the various talents connected to psychic abilities so I could read for you.  You all enabled me the accesses I needed to try out those spiritual gfits in operation of reports for testimony sake. I am so blessed to have had the opportunity from request to have been able to start such reports.


 Through the years since 2011 I was requested to start my business out bartering in exchange for a psychic reading by me. I received a gun metal cherished necklace I had for a spell from my first reading I did online. The gift was made for me and mailed to me. And from there I started a low price system reading as best as I could to work my way up and out of poverty while helping others.


I first came to report online in videos in 2011 for You Tube connections to my webpage to tell my spiritual life story connected to prophetic knowledge. I always felt never good enough and would delete the videos that weren't viewed very much. Deleting valuable information in the process over no views for the real life prophetess. A lack of care.


Thank - you to those that cared enough to inquire through me to know the future for their own lives and to see through it through my assistance prophetically. I value you all so much. You removed the skeptic tank by coming to me for psychic readings over the accumulations of testimonies within each one of you.


To my clients ; Since you cared enough to test out my psychic readings for your own lives you helped a person that was disabled in poverty by purchasing for all those years psychic readings.  I was so happy to be able to have a better diet to begin with from the gains. It is greatly appreciated the help I receive from gaining the income from my psychic readings reports to my regular clients.


I think the first thing people think about when they come to a person about a psychic reading is a trust between two people that needs to properly form in order to appreciate and to honor each other respectfully in consideration of each other.


Once you drop down your own shield that you hide behind it gives me an opportunity to see your aura nicely enough to view past, present and future information even that can exist in records back to the Heavens. And about physical life to live outcomes ahead I love to report about.


Due to my life long isolation segregation in poverty it was very difficult for me to open up to sound waves frequencies for psychic readings and to literally physically be current to do readings. The taking on of these abnormal electromagentic etheric aura energies to read through to do my spiritual work prophetically was super difficult to manage in mind. And for my own life role for navigation but I managed and have done very well now with experience gained to stabilize those currents.


The energies I have accumulated and the knowledge spiritually prophetically even supernaturally in gains have been incredible difficult but I am thankful I have been molded up to exist stronger than ever before through my regular clients working with me in trust to hear me speak.


I have offered reduced price readings for years for people that are low income because I know how important it is to get what you need in life properly spiritually. It's like spiritual food to take in to guide you ahead easier. Which was the whole intention of all the years of work and sacrifice for all my life in mind, body and spiritual training.


 The emotional situation from the prophetic connections to take in the future with my prophetic mind to stabilize with ongoing troubles in war issues that even had the wildlife animals coming to me due to I am also a Pet Psychic Healer. I see energies and they register mine from other species and then they may try to communicate messages I need to interpret.


The emotional troubles from a life of very difficult incredible mind boggling reality that has been ignored at a level that is concerning has done harm over my prophetic emotional releases due to emergencies that were ignored from the dominating system mindsets on what is proper and allowed or what is believed and accepted compared to not. What is harmed to continue on being harmed through laws? It was super difficult to stay alive all my life with a mind like mine.


We are all alive in our own lives living, functioning and wanting to understand our own lives to improve it for the long haul. When we have no support overhead to protect us ; to treasure us ; to care about us ; to value us than sorrow and suffering is reported.


The birds and other animals flock to the trees to survive. Life is about the Tree of Life and all that is within that system that shouldn't be mocked and disgraced and cut down to fancy up to drain of life inside a building for show once a year. That goes back to the Jesus Christ teachings and that he wasn't cutting trees down to drain of life in residences annually.


well here I go preaching again. Anyhow we all are valued from the Heavens and our spirit guides must be there for us. Seek and Yee shall find. And it wasn't a fake system. I am not a fake system and my clients know that.


One thing is for certain we are understanding the Prophetess mind and psychic abilities that goes with that through purchasing Psychic Readings. We each our learning from each other. We have an equal exchange value that matters ongoing.


I am like a living Spirit Guide that loves to protect and guide others even through my difficult incredibly hard psyche connections with psychic abilities to consider. That also includes logic, facts, realism with spiritual kowledge reports. I am a live and I am disabled mentally due to my psychic abilities hardships add -ons. 


Helping me by purchasing a Psychic Reading has saved my life literally in so many ways already. Even though I have been incredibly punished and crimialized for my role in life I am honored to have customers that know my style of operations that continue through thick and thin to come back for that helping light in sight to guide them.


We are learning and helping each other in life.




Kimberly Bunch, Seer

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