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I am writing on this topic matter over spiritual rituals reasons. And that goes back to being a Healer in ideas also. I'm viewing the religious information focused on feet as the topic. I am viewing the medical knowledge about feet. And also politically throughout the world and throughout time in space I am going over the treatment of feet even religiously for show. I am focused on understanding rituals related to feet. And speaking out on the subject matter from many various viewpoints.


I am overviewing the health of the feet medically even. Everything related to the topic about your feet, the feet will be a review. That topic reaches to past recordings documented throughout time on the subject matter.


Religiously we see to view in imagery held up to honor Jesus Christ with nails in his body : nails in feet to hold him to a plank board. Hands nailed and feet nailed to a post. We see people claiming to be religious or religious leaders walking with their ritual symbolism imagery while worshiping the person in the image for having gone through suffering for all mankind. The imagery and slogan story we all know about. The marketed production that represents Jesus Christ on the market always leads back to some sort of funds or reasons to display such imagery.


The problem I have is psychic attack through imagery. And then folks want to holdup in high esteem the imagery of Christ nailed to a blank board by the feet and hands to view while wearing a crown of large like needles on the top of his head. While the visual imagery shows him in grave agony with a face full of blood as he is setup on the cross to go through horrific pain. They say he said "God why have you forsaken me?"


Well for one thing Jesus Christ physically couldn't be his father literally. Does that make sense to you, anyways? I mean come on lets get real and stick to reality while being up to date on the times and knowledge about the past history on earth in historical reports recordings.


Jesus Christ cannot be his father that had sex with his mother. So I'm not sure why that screwball of a scribe would include such nonsense perversion.


Jesus Christ isn't the One powerful Divine Creator of the World or else he wouldn't have had to go through destruction like that. He might have had all the heavenly books in reports in training to speak as he was speaking. And that's about the Divine Source operates through you and you are also a spirit = three forms of perception as One.


Jesus Christ had his feet literally nailed to a plank is the history report that the laws in his time did to him over him speaking freely alarming the civilians across the lands. The laws in his time destroyed him for it competively without consideration about advanced knowledge connections to technology reports to consider about an advance form of science connected to Jesus Christ.


Did the  people in Jesus Christ time ask him all the most pressing important questions in his time?

[Get real.]


People say the Jews killed him but no that's racist perceptions. It was the control over an empire ruthlessly ignorantly without care for intelligence development freely in life.


Jesus Christ might have been a holy ghost which in Greece they said a demon was a holy demon referred to as something very good. Which is about a spirit operating with incredible supernatural powers even between worlds for show.


 In Latin demon means an evil entity not a holy great good demon as a word. In Greek demon means something holy and good. In Latin demon means something wickedly evil. So depending where you are in the world and the words defined in meaning with custom traditional civilization dates ideas for what's what.


We see people like to worship imagery of Jesus Christ's feet nailed to a board while he is in incredible painful agony. And that's the imagery they pray in devotions to that soul person. They hold up the image of Jesus Christ in forms released for show and they send thoughts to that person. Well you crazy foolishly ignorant spiritually type of people... you are sending psychic attack imagery at that very soul by holding up those imageries in your mind and transmitting it in light waves back to Jesus Christ. What wicked psychic attacks type of religious displays to witness. I know what time it is and the time is about lost civilizations of people corrupted with defilement control over knowledge on all levels. To suppress down the people is to dominate over them and their minds, one by one.


When you hold up a imagery of someone and it's a very bad image experience for them and you think about them and you are also thinking about that terrible bad thing in imagery that happened to them or could happen to them while you visualize about them, that's sending psychic attacks. In religions they use feet to punish too.  They like to flog the feet in some religions for spiritual ; religious disobedience type of sin they did.


Legally some countries dominating religion can flog your feet through the laws. The history of warfare attacks on people through the justice of their religion combo with the laws has shown lots of politics tied into feet abuses for show.


You have Chinese Foot binding which is like taking someone's foot crippling it to resemble pig's feet for show. Does man want you to have baby feet to view? Man desired Chinese women in their religious customs legally to have half the size of foot they naturally had. And that enforcement crippled womens feet in incredible ways. That's gender warfare for you. What a way to keep a woman walking slower in life than the males for show. And so that was the customs in ancient times to cripple the Chinese women's feet into what was held in belief to be more attractive. Viewing pigs feet on human body feet. Ok men. What that about a little bit of gender competition?


Then we have all the severed feet floating always in the Pacific Ocean. Go figure. Rituals.


Kimberly Bunch, Seer

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