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Falling in Love



Falling in love with someone is an interesting subject matter. There's different types of  love that relates to attraction and desires ; wants and needs. Innocent love and affection and sexual love and affection through mating. You have two forms to take into consideration that branch off to many ideas about what love is and how it unfolds to occur.


We know there's healthy love and unhealthy love. We know there's lust and puppy love type of situations where you innocent fall in love over attraction to another and then once you get to know each other much better you fall out of love with each other. That is another type of love. A love that doesn't last. Falling in love is about an attraction to someone sexually or else in care emotionally about someone.


The subject about love and falling in love is a touchy subject matter that can lead to the wrong ideas. The wrong type of perceptions about another. You don't want an illusion about love. Real love with a man and a woman that lasts for decades is about that they support each other together. They like each other and they want to be around each other. That's like bestfriends. Falling in love brings on attraction to that person in affections and care usually. 


We are working on healthy love focus. And that's about falling in love from the innocence of it to take note of such as falling in love with a pet. That's innocent. Falling in love with life would be a focus. Falling in love with the sunrise. Falling in love with something that pleases you and you must have it around. You fell in love with it so you want to have it around. That could even be about a horse. An animal you gained or chose. Falling in love with a song you treasure is about emotions.



Kimberly Bunch, Seer

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